stun gun vs taser gun

Stun gun vs taser gun is a very common debate these days. It has been agreed that these electroshock weapons are the most effective for self defense. 

So, the debate of the best self defense weapons is over, and now we are focusing on the better weapon between stun gun and a taser. 

There are people who wrongly believe that these two are similar things. Yes, they are both electroshock devices. However, they operate differently. 

Since they are different in a few terms, such as design, shape and working mechanism, it is essential to have a comparison of the two.

Hence, we are comparing the two weapons to identify the best out of them. So, let’s start with how these two electroshock weapons operate. 

How a Stun Gun Operates?

The working mechanism of a stun gun is quite different from a taser. Stun gun is a small device shaped like a cell phone stun gun, a stun gun flashlight or lipstick stun gun

There are plenty of designs, but each of them features two prongs. These prongs are quite significant as they work to deliver an electrical shock. 

So, what you have to do is get nearer the attacker, and try to touch his body with these prongs. They have to get in contact with any part of his body to deliver the electrical shock. 

As it touches his body, a powerful electrical shock is given to him. As a result, he is immobilized for quite some time.

How a Taser Operates? 

Taser operates slightly differently compared to a stun gun. It is shaped like a pistol, and works like a real pistol as well. 

However, there are no bullets that it fires. In fact, it does not fire anything. It just delivers an electrical shock. 

There are no prongs on it. Rather, there is a trigger that you need to pull. As you pull the trigger, it shoots a pair of electrodes. These two electrodes connect to form a circuit. As a result, electrical shock is given to the attacker. 

When a taser delivers a powerful shock to the attacker, he is immobilized for a reasonable period of time. 

Reasons You Should Prefer a Stun Gun

Ease of Use

The biggest advantage of a stun gun is that it is very easy to use. This device, whether in any shape, is very simple to use. 

There is no push button or any other device attached to it. All you need to do is touch the prongs to the body of the attacker. 

So, you can just get closer to him and touch any part of his body with the prongs. This is enough to deliver an electrical shock and cause immobilization. 

Small Enough to Carry

Carrying a stun gun is very easy. It is extremely small whether you choose to buy any design, including lipstick, cell phone or ring. 

Such a small device can easily fit into the pocket. When it fits perfectly into the pocket, it becomes very easy to carry. 

Also, it does not have any weight. Therefore, it is not a problem to carry such a low weight item in your pocket. 


Another significant factor that makes it useful for self defense is that it can’t be detected by anyone. Of course, you don’t want to let anyone know what weapon you are carrying. 

You don’t want to tell the cops what you are carrying. Then, you also don’t want to reveal it to the attacker so that he becomes ready to tackle it. 

Stun gun is available in designs such as lipstick, flashlight or cell phone. At times, it is just a small ring. So, you can carry those designs and make it impossible for anyone to identify what sort of thing you are carrying. 

Inflicts Damage Quickly

Stun gun can inflict damage very quickly. You are just a touch away from immobilizing the attacker. 

When you touch the body of the attacker with the two prongs on it, a strong electrical shock is delivered straight away and the attacker is immobilized. 

The Flashlight Option

Stun gun often comes with an additional feature of a flashlight. This is such an advantageous feature which ensures your survival. 

Also, it allows you to avoid the attackers and escape before they come closer to you. You can use the light to enlighten your path. 

Most attackers take advantage of the dark. Hence, they find people as easy victims. With a light, you can see them from a distance and get ready to face them or escape. 

Reasons You Should Not Prefer a Stun Gun

Unsafe to Carry at Times

A stun gun is often unsafe to carry. When you are carrying it in your pocket, there is always a chance of accidental damage. 

There is a safety switch incorporated in it. If you forget to turn it off, you can accidentally give an electrical shock to yourself while it is being carried in the pocket. 

In addition, it can turn on itself since it is in the pocket. So, it can be unsafe to carry sometimes. 

Reduced Range

The greatest drawback of stun gun is its reduced range. It required you to get closest to the attacker in order to use it effectively. 

Getting close to the attacker is a suicidal attempt. You would never try to be stupid enough to do so. You would rather like to avoid him. 

The problem with this electroshock device is that it is useless unless you touch it to the body of the attacker. This can be a dangerous move. 

Reasons You Should Prefer a Taser

Ease of Carry

Taser is another electroshock device and is very easy to carry. It is designed like a pistol, but it is usually too small to fit into your pocket. 

Also, it does not have a massive weight. It is a lightweight device, and you will have no problem at all carrying it in your pocket. 

Safe to Carry

Taser is usually very safe to use and carry. It does not require a safety switch as well. You have to pull a trigger to inflict damage. 

It does not give an electrical shock unless you pull the trigger. It is not practically possible that a trigger is pulled accidentally. Hence, it is safer to carry than a stun gun. 

Longer Range

The greatest advantage with a taser is its excessive range. Having said that getting nearer the attacker is pretty dangerous, it saves you from this danger. 

You can target the attacker from a reasonable distance. It has a good effective range and you don’t need to go closer to the attacker. 

All it needs to do is connect the pair of electrodes to the body of the attacker, and the electrical shock is delivered to immobilize him. 

Reasons You Should Not Prefer a Taser

Trigger Malfunction

One significant problem that often occurs with a taser is that its trigger malfunctions at times. You can’t afford that in a self defense situation. 

The attacker will have the better of you if such a situation takes place. In a risky scenario, this can lead to a disaster. 

Ineffective at Times

At times, taser can be ineffective against the attacker. The pair of electrodes needs to connect to create an electronic circuit. If that does not happen, you can’t cause damage to the attacker. 

Also, if an attacker is at a great distance away from you, this can’t work. The pair of electrodes has to connect to his body to do the damage. 

Also, when you accidentally shoot those electrodes, they are wasted. You need to recharge it, and this can be costly. 


So, stun gun vs taser - what is your choice? Since both these devices are extremely advantageous in a self defense situation, it is hard to find the best out of them. 

Both stun guns and tasers have a share of advantages and drawbacks. However, the one we term as the best is a stun gun. 

It is the most effective weapons for self defense. It is cheaper, safe and easier to carry. Also, it works more effectively and quickly compared to a taser gun.