Roman Caesar Gladius Sword with Scabbard

35.5 Inch Overall Roman Caesar Gladius Sword with Whitened Imitation Bone Resin Grip. Includes a wooden scabbard that is overlaid in rexine leather.
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This beautiful Roman Caesar Gladius comes with unsharpened carbon steel blade. This Gladius is truly worthy of Caesar. The straight-edged steel blade echoes the size and shape of a gladius, with a sharp point and a squared guard. The whitened imitation resin bone grip is meticulously hand finished with a solid wood hilt and brass guard plate that completes this sword. Includes a wooden scabbard that is overlaid in rexine leather. 

  • Based on the Classic Roman Gladius
  • Possesses a Straight Blade with a Fine Point 
  • Unsharpened Carbon Steel Blade
  • Whitened Imitation Bone Resin Grip
  • Includes Rexine Leather and Wood Scabbard 
  • Overall: 35.5''
  • Blade Length: 26"
  • Handle Length: 6"
  • Blade: Carbon Steel
  • Edge: Unsharpened

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