Characteristics of MF doom mask

Doom is one of the most important rappers in rap history. His distinctive voice, which he has called "the voice of doom," sings lyrics that are often cryptic and grim while telling stories about his personal adventures. 

The shock value at Doom's level has been speculated to be what helped carve a niche for him in the early 1990s underground music scene. In his later years, Doom has enjoyed great success with both his albums as well as a successful Hollywood career. It's hard to imagine how much easier it could get for this rap legend!

Mf doom used to wear a special type of mask commonly known as MF Doom Mask. This doom’s mask is a uniquely shaped, sound-filled device. Its simple design and easy usability make it perfect for use during parties. This mask is an amazing piece of art. It is a must have for any collector.

This mask has been the subject of people's fascination for many years. It was first put on sale in 1995 and quickly became the talk of the party scene, even to this day. Today doom's mask is widely considered as a piece of pop art and one of many iconic pieces that helped define hip-hop culture in the 90s.

A Look at MF Doom’s Background

Formerly known as Zev Love X, MF Doom has been rapping since the late 1980s. Known for his snarky lyrics, intricate production and complex, story-driven rhyme schemes, he is one of the most prolific rappers of all time.

For a rapper who got his start in 1989, that's pretty damn impressive. And while some of his masks were courtesy of Madlib aka Madvillain, many more were self-fashioned by Doom to keep a low profile; to prevent people from knowing what he looked like and thus giving him a strategic advantage while performing.

Even in the past few years, Doom has been known to wear three different masks at the same time. A large one for when he performs live; a smaller one for when he's recording; and a neon-bright, full-face MF Doom mask that is an indication of his most recent album release. 

Among all of Doom's masks, there are at least a dozen that we have seen as popularly displayed on everything from t-shirts to postcards with his picture on them.

Shape and Design of Doom Mask

MF Doom is a rapper, producer, and occasional artist who wears a metal mask when performing or appearing in public. The shape of the MF Doom mask was the subject of some secrecy until February 2009 when images of the new design were leaked by Matt Furie. This design is more detailed and intricate than the previous version in order to better conceal his identity. 

It resembles an older drawing by its creator Matt Furie while retaining its distinctive facial mane. In January 2019, actor Daniel Kaluuya wore a copy of MF Doom's original mask on stage at the Golden Globes to poke fun at Justin Timberlake's comedic segment about black rappers with unconventional names.

The mask originated as a character in a comic strip by Matt Furie, first appearing in Mid-1993 as part of a group called "The Three Friends" in "Play New Work", an anthology of Furie's illustrations published by Taboo and Black Eye. 

MF Doom's appearance as part of "The Three Friends" was used to satirize the anonymity of early-mid 1990s Wu-Tang Clan members Method Man, Raekwon and Ghostface Killah. An early version of the MF Doom mask was used in two of his collaborative efforts with DJ Subroc from the Juice Crew, their 1994 track "My Favorite Ladies", and their 1995 track "Doomsday".

MF doom mask

Characteristics of MF Mask

The MF Doom mask that is often used by DJ Kool Herc, a Jamaican-American Rapper and Hip-Hop Pioneer. This mask was seen at a protest of globalization in the Seattle WTO Protests.  He has also been seen with it during his performance and on the cover for his album, "Mm..FOOD".

Although it is typically used by DJ Kool Herc and in the modern era, there are many people who still use this mask to this day. There are various types of masks from different cultures that have been used throughout history.

The mask that MF Doom wears is a wooden African mask. A typical mask that was used for performances and ceremonies for spirits. These masks were based on the specific type of spirit or deity that needed to be represented. This particular mask represents a branch of the Bantu peoples from South-Central Africa. 

These masks are characterized as "the masked image of spiritual beings". The Mandinka people, who make up a large ethnic group in countries such as Gambia, Senegal and Mali, use this mask during their annual festival of Ngola. They would wear this mask to honor the spirits who came back from the dead during this time of year.

Why does MF Doom wear Mask?

As one of the most mysterious figures in hip-hop, MF DOOM proves you don't need to show your face to command respect. So far, we know that this masked man is part of a group called KMD (short for "Kool Moe Dee" and "My Brother's a DJ"), got his name from two Iron Maiden records he had as a kid, and apparently has an alter ego named Viktor Vaughn who's even more famous than him. 

We know about his time spent as Zev Love X with KMD, when they came up with the idea to make masks for the crew. And we've seen pictures of Doom without his mask on — he was born Daniel Dumile. But still, it's all a bit mysterious. 

And when we saw the track "Who Me?" from the recent album Take Me To Your Leader — as a stand-alone track, in a commercial for a pair of socks, or even as the second half of an interlude on his latest album Vaudeville Villain — it got us thinking.

There have been many theories about the origin of MF Doom masks and tons of explanations. We've heard about him growing up in war-torn Uganda and possibly picking up some trauma from it that caused him to wear the mask.

Popularity of MF Doom Mask

There is something that is so simple and yet so unique about the Mf Doom Mask. It seems to have been such an accidental creation that it got popular in the strangest of ways. This seemingly ordinary mask was actually a great idea, but just as well it wasn't picked up by any big company or got enough exposure at the time. 

This may not be what you think, but most likely if this came out now, it would be a hot item around Halloween thanks to people dressing up for parties and events with the masks. This doom mask is not often seen outside of royalty or crowds like those found at a festival or concert due to how expensive they are and how rare they are. 

They are a limited edition and only a few thousand of these masks were made. These masks are usually costly and new ones are hard to find. This is why it is so rare today that you can find one in your local store or even just anywhere else for that matter.

An Amazing Piece of Art!

Another thing about the mask that makes it such an amazing piece of art is the way it looks and feels like you're wearing a painting, especially since you could literally paint with the sponge part of it to make different designs on your face. 

Most other masks on the market today aren't able to do what this one does, but due to its uniqueness and Japanese influence, they can't be patented in any way. The mask is made of high quality materials and will not crack or break easily. 

The idea for the MF Doom Mask came from Japanese street fashion and culture in the form of the popular Japanese art form called Hyogagai (which translates to mean "many masks"). 

Hyogagai is a Japanese art form that dates back to ancient times, but it was revitalized during the 1980s and 1990s by young artists who use it as a way to express their feelings through exhibiting on their faces. 

Although these masks are still used as a mode of expression today, they are also used as part of an all night event called Hyoga, which features street dancing and music all night long. This art form has been classified as "an artistic movement that blends music, fashion and youth."