Brass knuckles is one of those weapons that are intended to be used for diverse purposes. Take a knife, it is only used for cutting work, and to some extent for self defense. 

Same goes for several other weapons available in the market today.

On the other hand, brass knuckles is a multipurpose weapon. It lets you accomplish plenty of tasks. It is used for fighting, self defense, cosplay, fashion, paperweight and utility uses.

However, there are different designs intended for different uses. There are a few that are good for street fighting, a few are great for fighting the attackers, a few are just used for fashion, and a few heavier ones serve as paperweights.

In this article, we are suggesting brass knuckles for different users. We have come up with a list that includes the right pieces for the right users. See the list below and see which ones you are looking for:

Brass Knuckles for Street Fighters

Let’s start with the street fighters. We know many of them are looking for weapons that let them pick up a victory in a street fight. This is not a debate whether knuckle duster is a good weapon for street fight or not.

But, we need to figure out which is the best one for street fighting.

Let’s first determine the needs of a street fighter. If you are fed up of your annoying neighbours, you need to get rid of them. And for this purpose, you need a solid weapon that lets you destroy them.

So, there’s nothing better than the Silver Four Finger Hole Knuckle Palm Grip. This is a solid and powerful knuckle duster that can deliver a forceful punch.

This is simply enough to knock down your annoying neighbours. A solid construction makes it sturdy. We bet you can teach them a lesson and emerge victorious in the street fight.

You can always wear it around your knuckles and stay equipped with the weapon. You can engage in a street fight now or then, therefore, you must be ready to fight all the time. So, you will be a popular street fighter of your town!

Brass Knuckles for Battling the Attackers

Brass knuckles are always sought after by those who adopt them as self defense weapons. And yes, it is a very effective weapon for self defense.

These days you do need to carry a weapon for defending yourself against the attackers. And the most preferable weapon is the one that is easy to carry, small and lethal enough to take down the attacker.

If you are urged to use this weapon for battling the attackers, make sure to get the Bullet Knuckle Rimfire Knife Cartridge. This is the best weapon you can use for defending yourself against the attacker.

There is a reason why we suggest this to user. Don’t think it is just a knuckle duster, there is a blade attached to it as well. So, this makes it two weapons. However, they come in a single package.

See the picture of the item below. There is a bullet attached to the knuckle. Inside this bullet, there is a hidden blade. This is a perfect combination which makes it an ideal weapon for defense. ‘

You can use the knucks to deliver powerful punches to the attacker’s face. And then, you can use the hidden blade to inflict severe injuries. 

You can use either one or both of them together. But, it is a deadly weapon that will teach the attacker a lesson.

Brass Knuckles for LARP

Cosplayers tend to use different weapons to complete their costumes. For example, when someone is playing the role of a sniper, he does not just wear a camouflage, he also has to hold a sniper rifle.

Similarly, if a cosplayer becomes a gangster on the stage, he has to wear a costume and hold a gun to look like a real gangster. Wait. no need to wear a costume and pick up a toy gun if you have brass knuckles.

Brass knuckles is a badass weapon that has to be worn by someone who is a real bad guy. 

So, if you are to be a bad guy or a gangster in your next LARP, this weapon would serve as your costume as well as your cosplay weapon.

The best piece for cosplayer is the Skull Red Dark Goth Punk Knuckle Duster. It has a fantastic design. A skull made on it determines its badass nature.

If you really want to become a gangster or play a bad guy role in your LARP, you can just wear these knucks and showcase your talent on stage.

It would easily fulfill all your costume needs. You don’t have to wear anything other than this weapon.

Brass Knuckles for Vehicles

Since there are multiple users of brass knuckles and their intended uses are diverse as well, we enlist different designs. 

If you are unaware, you must know that the knucks serve as ornaments for the vehicles as well. Ask the vehicle owners?

Vehicle owners, specifically bikers are quite creative. They love to make their vehicles look different by doing some alterations. 

What they do is use different things, such as knucks to make some beautiful alterations.

At times, bikers attach the knucks to the handle to give a lovely appearance to the bike. Car owners tend to attach them to the steering wheels. 

Also, they replace the door handles of their cars with the knucks for some creative alterations. This way, they serve as ornaments for their cars.

If you are looking for some ornaments for your car or bike, check this Gold AK-47 Rifle Knuckle below. This is a magnificent knuckle duster that you can use as an ornament for your vehicles.

There is no design more attractive and gorgeous than this, specifically considering the fact that you are using it for your cars and bikes.

The people will come to know the badass nature of your’s when they see this AK47 knucks on your car’s doors and your bike’s handle.

Brass Knuckles for Routine Uses!

We know you are quite surprised here. Not many people use brass knuckles for getting their utility tasks done. We are referring to small tasks that you often need to do on a routine basis. ‘

For instance, sometimes you need to open the bottles, cans, letters and packages. Similarly, you need to smash the ice or break the glass at times.

For such tasks, you need a sturdy and powerful knuckle duster. Hence, for this purpose, you need to have this 100% Real Brass Knuckle Bottle Opener. 

Since it is made of brass, it is a genuine piece with extreme power.

Brass is one of the strongest materials on earth. The knucks made of brass are considered real because they are sturdy and made of a real material i-e brass.

So, this is your weapon for utility uses we mentioned above. It is strong enough to break the glass with one punch and smash the ice.

Most importantly, it features a bottle opener. You can clearly see the bottle opener in the picture. It helps in opening bottles and other canned objects with ease.

So, if your purpose is to use your knucks for utility tasks, you must eye this knuckle duster.

Knuckle Duster Paperweight

One of the most popular uses of brass knuckles is paperweight. We hope you are familiar with paperweight.

Paperweight is anything you place on the papers to keep them in your reach.In other words, it is a heavy material you place on the documents and papers placed on the table. You can prevent them from flying away when this heavy material is placed on it. 

Because it is weighty, it can keep control of the papers even when the fan is turned on.

During the recent couple of years, people have adopted knucks as paperweights. There are a couple of reasons behind that.First, brass knuckles are heavy and they can easily control pro hold the papers. They can keep the papers in your access and stop them from flying away. 

Secondly, they have replaced the earlier paperweights because they are gorgeous and attractive.

People used to have attractive paperweights in their offices, but they were never more gorgeous than the knucks.Here is a magnificent and beautiful piece of knucks, the Rainbow Titanium Heavy Duty Buckle Paperweight.

With a rainbow design, it is extraordinarily gorgeous and eye-catching. There is a titanium color finish that enhances the magnificence of this item.

When you have this placed on your papers as a paperweight, it would appear awesome.More importantly, it will make sure your papers don’t fly away and stay where you want them to.

Brass Knuckles for Belts!

Many users just wear brass knuckles as a fashion accessory. Why not? They serve as a lovely fashion accessory.

You must have seen some celebrities wearing them to determine their fashion sense. Beyonce, the popular singer, often wears them. Angeline Jolie is seen wearing them in some of her movies, such as Wanted.

It gives a gangster appeal when worn around the knuckles. So, wearing it with jeans can be nice.Many users like to attach them to their belts for two reasons...

(1) as a fashion 

(2) to keep them in access for using it against the attackers.

Once you have worn it in your belt buckle, you always have access to it. Just remove the buckle and wear them on your hands again.If you want one for your belt buckle, here is the Heavy Duty Champaign Buckle Knuckle Duster.

This is specifically designed for belts. You can clearly see there is a pin attached to it which makes it easy to wear with the buckle.

In fact, most of the brass knuckles come with this pin in order to attach them to the buckle. Whether you wear it as a fashion accessory or for self defense, it is a great idea to attach it to your belt buckle.

So, Which User are You?

Finally, we would like to hear from you. Which way do you prefer using your brass knuckles? Or which type of user are your? Are you a street fighter, a cosplayer, a utility user or a fashionable bloke?

We have tried to bring the best knuckle duster for every type of user. So, whoever you are , make sure to get the right piece for you. Although you can use any of them for any purpose, but those described above are designed for one specific purpose!