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Posted by cutlerywholesaler on 3/19/2020
wholesale self defense products

Cutlery Wholesale is a top wholesale store that allows you to buy self defense products in wholesale. Here, you can purchase some of the most in-demand items at the lowest wholesale prices. 

There are a few self defense weapons that are most desired by the consumers. So, here is an opportunity for retail businesses to generate massive profits. 

If you are running a retail business, buy these self defense wholesale products and add them to your retail offerings. Here are some desirable products to buy in bulk:

1. DZS Yellow Hand Pistol Stun Gun

This is a hand pistol stun gun like a taser. It is one of the most desirable self defense products among consumers. This is a masterpiece by Day Zero Survival. 

DZS Yellow Hand Pistol Stun Gun LED

This is an excellent product to deal with the attackers. Looks like a taser gun, it is small and easy to carry in the pocket. It serves your survival in a perfect fashion. 

It features two prongs on it to give electrical shock to the attackers. Hence, this has made it a popular product among consumers. Add this to your retail store and make people rush to your store! 

2. DZS 10 Million Volt Self Defense Snow Camo Stun Gun

Another masterpiece by Day Zero Survival. It is a stun gun with a camo design on it. Consumers love it and give you an opportunity to make serious profits. 

DZS 10 Million Volt Self Defense Snow Camo Stun Gun

This in-demand item is the most sought-after self defense weapon. It has two prongs on it. When you touch these prongs to the body of the attacker, it delivers a strong electrical shock. 

The electrical shock can immobilize the attacker and allow you to escape and save your life. So, this is a useful product that will ensure the rush of consumers at your retail store.

3. DZS Key Fob Stun Gun

This stun gun is designed like a real key. It comes with an LED flashlight and alarm facility as well. It looks like a key for the vehicles. 

DZS Key Fob Stun Gun With Personal Alarm

However, it is a stun gun that can be used for self defense against the attackers. 

It is available at such a low price at Cutlery Wholesale. Hence, you can buy this product and fulfill the demands of the consumers. 

Such high in demand items are ideal for retail businesses to buy because they can help grow their businesses. The great price margin also leads to a huge profit margin. 

4. DZS METAL Tactical Stun Gun Rechargeable With LED Flashlight

Another self defense wholesale product that you should consider buying in bulk. This is a tactical stun gun with LED light and the facility of recharging.

DZS METAL Tactical Stun Gun Rechargeable  

This is an ideal weapon for self defense. The flashlight allows you to see the attackers coming towards you at midnight. Moreover, it allows you to deal with the attackers in an effective manner. 

There are two prongs on the device to help you fight the attackers. So, here is the product that retail stores must have in their offerings. If you want to profitize your business, consider buying this self defense product in bulk. 

5. DZS Blue Rechargeable Lipstick Stun Gun

Cutlery Wholesale is a wholesale brand. They provide self defense wholesale products at 90% less than retail prices. So, here is such a massive profit margin to avail. 

 DZS Blue Rechargeable Lipstick

If you buy this rechargeable stun gun in bulk, you have the item that people love buying. In addition, you have a great profit margin to play with. When you purchase something at such a reduced price, you have some exceptional profit margin. 

Also, Cutlery Wholesale offers discounts on buying in bulk. When you buy in bulk and get discounts, the profit margins are further enlarged for your business. 

6. DZS 3 in 1 Multi Tool Rechargeable Stun Gun, Flashlight and Folding Knife

This 3 in 1 multitool is an excellent self defense product. Consumers love buying such items that offer a lot in a single piece. 

DZS 3 in 1 Multi Tool Rechargeable Stun Gun

The multi tool product includes a stun gun, folding knife and a flashlight. 

These are all significant self defense items. Consumers prefer products that provide a lot more than expected. So, basically they are buying three items in a single package. 

If you are running a retail business, consider buying these multi tools in bulk. This will drive a maximum traffic to your retail store. In return, you will have a great profit margin. 

Also, don't forget to avail discounts that will further increase your profits. So, buy such self defense wholesale products from Cutlery Wholesale. 

7. Bling It On Key Ring Self Defense Pepper Spray

Finally, buy this pepper spray in bulk at 90% less than retail prices. For your retail business, this will be the most profitable item to buy. It will drive great traffic to your retail store.

Key Ring Self Defense Pepper Spray Black 

Pepper spray is a popular self defense weapon that serves your survival against attackers. 

This non lethal weapon is favorite for people to deal with the attackers. The spray causes burning sensation and allows you to escape and survive. 

So, if you are a retail business, buy these self defense wholesale products in bulk from Cutlery Wholesale. These in-demand products won’t just drive traffic to your store; also profitize your business!

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