Karambit Style Ring Handle Spring Assist Pocket Knife Grey and Black

Karambit style spring assisted folding pocket knife. The knife has a thumb ring which comes in handy when using the knife.
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Part Number: TF-990GY
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This karambit style folding pocket knife has a futuristic look to it. The blade and handle has a mix of grey and black. 3cr13 steel is used to make the 3 inch karambit blade. For the 5.5 inch handle, anodized aluminum is used, to ensure durability. At the end of the handle is a ring which you can use to do karambit style techniques, although we have to warn you that these techniques are not done easily and require a bunch of practice and a touch of finesse. Included is a pocket clip so you can easily carry this knife with you.

Knife features:
  • Spring assisted knife
  • 8.5 inch overall length
  • 3 inch 3cr13 steel karambit blade
  • 5.5 inch anodized aluminum handle
  • Includes pocket clip

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