Have you ever seen any of Bruce Lee’s action movies? The prominent figure of Bruce Lee is one of the main reasons for the popularity of Nunchucks in the 21st century. 

Nunchucks are actually the invention of feudal Japan and they were inspired by an agricultural tool. 

It is believed that Nunchaku was invented by the emperor of the Sung Dynasty who devised them as a weapon to use against his enemy who had taken over his land and dynasty. 

Let us now have a brief introduction of these weapons to have a better understanding of them.

What are Nunchucks?

Nunchucks are also known as Nunchaku, Chuka sticks or Karate sticks as they are used in Karate as well. It is a very fascinating ninja weapons with a unique design. 

Chuka sticks are actually two rod-like structures which are connected to each other with the help of a metallic chain. 

These rods are usually made up of wood but sometimes they are also made up of metal or plastic. The metal Nunchakus are the most dangerous among all. 

The wooden Nunchucks are the second most dangerous among all Nunchaku types and are used in training mostly to ensure some safety.

Then comes the plastic Nunchaku which is used mostly in LARP events or is used as a toy for children. Nunchakus were previously used as weapons but with the invention of more effective and feasible weapons i.e. 

Firearms, Chuka sticks have lost their popularity in this regard but they are still famous and widely practiced in martial arts. 

Historically, Nunchaku was used as a weapon in combats and even during battles. Some people even buy them for collection reasons. A wide range of these Nunchakus is available in stores worldwide in different designs and affordable rates. 

People practice various techniques and tricks to train themselves on fighting with Nunchucks. Are you interested in learning those tricks as well? Let us start!

Nunchucks Tricks and Techniques

1- The Blocking Techniques

Blocking is one of the main acts of a fight and keeps you safe from the attacks of your opponent. It is a must technique to master if you wish to learn the art of fighting with a Nunchaku. 

Being a basic technique, it is quite easy to learn and also keeps your strength intact by protecting you from the attacks of your opponent in a fight. There a few blocking techniques which you can master and use according to the situation in hand.

    • The Overhead Block

The overhead block as its name says is the one which protects you from blows that are meant for your upper body. It protects your upper body from the attacks of your opponent. 

It is also called a high block and is very simple to perform. All you have to do is position the Nunchakus above your head or in front of your head to block the attacks that are aimed towards your upper body.

    • The Rear Block

The rear block is the one which blocks the attacks which are aimed towards the lower body. It is just like the overhead block but the position is slightly different. 

Instead of positioning the Nunchucks close to your head, in the rear block, you position them across your lower body to block the attacks which are aimed that way.

    • The Side Block

The side block blocks the attacks which are aimed towards your side body. It is quite simple to perform and there is nothing difficult in this one either. 

Whether the attack is aimed for the right side of your body or the left side, position the Nunchakus there, and block the attacks.

2- The Striking Techniques

The striking techniques help you to fight with Nunchaku. You not only need to block the attacks of your opponent in a fight but you have to strike him as well. 

There are different Striking techniques which you can learn and I will recommend you to master the basic ones at least if you want to learn the art of fighting with Nunchucks.

    • The Vertical up Strike

The vertical up strike is aimed in a vertically upward direction which means that it is aimed for the face. In this strike, you hold the Nunchakus at a low position and then bring them upwards vertically straight to strike your opponent hard.

    • The Vertical Down Strike

The Vertical Down strike is just like the vertical upward strike but here you strike in the completely opposite manner. You focus on striking the head of your opponent here and bring the Nunchakus from above to strike them vertically downward on the head of your opponent.

    • The Horizontal Strike

In the horizontal strike, you move your Nunchucks sideways across the body of your opponent and strike in a horizontal manner.

    • The Diagonal Strike

The Diagonal strike requires you to strike your opponent diagonally. Therefore, all you have to do is carry the Nunchaku in a diagonal direction.

3- The Hand Roll Technique

This Nunchaku technique is one of the most complex ones. It requires more aptitude and ability to be pulled off appropriately. 

To draw off a hand roll strategy, what you need to do is grasp the Nunchaku from one end and flip it over. 

This will make the chain of the Nunchucks to be flipped around your hand. At last, simply let go of the side of the Nunchakus you are holding and hold it from the opposite side, much the same as a flip. 

Additionally, in the event that you need it back to its underlying position, what you can do is turn around the hand roll strategy.

    • Figure Eight

Figure Eight is another one of the advanced Nunchaku techniques. It is extensively performed by the moderate and master players. 

What you truly need to do to play out this technique is that you need to form a figure eight, yet you need to deal with this by grasping one end of the Nunchaku and plan the figure eight from the opposite end. Sounds insane?

Indeed, it is up to some degree. You can befuddle your rival in a battle by utilizing the figure eight method which will surely confuse him and will do the trick. 

What you can do is continue playing this trick fastly and your adversary will consequently get confounded and will surely lose his mind. Practicing this trick fastly will also provide more momentum to the Nunchaku.

Nunchakus are great to play with. Anyway, you ought to be very cautious on the off chance that you wish to use them in a fight or practice them. 

Metal Nunchakus particularly are very perilous and if you are not appropriately experienced than you may harm yourself in a battle rather than your adversary. Also, make it a practice to train yourself with wooden Nunchucks first and after that proceed onward to the metal ones. 

Similarly, you should practice and learn the basic moves before you attempt to rehearse the much-advanced ones.

Is Nunchucks Good for Fighting?

Nunchucks are a weapon and they were initially used as a weapon but are effective for fighting even today? Of Course, they are! To fight was the reason that Nunchucks were invented in the first place. 

They can be utilized in fights against the adversaries and bring them down. 

Regardless of whether you place Nunchakus in the hands of an amateur rather than a specialist, even if he/she can deliver a lot of harm. You can block the attacks which are aimed for you with Nunchakus and even hit with them too. 

Nunchakus are capable of performing lots of harm and this is why people started calling them “Numbchucks” instead of Nunchucks. Therefore, you need to be very careful with them.

But if you are not cautious with them, at that point you can even finish up harming yourself and harming yourself seriously rather than your adversary so you should be very cautious with Nunchakus and never use them without learning to perform some basic moves on wooden Nunchucks first.

You can also buy Foam Nunchakus which are utilized in cosplay and LARP occasions as they are quite safe and they are designed like the genuine ones. 

Also, you can use these ones to practice the tricks and techniques of Nunchaku. Nunchakus are even legal in most of the states of the US, therefore, you must double check the laws of your state before buying them and using them. 

Otherwise, you can face some serious trouble i.e. a heavy charge or even a felony for breaking the law of the state. So, now that you have a good knowledge of Nunchucks, what do you think of them? Are you going to buy them or not?