Learn Some Easiest to Play Butterfly Knife Tricks

Posted by cutlerywholesaler on 9/20/2019
easy butterfly knife tricks

If you are curious to learn some butterfly knife tricks, we assure you that you once you finish reading this article, you would be well aware of how to perform all these tricks.

Butterfly knife has become a popular thing among the martial artists, enthusiasts and tricksters. If we ignore the utility and self defense uses of this knife, we can focus on using it for playing different tricks. 

Generally, knives are not considered for performing tricks, but as of late, trends have changed. People are using knives like karambit and butterfly to do this out of the box activity. But, the butterfly is a lot better than karambit knife in this regard. 

In this article, we let you know why you should be choosing this knife to learn some tricks. Playing tricks with this particular knife is a lot easier. So brace yourself as we uncover the easiest methods of playing butterfly knife tricks. 

But, before we move to disclose tricks, it is important to give you an idea about why this knife is high-rated when tricks are concerned. We uncover all the reasons behind it. But, first let us give a small introduction of the knife.  

What is a Butterfly Knife?

Butterfly knife is also known as a balisong knife. It is one of the unorthodox knives that has a different style or design. As the name suggests, it looks a bit like a butterfly. There are two handles and one blade featured in the knife. 

Balisong is recognized as an advanced or modernized knife. Also, it is sometimes regarded as an updated version of a pocket knife. It has a blade that can be concealed inside the two handles. Hence, it becomes a small stick that fits into the pocket. Hence, making it an upgraded version of a folding knife. 

Is Butterfly, a Knife for Performing Tricks?

Butterfly knife is not necessarily a knife for performing tricks. Yes, martial artists have adopted it as a knife to learn and practice butterfly knife tricks. But. it was designed mainly as a utility and a self defense knife. 

It comes up as a tricky knife because of its unique style. But, it has been adopted mainly as an easy to carry knife that can serve utility as well as self defense purposes. However, as of late, tricksters and martial artists have focused on its use for performing tricks. 

Hence, balisong is not designed as a knife for doing tricks, but its unorthodox style has made it advantageous in this regard. There are a few features that make it ideal for this purpose. 

Features of Butterfly Knife that Enable Playing Tricks 

As mentioned above, the butterfly knife has got something special that serve the purpose of performing tricks with ease. First of all, it is the unorthodox design of the knife that appears quite impressive. 

Secondly, it has two handles rather than one and a single blade. The blade is concealed inside the handle when closed. The handles are move able and allow you to perform tricks like flick opening and flick closing. 

There is a solid locking mechanism installed in the knife that ensures that blade remains locked while performing the tricks. The knife is easier to carry and quite safe for learning tricks. Also, pretty durable and long lasting. 

Most Common Butterfly Knife Tricks

Flick Opening Trick

At first glance, suppose your knife is in a closed position. Now, the first trick that you can perform with this knife is flick opening trick. This is the basic butterfly knife trick that you can perform. 

Beginners must start with this particular trick. Every enthusiast has gone through a phase where he learned this fundamental trick. What it does is it opens or deploys the blade for you in quick succession.

To play this trick, just flick your wrist while sending the bite handle away. Remember the blade is concealed inside the handle. The bite handle must be opened in order to flick open the blade. 

Meanwhile, the other handle, i-e the safe handle must be spun. The bit handle and the back of the blade should be at the back of your hand at that time. This is the time, you should flick your wrist back. 

Once you flick your wrist, the bit handle moves to the front and as a result, the knife is opened. Yes, that’s all. This is the simplest trick you can play with your balisong knife.   

Flick Closing Trick

After you learn flick opening trick, the next butterfly knife trick you should focus on learning is the flick closing trick. Yes, you have learned how to open or deploy the blade. It is the time you should learn about closing the blade. 

This is another very easy trick that you can quickly learn as a beginner. If you carefully read and follow our instructions, this trick is pretty simple for you. Pretend, the knife is in an opened position now. 

What you will learn through this trick is how to close the deployed blade. You need to flick close it at a rapid pace. First, flick the bite handle up into the palm of your hand. Keep the palm open in order to do the maneuver. 

Secondly, after flicking the bite handle, allow the handle along with the blade to line back in a gentle way. Don’t ever be in a rush. Allow the blade to line back gently and it would end up getting concealed or closed between the two handles. 

There is a solid lock that would quickly lock the blade in the closed position. This was the flock closing trick. Too simple though! 

Pinwheel Trick

The above two were the simplest or easiest butterfly knife trick, this is a little advanced. Pinwheel trick is not often suggested to the beginners. However, if you have come along learning the easier tricks, you can eye on some challenging tricks. 

Tricks like pinwheel are often practiced by the expert users. There is a great amount of practice needed to do this to perfection. Hence, this is why we ask beginners to first learn and practice the flick opening and flick closing tricks. 

To play this particular trick, you first need to grip the knife in a horizontal position. This is actually the position where you start. In this particular position, the tang pins and your thumb must be pointed in a similar direction. 

Hold the safe handle firmly, but drop the bit handle. At this time, flip the bite handle around. Meanwhile, make sure to shift the grip in a manner that the bite handle of the knife points upwards. 

While doing so, the bite handle would be snapped in a closed position. That’s it. Yes, this trick seems hard, but practice will make you perfect and enable you to play this trick with accuracy and speed. 

Aerial Tricks

The most spectacular butterfly knife tricks include the aerial tricks. As they sound, these tricks involve throwing the knife in the air and then gripping it. These are the hardest tricks that are performed only by the experienced users and enthusiasts. 

Beginners should rather stay away from these trick unless they become skillful users. These tricks require excessive control over the knife. Once beginners perform above mentioned tricks, they must gain some control. So, they can give a try to perform these aerial tricks. 

One of the most popular aerial tricks include the Y2K. There is a lot of practice required to master this trick. It is a bit like rollover. You need to rotate the knife in the air and then grip it again without getting your hand injured. 

This trick is generally very dangerous, and a lack of control can lead to a disaster. You can injure yourself pretty easily while attempting to perform this trick. Hence, practice is pretty essential in order to achieve perfection. 

Use a Butterfly Trainer Knife To Ensure Your Safety!

Since safety is pretty significant while learning the butterfly knife tricks, you should keep it as your priority. For this purpose, you should not use the real balisong knife. Instead, you should use the butterfly knife trainer. 

Butterfly knife trainer is a safe version of this knife made for mere practice purpose. It is pretty similar to real version, but it features a blunt blade. Blunt blade does not have any strength or sharpness at all. 

butterfly knife trainer

Hence, it can be a little alternative of the real knife, in other words, a safe alternative. It would prevent injuries and damage to your hands. Also, it would allow you to concentrate on learning and practicing your tricks without having to worry about the injuries. 

Butterfly knife tricks are not pretty easy at the start. You need to do a lot of practice to become a skilled and expert trickster. But, make sure to use a trainer version rather than a real knife.

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