Knights Templar Medieval Dagger

Knights Templar Medieval Dagger. 19.5 inches overall in length
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We at Cutlery Wholesale provide a vast range of daggers, including the finest medieval daggers. Apart from our push daggers and fantasy daggers, our medieval swords and daggers are perfect collectibles. Here is our best dagger called the Templar Medieval Dagger. The Medieval Era produced some of the best daggers, and this is even the best among them. With an overall length of almost 20 inches, it is a massive dagger. The handle is 7 inches long while the blade is 12.25 inches which makes it a great blade. It used to be a powerful weapon and served perfectly during warfare as one of the primary fighting weapons. Today. it is an ideal collectible and a perfect piece of decor for homes and offices.

This Templar Medieval Dagger was carried by the Medieval Knights during wars. It had a sharp blade that could penetrate deep and cause severe injuries. This masterpiece though is safe enough to be used for decor and collection purposes. With its factory sharp blade, it can be carried for self defense as well. This gorgeous dagger has a pommel and a hang guard. Moreover, it includes custom leather sheath to cover the blade and carry it safely. So, grab this masterpiece dagger now in bulk at the cheapest wholesale price. Make your order go past $999.99 to get a 20% discount. Get your order shipped to your doorstep! 

  • All handmade dagger
  • 19.5 inches overall in length
  • 7 inches overall handle length
  • 12.25 inches blade length
  • 5.75 inches guard length
  • Includes custom leather sheath

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