A balisong knife is a style of folding pocket knife. It comprises two handles, one on each end, connected by a pivoting link (hence "balisong", from the Tagalog words "baling" meaning "to open'' and "-song " meaning"roof "). The blade is typically held between these links, with one edge sharpened on each side. One end of the blade can be opened by rotating a screw, but this action requires both hands. These knives are highly popular because of the tricks you can perform with these cool knives. Here are some of the best butterfly knife tricks:

Helix Drop

A lesson in drop butterfly knife tricks with the Helix. The Helix is an advanced form of the classic beginners hook, requiring a more complicated move and more extensive practice time to perfect the trick. Though in some ways it may seem like a difficult form due to its lack of similarities to other tricks, there is great satisfaction in mastering such an impressive trick!

To perform helix drop, hold a butterfly knife in your hand in a way that you are prepared to do a hook butterfly knife trick. The hand that holds the knife must be clenched fist, holding the blade of the knife more or less horizontally in relation to your arm. 

From this position, make a 180 degree turn with your arm (at shoulder level) so that it points behind you while still holding the butterfly knife firmly in place. Now with your other arm, swing it up towards your shoulder from below and press down on the blade of the knife while simultaneously turning your hand around its axis 180 degrees towards your back then forward again so that you are looking at the back of your clenched fist.

Y2K Rollover

You can perform the Y2K Rollover trick with a balisong knife! This is an easy project to learn and perfect for beginners. Creating a double-edged blade and wrapping it tightly with duct tape will ensure that it stays intact during the play. You can use just about any type of heavy object to make your blade, but try using an old saw blade or even a can opener from a soup can for maximum effect. 

To start, create your knife by whittling away at one end of what you have available until you are left with two edges on one side and one edge on the other side. Next, wrap each side in duct tape to hold it together securely and prevent any accidents that might occur during playtime. You can use any type of duct tape to wrap the blade, but use at least two layers so that it doesn't come apart. 

You can also wrap some electrical tape around the handle area as well, but not for on going performance. The point is to make it strong so that it doesn't break, not hold up to heavy duty play. After you have your blade, attach the end to a piece of wood or metal and fold over a small piece of paper about 2"x2", giving yourself an opening where you will be able to stick your fingers through in order to turn it into a knife.


Aerial balisong knife tricks are a great way to show off your skills. They can be done with just about any sort of oversized knife, but when performed well they are usually associated with the butterfly knives you would find at a circus or circus-themed party. Please read on below for a step-by-step guide on how to perform this trick.

  • Place the blade flat against your chest, hold it securely with one hand and lift the other arm up over your head so that it is pointing at the ground in front of you. 
  • Grab hold of the handle and snap your wrists down towards your feet to release it from its place against your chest. 
  • The blade should be rotating so that it is pointed at the ground in front of you. The blade should rotate in the direction that is away from your chest. 
  • Allow the knife to continue its rotation until it has reached a point where it is hovering directly above your head. To alter the direction of rotation simply reach out with your arms or hands while the knife is still rotating and grab hold of it where you want to change direction. 


A few years ago, a video of a guy performing this balisong knife trick went viral, and this is for you how to do that trick. The idea is to rotate the knife while doing it so you're able to flip it over your hand and then catch it on the other side, which also rotates. So you start with your hands like this. You’re going to bring one hand down, not towards your body but towards your other hand, which brings the blade up above that hand. 

It’ll be behind that hand so you can now reach down with your fingers as if you were going to grab something in front of you and go ahead and pull. This will rotate the blade and you bring it over behind your other hand and catch it. Now if I throw something like a tomato or a can or something, for example, and I want to catch it with the blade, I can do that by making a similar movement to what we just did. 

So I reach forward with my hands towards each other as if I’m going to grab something in front of me. Now the tip of the knife is now coming up above my right hand so I’m going to flip it over there and catch it behind that hand. The first part is easy because you just bring one hand down towards your body just like this. The second part is pretty much the same as well, just flip and catch it. I’ll show you what I mean. 

Behind the 8 Ball

Behind the 8 Ball is a classic of the juggling genre. It's an easy balisong trick to begin with but it's also one of the hardest to learn. That's because there are many variables that need to be mastered in order for this stunt to work:

  • Throw a ball high into the air from your dominant hand.
  • Catch this same ball in your other hand at its peak height and just before catching it, toss another ball up into the air from your non-dominant hand. Keep alternating hands until you throw ten balls (though five are sufficient). This is called "juggling".
  • Drop the balls to your side.
  • Rapidly throw the balls in a "ball-in-the-air" pattern from one hand to the other.
  • Master this pattern and keep it going for several minutes.
  • Once you've mastered that, toss a ball back into the air from your non-dominant hand in between throws in the ball-in-the-air pattern.
  • Do this for five minutes while mastering step 6.
  • After you've mastered all of these steps, cascade (throw overhand from one hand to the other and then catch with your other hand, alternating hands as you go).
  • Do this for five minutes.
  • While you've mastered steps 6-9, toss a ball between your legs from one hand to the other, then catch it with the other hand.
  • Do this for five minutes and you're ready to try Behind the 8 Ball.

This is one version of a popular juggling trick called "Behind the Back" which has been modified to look like a ball rolling over an 8-ball (hence the name). It's not that difficult to learn but it does require dedication and lots of practice. The main thing you'll have trouble with is learning how to catch two balls at once in each hand.

The Popularity of Balisong Knife!

Balisong knives, or butterfly knives, are exotic weapons that have become popular in the United States. These cool knives were originally made from a single piece of steel and were not as common. Today there are many companies that specialize in creating these weapons. They are typically made from the highest quality materials available and are made in forms that are appealing to many users. This type of knife is perfect for those who like to collect knives because they are also creative and unique. 

These weapons have no fixed price because they are all handcrafted so prices vary greatly depending on who makes them, the materials used, and how well they are made. These types of weapons can be purchased online and through specialty outlets that sell them, but those that are handcrafted may be quite expensive. Here is a small history of these knives.