camping knives

Camping knives are on a huge demand nowadays. The trend of hunting and camping has risen to a significant extent, and with that people search for different camping tools and knives. 

Being an experienced camper, I have tried several camping tools and knives. However, I have found the following three as the most exceptional camping knives and tools: 

1. Pocket Knife

Pocket knife is a small sized knife mainly constructed as an EDC knife. It is designed as a knife that can fit into the pocket. The main feature of this knife is its foldable blade. 

pocket knives

This knife has a blade that can be moved and folded inside the handle. There are many ways this knife is used. It serves as a self defense weapon, a utility knife, and a camping knife. 

It can be a perfect camping knife. It is easy to carry and can replace your other camping knives. Here is how it can assist during camping:

- Food Preparation

Food preparation is one significant task during camping. You need to prepare food to feed yourself while camping. To prepare food, you need a knife. 

The knife can be used for cutting vegetables, fruits, and meat. You can slice meat and cook it using your portable stove. This knife also features a fire starter so that you can start fire. 

- Shelter Construction

Shelter construction is another important camping task. You need a knife to cut wood, branches and ropes. With a pocket knife, you can easily construct shelter. You can clear brush, cut wood and ropes to prepare a shelter. 

- Survival in Wilderness

In wilderness, you can encounter a wild animal anytime. You need a knife to fight those animals and survive against them. 

With a pocket knife, you can easily survive against these animals. This knife can easily injure those animals and frighten them so that you survive against them. 

- Hunting

Campers often feed themselves through hunting. Hunting is not possible with just a knife. However, it can’t be accomplished without a knife. You can use a pellet gun or an airgun to kill birds or animals. 

For big game hunting, you can use airguns. But, you need a knife for skinning work. For this purpose, this pocket knife can assist the campers. 

- Fishing

Campers also need to go fishing at times, specifically when they camping on the riverside. Pocket knife is a knife for catching fish. 

However, it can be used for removing scales from the fish, slicing, cutting meat and much more. So, these are the ways through which these knives can assist the campers.

2. Machete

Machete is the greatest knife ever produced. It has a giant size and is often used by butchers for cutting meat. It has a thick and a long blade, and it looks like a short sword. 


However, it is not a sword, rather, a knife. In fact, a very useful camping knife. Here is how it assists during camping:

- Constructing Shelter

Thanks to the big machete blade, constructing shelter is pretty easier. It can easily cut wood and other materials. Also, with that giant blade, you can quickly clear brush to make an appropriate place for shelter. 

- Skinning & Scaling Work

Skinning is a common task during camping. Once you hunt big game such as deer, you need to remove its skin using a powerful knife. Only a powerful knife like machete can do such work easier. 

I often do fishing while camping. And after catching fish, you need to remove scales from it. So, with a machete, it becomes relatively easier to remove scales from fish. 

- Cutting Meat 

After skinning or scaling, the next task is cutting meat. One you cut meat, then you are able to prepare food. But, for this purpose, you require such a powerful knife. 

Machete is known for its ability to cut meat quickly. You can slice and cut meat and make it easier to cook. 

- Starting Fire

I often have to start fire in cold circumstances. During camping, you need to start a fire so that you can keep yourself warm. With machete, I can cut wood and branches and use them to start a fire. 

- Self Defense

Self defense is another way machete assists me while camping. When I encounter wild animals, I can use my machete to fight them. 

Machete is a better option to survive against the wild animals because it is a lethal weapon to frighten those animals. 

3. Sword Cane

Sword cane, as the name suggests, is a cane which features a sword. Generally, it looks like a walking stick, but the blade is concealed inside the stick. 

sword canes

There is a push button or any other locking system which allows you to conceal the blade and pull it out when required. It is mostly used as a self defense weapon and a walking cane

However, I have made it my camping essential. It serves me many ways while camping in the wilderness. Here are the ways sword cane serves as my camping essential:

- Hiking Through the Mountains

Since it is a walking stick, it helps me walking and hiking through the mountains and rocky areas. I tend to camp in the wilderness and landscapes where no road leaves. 

So, I have to hike through the mountains. Thanks to sword cane, I can walk easily and comfortably on rocky surfaces. I can hike through the hills pretty easily and comfortably. 

- Building Shelter Easily

With my sword cane, I can easily construct shelter. I have a sharp and powerful blade to cut ropes and wires. For camping, you need to clear brush, cut branches etc. 

With this blade, I can easily cut branches and clear brush to make shelter for me. Also, this powerful blade allows me to cut wood which is the toughest task. However, I can easily do all this stuff with a little assistance from the sword cane.

- Fending Off Wild Animals

I often encounter wild animals while camping. Sometimes, they have injured me and only a few times I survived them. 

But, since I have a sword cane, I can easily fend off wild animals. Now, I have a powerful weapon to deal with them. 

- Preparing Food

Sword cane also assists me in hunting and fishing. These are the only ways I feed myself while camping. With this blade, I can cut and slice meat, do the skinning word and prepare food. 

Also, I can remove scales from the fish and cook fish. It allows me to cut veggies and fruits as well. So, it has become an essential part of my camping supplies. 

Choose Your Camping Knife

Now that you have learned about the significant camping advantages that these camping knives and tools offer, what is your pick by the way? Choose your camping knife wisely. 

Consider your camping needs, and also, keep in mind the area you are heading towards for camping. 

However, I would like to hear from you. Let me know your thoughts on these camping knives in the comment section below!