cool knives for loved one

Is your mom’s birthday coming up? Or your anniversary is getting closer and you are looking for a perfect gift for your spouse on this special occasion? Have you made up your mind? Thinking about what to give as a gift to your friend or colleague is certainly a struggle you go through. However, once you have the right idea, you are well on your way to give that ideal gift to your loved one. 

Knives are tools or weapons used mainly in the kitchen. However, as of late, they have been used in several other ways. They are also being used as self defense weapons, camping tools, and combat weapons. Above all, these are beautiful collectibles for enthusiasts. So, a knife is a great gift idea for your loved one!

When was the last time you gift a cool knife to your mom, friend or colleague? Perhaps, you never did that, but now you must. This time around, give a gorgeous knife to your loved one and make it a unique gift. Your mate would be happier to get a gift that would assist him in his routine life. 

Now, the question is what is the perfect knife you should gift to your loved one? Take it easy as we have come up with a list of cool knives for gifts. Choose your knife and give a gift to your loved one that he always remembers. Here are out cool knives for gifts:

1. Lipstick Knife

A perfect birthday gift for a woman is a self defense weapon. These days, women are prone to attacks. So, a knife like this can be a great present for a woman who is often attacked. This knife looks like a real lipstick and has a small blade concealed in it. 

This blade is quite sharp and can serve your survival against the attackers. When required, you can pull the blade out and use it to injure the attacker. So, if you are looking to give a perfect present to your mom, sister or girl, this is the gift you should consider. 

2. Trench Knife

A trench knife is another great gift for enthusiasts;. Sometimes, you need to give a gift to impress your boss or you want to determine to your colleague that you care for him. In this case, you should give him a trench knife. This is a historical knife that he would love. 

It is a knife that was used during the First World War. It was the main fighting weapon during that time and the US soldiers battling in the trenches used it to fight their enemies. It is a nice collectible knife and a gift idea. 

3. Pen Knife

Pen knife is a hidden blade and one of the cool knives for gifts. It is basically a self defense weapon. If you want your loved one to stay safe from the attackers, give him this knife as a gift. It looks like a real pen, but there is a blade concealed inside it. On one side, there is a pen with which you can write. 

Then, there is a blade that is usually covered. By removing the cover, you can open the blade and use it against the attackers. So, this will be a nice self defense weapon and gift for your loved one.

4. Belt Buckle Knife

Whether you are planning to surprise your girlfriend or boyfriend, give him or her a belt buckle knife. This can be a nice fashion item and at the same time a great self defense knife. It is a cool hidden blade knife. A blade is hidden inside the buckle. 

You can attach this buckle to your belt and remove the buckle to reveal the blade. There is a sharp and sturdy blade to be used for self defense against the attackers. Such a magnificent gift idea this hidden blade knife is! 

5. Necklace Knife

For your girl, nothing is more beautiful than a necklace. She would love wearing a necklace, so why not give her a gift she is hoping for? Get a necklace knife and surprise her on the special occasion. This looks like a real necklace and a small blade is attached to it. 

Instead of a pendant, there is a small blade covered by a sheath. That blade works like a pendant actually and you can use the blade for battling the attacker. Isn’t it a gift your girlfriend will admire? Definitely, she will appreciate such an incredible cool knife for gift. 

6. Comb Knife

Comb knife is yet another gorgeous knife that can be used for self defense and is a great collectible as well. Above all, it is a great gift idea for a woman you care for. It looks like a real comb and has a blade concealed inside. 

There is a cover on the blade and when you remove that cover, the blade is available to be used for self defense. You can comb your hair with it as well and when required, use it to deal with the attackers. So, it is another gift your loved one would really appreciate. 

7. Italian Stiletto Knife

Now, we come to cool knives as collectibles. Collectible knives are often historical knives. One of the popular historical knives is an Italian stiletto knife. For your friend who is a crazy enthusiast, this is a perfect gift idea. It hails from Italy and is a magnificent knife that looks somewhat like a dagger. 

It has an ergonomic handle and a blade with a sharp point on it. The knife can thrust deep into the body and your loved one can use it for self defense as well. Also, it is a piece of decor and a collectible he can display in his office or home.

8. Rainbow Knife

A rainbow knife is the most beautiful knife and one of the cool knives for gifts. It looks a beauty with a rainbow design on it. You can choose a fixed blade or a folding blade rainbow knife to give a gift to your loved one that he admires. There is a rainbow design on the blade as well as the handle. 

Overall, it is the most gorgeous knife on this list. If you are presenting a gift to a woman, it is ideal. Though it is equally good as a gift for a male friend. 

9. Karambit Knife

A karambit knife is another collectible knife for enthusiasts. This historical knife has a great fanbase. Maybe your loved one is already a fan of this knife. It hails from the Philippines and is quite popular around the world. It has a curved blade and a beautiful ergonomic handle. 

Also, there is a safety ring or a tactical ring on it which provides a better grip on the knife. It is a great slashing knife and is mainly used for self defense. Why not give a gift that serves as a defender for your loved one?

10. Push Dagger

A push dagger is a small dagger and a collectible for enthusiasts. In addition, it is a gift idea you are searching for. Are you looking for a collectible weapon to give to your friend? Give him a push dagger that served in historical wars and is the smallest dagger ever constricted. 

It is an ideal weapon in a close quarter combat. Why not pay tribute to the great ancient warriors who used daggers in combat? You can do so by giving a push dagger as a gift to your loved one. Such a small gift would attract your friend and will make him happy!

11. Balisong Knife

A Balisong knife or butterfly knife is one of the cool knives for gifts. It is the most unique knife on earth with its two handles and one blade. It is a knife many tricksters use. Is your friend a trickster? If yes, then no gift is better than a butterfly knife. 

It comes up as an ideal knife for playing tricks due to its strange mechanism. The two handles can be moved to conceal the blade and then they are locked together. Also, such a unique knife would prove to be a very unique gift as well. 

12. Kunai Throwing Knife

Is your friend a sportsman? Sportsmen would love a kunai throwing knife as a gift. This is a knife used for sporting purposes. It is shaped in a way that it can be thrown with pace and accuracy. It can easily stick into a wooden target and is an ideal knife for playing a knife throwing sport. 

If your friend already loves playing knife throwing, he would love it. And if he doesn’t, he would love this even more and start playing this cool sport. So, get this knife and impress your friend with a unique gift like this!

13. Tactical Pocket Knife

A tactical pocket knife is one of the best gifts for your friend and family members. It is basically a pocket knife that comes with several features i-e the tactical features. These features may contain a fire starter, a glass breaker, a pocket clip etc. All these features make it a great emergency knife. 

These features make it an easy to carry knife. Also, this knife often includes a seat belt cutter to easily cut the seat belt easily. This is such an advantageous knife and your loved one would love such a useful gift. 

Choose Your Present?

So, what’s your chosen present or gift for your loved one? These are all collectible knives and any of them can be a perfect gift or an enthusiast. Whether you want to give a present to your girl on her birthday or your mom, any of these knives is a great gift idea. So, choose a knife you want to give to your loved one, and let us know about your choice in the comments section below!

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