Light EM Up - Self Defense Combo with Red Pepper Spray & Flashlight - Black

Guard Dog Light EM Up - Self-Defense Combo with Red Pepper Spray and Flashlight, Maximum Strength MC 1.44 - Pepper Spray Range up to 16 ft - Made in USA. Keychain ready!
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Part Number: 4K3-GDLEU-BK
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Maximum Strength OC spray formula
  • Guard Dogs keychain pepper spray is strong enough to immobilize aggressors, while its safety twist top prevents accidental discharge. Keep this self defense keychain with pepper spray attached to your key ring so you'll always be prepared.
Security flashlight
  • Self defense flashlights are an essential part of any home defense gear arsenal. The Light Em Up is a small powerful flashlight, with the added benefit of a small pepper spray attached. The perfect flashlight for night walking, women's self defense and home invasion protection.
Sprays up to 16 feet
  • While some self defense pepper spray options only spray 10 feet, Guard Dog pepper sprays spray up to 16 feet! The more distance you keep between yourself and an attacker, the better. The ultimate pepper spray keychain for women's self defense has arrived!
Rubberized grip
  • While some keychain pepper spray for women options are difficult to hold, the Light Em Up rubberized handle is designed for any sized hand. It's ergonomic design makes it the best pepper spray for women, men, students, runners and anyone else seeking a keychain self defense option.

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