Love airsoft? We know you do! Americans these days find airsoft as the best outdoor activity after a long, tiring week at the workplace. An ideal way to have an enjoyable weekend is by picking up your airsoft gun and heading towards the airsoft field. 

Airsoft has become a sport that involves shooting with the replica guns called airsoft guns. These guns consist of airsoft revolvers, pistols, rifles, shotguns and sniper rifles. Moreover, there are different types of guns such as electrical guns, spring guns and gas airsoft guns. 

Are you an airsofter looking for the best airsoft guns to get involved in airsoft? Since we are expert airsofters, we have come up with certain suggestions. You can use any of these replica guns to play airsoft games. 

However, for playing certain games, you need specific sort of guns. We have enlisted some ideal guns in this regard. Following are our suggestions for the best airsoft revolvers, pistols, rifles, shotguns and sniper rifles. Let’s explore the list and choose the ones you ideally wanted in your arsenal. 

1. G36B Spring Powered Airsoft Revolver Silver

Made of lightweight polymer, this is a perfect airsoft revolver. You want to play games like Close Quarter Combat? 

G36B Spring Powered Airsoft Revolve

Right? So, why not get this pistol to have a great experience of playing these games? This revolver has a nice silver color scheme. 

It also offers embedded sights to improve the accuracy of shooting. It comes with a realistic cylinder and shells and makes it look like a real pistol.It has an ergonomic style which provides better handling. It can shoot at a good muzzle velocity of 150 feet per second. So, all these features make it a good revolver for airsoft games. 

2. G36B Spring Powered Airsoft Revolver Black

This is another airsoft revolver with black in color. Revolver is a perfect thing for airsofters on a budget. 

G36B Spring Powered Airsoft Revolver Black

The features of this revolver are quite similar to the one listed above. However, it has a different color. It can also shoot BBs at a speed of more than 150 FPS. 

In the games like Close Quarter Combat, it is an ideal gun. Apart from good speed, it offers good shooting accuracy as well. It has some useful features such as a sight which enhances its shooting accuracy. So, get this pistol if you like such features. 

3. Spring P1137 Sniper Rifle Airsoft Pistol Combo Pack

This is a fantastic airsoft rifle for airsofters on a budget. As an airsofter, you definitely need at least a couple of airsoft guns. 

Spring P1137 Rifle Airsoft Pistol Combo

So, this is a combo pack for budgeted airsofters. It contains one magnificent sniper rifle and a pistol. This set will provide you with a great airsoft experience. 

You can use the sniper rifle for playing games like Sniper while you can use the pistol if you are playing other roles on the field. The rifle can shoot at a great muzzle velocity and offers great range and comes with several features like scope and laser. 

4. Tactical Spring Sniper Airsoft Rifle Gun With Laser

This is a tactical sniper rifle for the snipers on the field. It comes with ideal features. The most prominent features of this rifle include scope, bipod and laser. 

Tactical Spring Sniper Airsoft Rifle Gun

The laser and scope assist in accuracy and provide good range. Also, it offers a great muzzle velocity i-e 250 feet per second. With all these features and benefits, it comes up as a perfect sniper rifle for playing the game called sniper. A sniper needs to have such a tactical rifle to play his role. 

5. P2004B Spring Powered Skeletonized Airsoft Pistol

This is an airsoft pistol that is as powerful and advantageous for airsoft as any other airsoft rifle. 

P2004B Spring Powered Skeletonized Airsoft Pistol

Compared to sniper rifles, the features are not pretty awesome, but they are good enough to make it a useful gun on the field. It can win you any game on the field since it provides good muzzle velocity. It has a beautiful skeletonized design that makes it look quite realistic. 

It has an ergonomic grip that offers good handling and also offers a red dot laser which assists in accuracy. Overall, it is a very good pistol for airsofters who prefer speed and accuracy. 

6. Double Bell M1911 WWII Metal Body Airsoft Spring Pistol

Airsoft revolvers and pistols are often used for playing airsoft games. This is a pistol that comes very handy in airsoft. 

Double Bell M1911 WWII Metal Body Airsoft

It shoots BBs at a decent velocity. It replicates the original pistol M1911 and shoots like a real pistol as well. Other than airsofters, those who want to enjoy some realistic shooting must use this pistol. Similarly, airsoft games require the players to use such pistols that offer features of a rifle. 

It comes with every feature you are looking for. Aso, it is a pistol that can fire at a speed of more than 200 FPS. Combining all these features, this pistol is a masterpiece. 

7. Spring Airsoft RIOT PUMP Tactical Shotgun

Are you a lover of guns or shooting? If you do, you need to have this tactical pump shotgun in your arsenal. 

Spring Airsoft RIOT PUMP Tactical Shotgun

You will feel some realistic shooting with this shotgun. In addition, it is a good enough airsoft gun for playing airsoft games. It has a magnificent muzzle velocity which is almost 400 feet per second. 

This is such a wonderful speed that makes it one of the best guns to use on the field. No matter what role you are playing on the field, this shotgun eases your role. 

8. Double Eagle DE M56A Tri-Shot Spring Airsoft Shotgun

This is yet another airsoft shotgun that provides a good muzzle velocity i-e 320 feet per second. 

DE M56A Tri-Shot Spring Airsoft Shotgun

It has a stunning feature i-e the tri-shot ability. It is a spring powered gun and one of the best when it comes to playing airsoft games. Similarly, it offers a great shooting experience. In fact, it is the most realistic gun ever. With plastic construction, it is a durable gun and has almost no weight. 

It is quite comfortable and easy to handle on the field. If you are an airsofters, you gotta have this shotgun in your collection. Other than airsoft, it lets you determine your enthusiasm for guns! 

9. P2215 M4 Quad Monolithic RIS Spring Airsoft Rifle

Airsoft revolvers, shotguns, pistols and rifles, all are used in airsoft games. However, spring airsoft rifles are the most commonly used guns. 

P2215 M4 Quad Monolithic RIS Spring Airsoft Rifle

These are considered the most durable and long lasting rifles because they feature spring power. The spring comes in action and operates the barrel. In addition, these are the cheapest airsoft guns around. If you are on a budget, this is the rifle you need to have. 

It is a replica gun with spring action and can shoot BBs at a speed of slightly more than 200 feet per second. Considering all these features, it is worth a place in your arsenal. 

10. P2214 Quad RIS M4 Spring Airsoft Rifle with Adjustable Stock

This is another replica airsoft rifle that comes with an adjustable stock. It can also shoot BBs at a speed of 200 feet per second. 

P2214 Quad RIS M4 Spring Airsoft Rifle

It is lightweight and has a sturdy construction. It comes with a tactical stock as well. It has a textured grip that assists in better manipulation. It also includes a mock dot sight that helps in accuracy while shooting. It is a spring action gun that operates using a spring. 

The rear stock comes up as a prominent feature of this rifle. For airsofters, this is yet another perfect airsoft rifle! 

Choose Your Airsoft Revolver, Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun or Sniper Rifle

So, these were our recommendations for the best airsoft revolvers, pistols, shotguns and sniper rifles. Have you picked your airsoft gun as of now? No matter which of these guns you choose you are guaranteed to have a perfect airsoft experience. 

You may need to choose more than one because for a few airsoft games, you need airsoft revolvers or pistols while for a few games, you have to use sniper rifles or shotguns. Considering your needs in mind, choose your airsoft guns from the list above, and let us know about your choices!