Pros and cons of knife necklace
Don't have a knife handy but cook a lot? Don't worry, you can wear one with this thing called a knife necklace. It contains a hidden blade strong enough to cut chicken bones, yet light enough to not leave your neck black and blue. I know what you're thinking: what if it falls off while cooking? 

Well they make lanyards specifically for this type of necklace so it doesn't go flying across the kitchen!  Besides, the knives are safely sheathed inside the chain or holder and you don't need to even touch them in order to use them. 

Usually they come with a sheath and a cover that closes to keep the blades from getting dirty and losing their edge. This allows them to be easier to use without having to worry about sharp edges or grabbing the wrong blade. Some of the best and cool knives come with a pocket clip which gives you quick access while cooking. 

You can get knife pairs, hilts, single knives, chains and holders that are made of stainless steel so they're durable but not heavy. They are also made of wood or bamboo so it matches your kitchen décor but I wouldn't recommend them for people who want an intense feel. They just aren't strong enough for that purpose.

What Do Necklace Knives Look Like?

A knife necklace is a form of necklace that is worn on the chest or neck and is shaped like a knife. It can also be made in the shape of any other object, including an ax, a sword, or a cross. These pieces of jewelry are not only stylish, but they have practical uses as well. 

Many people wear these necklaces for their own protection; others use them to defend themselves during their day-to-day routine. These accessories can be made using different materials, and they can have any design you like.

Knife necklace

A Look Back at History

A necklace knife is thought to have started in the year 1 AD, though it is believed to be a modern invention. It is said that a man named Damascenus of Alexandria created the first neck knife and wore it around his neck as he traveled from city to city. 

He guarded himself with this piece of jewelry throughout his travels, and many people began to copy him and wear their own versions of a necklace knife. Damascenus was not only known for making these kinds of necklaces, but he was also known for inventing many other things that people use today such as chess, medicine bags, and the first coins.

While the idea of this knife is not new, it was only in the year 1450 that an older version of this accessory became popular throughout Europe. The first piece of jewelry that resembled a knife was thought to be made by a sailor named Piere de Givry, who wore it on his leg as he traveled through Italy. 

He did not make these accessories for protection or because he worked on boats, but rather because they were fashionable at the time. There is no specific definition or description of how long a necklace knife must be; however most people wear them to their necks and not their chests.

Size and Blade Length

The blade length of a knife necklace is a trivial discussion. It's just the length of the blade from the pommel to the tip, including all of its tang (the part that you would use to cut things).

So, once you know what inches (or centimeters) your necklace knife is going to be made for, it’s easy to figure out how long it will be. Just remember that this knife is typically about 9-12 inches long when used as intended.

The size of a necklace knife is also easy enough to figure out; it just has two measurements: blade height and width at its widest point. A smaller knife may only have one measurement while larger ones are measured in both dimensions.

You might want to look into necklaces that are made of aluminum, steel or titanium. These materials won't rust, so your knife will always be safe to wear. Also, they won't cut your skin when they're pulled out and can be combined with any other jewelry pieces without ruining your look and without looking unsafe.

Knife necklace

How to Defend Yourself With a Knife Necklace?

To start, know that wearing a knife necklace is still illegal in many places, so please check your local laws and regulations before implementing it as self defense weapons. If you're still interested in learning how to use the neck knife as a self-defense aid, take a look at these guidelines below:

The key to using these self defense knives is close combat. You should wear the knife around your neck or waist, and withdraw it quickly if attacked with it. As there are no restrictions on carrying pocket knives in public places in most countries (except lethal weapons), this method may be an effective way of carrying one while keeping your hands free. 

However, you will want to keep the blade hidden until you need it. This may be a sword, knife, or gun. Having a knife necklace does not make you dangerous. If people think you're carrying a weapon, they'll try to take it from you. You'll want to keep your hands in plain view to remain calm and use the element of surprise. 

Always aim for the attacker's vital points. This will maximize the chance of escaping unharmed and getting away fast. Remember that in close range combat with more than one melee fighter at once, if you have no other options but to fight with your necklace right away, take out your knife and slash as soon as possible before any attacks land on your neck or head area.

Pros of Knife Necklace

The advantages of a knife necklace are that sometimes you need it and you would not have it on you. 

It comes in handy for many things such as when people are slicing pizza and do not want to get their hands dirty, or if there is a disaster where someone may misuse their fingers to spread disease, or if there is an injury that requires a person to cut clothing so they can get out of danger.

The necklace knife is among the list of most unique pieces of jewelry. This piece of fashion jewelry is simple yet very stylish. The fashion of this knife is always popular, because it reflects the individual style and personality. This necklace knife is a trend that is becoming more and more popular. The gift is the first choice.

Cons of Knife Necklace

The disadvantages of a knife necklace are that if the person has never used one before then they may hurt themselves. They should also know how to use the knife properly before relying on them being handy since they will have no clue what they are doing.

People have started to buy these necklace knives. Some people think it is a cool thing to wear and others like that they can always have a knife at hand when they need it. But there are also some other disadvantages of this knife, including:

  • It might cut your skin when you are taking the knife out of the sheath.
  • You can't put anything else on yourself if you want to wear a blade as a necklace, because all you'll have is metal on your neck.
  • Your outfit might be ruined because there will be metal and lace mixed together, which won't look good in pictures or in real life as well.

If you want to buy a necklace knife, think about these things first. You should also consider what sort of outfit you'll be wearing with it. Will it clash badly if you wear the piece of jewelry?

Where to Buy a Knife Necklace?

Knife-shaped necklaces are the latest trend in the fashion world. You can find many different types of these knives to buy anywhere. You can find various manufacturers online who sell these types of necklace knives. 

Paper and steel make up some of the most popular materials for these necklaces. The price for one necklace varies depending on construction material, size of design and length of chain or cord. Get the design that you want: The style of these knives can vary from high-end designer designs to simple wire-beaded chains. 

Many people love artisan necklaces as they provide a more personalized look that can be passed down for generations. The quality of the product will make or break your experience. We recommend researching the materials used to make your necklace, and their quality control measures.