SAO Kiritos Elucidator Anime Sword Replica Wall Display

SAO Kiritos Elucidator Anime Sword Replica Wall Display
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Replicated after the SOA Japanese series and game we now have the Kiritos Elucidator Sword. The wooden handle is wrapped in faux black leather with black aluminum pommel and accents. The blade has a black anodized finish with a satin steel edge. A small cross adorns the blade on both sides just above the tip. Included is a wooden scabbard with silver trim and two faux leather straps with plastic buckles. This piece is sure to be a treasure to any SAO fan.

  • Overall Length: 41 1/2 inches 
  • Blade Length: 27 1/5 inches 
  • Blade Material: Carbon Steel, Black Anodize and Satin Steel Finish 
  • Blade Thickness: 3.9MM
  • Handle Length: 8 1/4 inches 
  • Handle Wrap: Black Faux Leather Wrap 
  • Item Include: Wooden Black Scabbard

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