Medieval Silver Kettle Hat Helmet Warrior Costume With Display Stand

Medieval Silver Kettle Hat Helmet Warrior Costume With Display Stand. Length: 13" - Width: 10" - Height: 6"
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These helmets were worn by soldiers in the Lord's army in the medieval European ages. The cone-like shape at the top of the helmet combined with the cylinder-shaped section in the middle deflected blows better than most flat-top helmets of the time. The brim around the cone and cylinder offered even more protection by providing a diameter around the wearer's face. This helmet was not preferred by the elite in medieval Europe because of it's plain look. Even though it was not as grand or as flashy as most knight's helmets, it was preferred by soldiers. This helmet is made of carbon steel by hand and is beautifully crafted. This Kettle Hat helmet is handcrafted, so some differences in appearance and size may occur. Because all of our helmets are handcrafted each helmet is unique, they will slightly differ in size and appearance. It is a wearable helmet and is forged from 18 gauge steel.

  • Length: 13" - Width: 10" - Height: 6"
  • Weighs: 3.15 LBS
  • Includes display stand
  • Full size and wearable
  • Historic kettle hat replica

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