Mummy 3 - The Sword Of Dragon Emperor

33 1/2 Inch Overall with 20 Inch Stainless Steel From The Move Mummy 3
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The Sword of the Dragon Emperor is a Chinese sword. This stylish ancient sword has a stainless steel blade, a guard and a pommel in cast metal. The grip of the sword is wrapped in leather. It also comes with a wooden scabbard with some cast metal accents. This is the best replica Sword of the Dragon Emperor from the featured movie called “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor”, and is used by Jet Li. The sword is constructed with fine detailing and is a perfect replica of the original movie sword. There is a stainless steel blade with a blood groove. The length of the blade is 20 inches while the overall length of the sword is around 33 inches. 

This Sword of Dragon Emperor is a masterpiece at Cutlery Wholesale. This is the best piece that deserves a place in your arsenal. With a stainless steel blade, a guard, a pommel and a stocky handle, it is a thing of beauty. It would be a nice addition to your decor and sword collection. Buy your favorite Sword of Dragon Emperor at the cheapest wholesale price. Our prices are 90% less than retail prices. Also, get up to 20% discount on bulk orders. 


  • Stainless steel blade with blood groove
  • Imitation leather wrapped handle
  • Blackened steel guard and pommel
  • 20" blade
  • 33-1/4" overall
  • Wood scabbard with blackened cast metal fittings

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