Odachi Giant Samurai Sword - Black

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Odachi Sword 68" overall with a blade length of 50". Comes with a carbon steel blade and blood groove.
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Also called an odachi sword, the nodachi was a traditional Japanese sword first constructed during the feudal period of the country. Here is a masterpiece odachi sword featuring a single edged, curved blade, similar to a traditional katana sword. It has a length of 50 inches and is significantly longer than its samurai katana counterpart. In addition, this odachi sword is a versatile sword with many applications. 

Like different Japanese swords, the odachi sword can be used as a weapon on the battlefield. The samurai warriors used this sword to engage opponents, often performing downward cutting or slashing strikes. However, the odachi sword was not worn around the waist like other katana swords. The samurai warriors used to carry it on their back with a sheath covering the blade. 

This masterpiece odachi sword has a stainless steel blade with an imitation ray skin covered handle of wood. It comes with a black lacquer finish textured scabbard. Buy this odachi in bulk at the cheapest wholesale price. We provide up to 20% discount on bulk orders. Also, get shipping at your doorstep in the US and Canada.


  • Stainless steel blade
  • Imitation ray skin covered wood handle
  • Traditional pattern black cord wrapping
  • Brass finish menuki and blade collar
  • Antiqued zinc aluminum guard and fittings
  • 51" blade
  • 68" overall
  • Textured black lacquer finished scabbard

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