Its a good idea to carry a pocket knife

Oldowan tools are considered to be one of the oldest handmade stone utensils ever discovered. They exclude simply grinding or crushing rocks. The point or edge of almost all of these simple devices indicated that they were used for cutting or chopping. As far as we know, knives have existed longer than humans. 

In spite of the heated debate surrounding the origin of our species, knives, in one form or another, have been around almost as long as we have, thanks to their utility. The blade on one end and the handle on the other remain largely unchanged, even though technology has allowed us to devise countless variations of the classic tool. 

An Overview of Pocket Knives

Knives such as these are iconic tools. This compact knife is a superb value for money, both for self-defense and general use. 

They are simple yet functional and can be used by craftsmen, outdoor enthusiasts, and even civilians who are responsible. The handles of these knives fold down easily to accommodate either one or two blades. Jack knives are an exceptionally versatile product that comes at a reasonable price.

  • Carrying it is easy and safe.
  • The pocket-sized device is easy to carry around.
  • It is durable and can be used for a long time.
  • Give maximum satisfaction and operability. Also, ensure the highest level of quality.
  • Lightweight and offers a comfortable feeling.
  • Designed ergonomically to handle heavy tasks. 

Pocket Knives: The Most Versatile Tools

Due to the versatility of pocket knives, they are perhaps the most useful tools ever invented. You shouldn't fix something that isn't broken, as the old saying goes. With so many intrinsic values, you'd think every person would carry one around with them. Unfortunately, not everyone does. These cool knives are essentials in your arsenal. Here are six main reasons why.

Pocket knives

  • Cutting Qualities

When people are not used to carrying pocket knives everyday, they may perceive the tool as foreign, unnecessary, or even frightening. Those are legitimate concerns. While humans are composed of soft flesh, knives are composed of metal and sharp edges. It is understandable that fear occurs naturally.

In doing so, you would discount all their positive characteristics in favor of a stereotypical view that is highly inaccurate. Knives are not necessarily used only for combat. Tools like these provide all kinds of benefits and can be used in a manner that is beneficial, safe, and easy to use. 

  • As a Utility Tool

No matter what its form - folding or otherwise - every blade's obvious purpose is to cut. In fact, cutting is the very reason blades were created in the first place. Up until this day, dozens of routine applications have been implemented there.

There are many things in daily life that you need to cut, from threads on clothing to campfire steaks to plastic packaging, which is the ultimate frustration. Knives are the best tools at your disposal for these tasks.

  • Include in Your Tool Box

If we are limited to one handheld tool, pocket knives would undoubtedly be the best choice. In almost every case, a blade can be used for something: scratching wood, removing nails, punching holes in belts, etc. If you’re a woman, a pink pocket knife is an obvious choice. Alternatively, you can use it as a screwdriver for all purposes, especially for tiny screws that are particularly difficult to tighten.

  • Reliability in a Convenient Manner

You can cut tags or clip unwanted hair with a pair of scissors, sure. When you're in the wilderness, you can absolutely take your favorite kitchen tools. You might even be able to open those packages on your doorstep with that old, rusty boxcutter.

These tools are all ideal for those purposes - even specialized ones. However, you would become bogged down with lots of extraneous material that would only be able to accomplish a limited number of tasks. All of these issues could be handled, as well as more, by these simple EDC pocket knives, efficiently and without duplication of effort.

  • An Emergency Tool

It is a mercy if you or anyone else ever finds themselves in a dire crisis, but this life is unpredictable. There are times when slick roads, steep embankments, and unfavorable conditions threaten catastrophe. The folding knife can be used as a survival tool if you cannot escape adversity.

If you need to be pulled from an accident, you can cut through the seatbelt or the fabric to dress the wound. Sparks may be created by cutting tinder and - in the worst case scenario - a blade can be heated to cauterize a cut. In some everyday carry these knives there is even a glass breaker, so you can shatter a window for an escape if need be.

  • Defensive Tool

If the situation requires it, knives can be used as weapons. It is still worth noting, however. In an age when personal safety is at risk from others, it is unfortunate that other people are the greatest risk. Having a knife certainly tips the scales in your favor, even if it does not guarantee your safety. 

A simple flash of your blade is sufficient for most attackers to retreat. We are neither promoting nor advocating the use of violence or threats against anyone under any circumstance. Having the ability to defend yourself is better than not having one.

  • Good for Camping

It's one of those skills you don't use very often-until the day comes when you really need it. The knife can make a big difference if you're having trouble starting a fire with little equipment: Use it to shave barks for firewood, for cutting off wet wood, or to light a match when your other options aren't working.

  • Eating on the Go is Easy

If you're on the move, you're often short on utensils, whether you're out for a walk or taking a road trip. Blades can serve multiple purposes as knives, forks, and spoons. A pocket knife can be a traveler's best companion. You're going to have so much more fun eating apples, cheese, and charcuterie with a utility tool, and you'll be able to open bottles and canned goods as well.

Considerations When Buying Pocket Knives

EDC folding knives can seem like an intimidating task when you're picking one up for the first time. It can be intimidating even to purchase an upgrade to your current knife. 

You will find literally hundreds of options, and without some kind of guidance, it is difficult to skim through them all. In order to avoid wasting time and money on sub-par pocket folders, we have broken down some key factors you should consider when choosing one.

  • Blade Type: 

When choosing a knife, people are usually most interested in the blade. Many different characteristics include blade shapes (curves, straights, hooks, etc. ), edges (serrated, plain, combo), points (spear,tanto,drop), materials (mostly steel variations), lengths, and colors. It is the material, however, that is most important. In addition to durability, lifespan, and edge retention, the blade material also impacts cost.

  • Handle Material: 

An alternative name for the handle is the hilt, and it is the part of a folding knife where most of its strength is derived. In addition, it is where the blade folds into and where the lock mechanism is located. 

In addition to metals and metal composites, they are made of wood, bone, rare gemstones, and carbon/fiberglass composites. Natural materials are usually more elegant and refined than metals or synthetic materials due to the fact they are stronger and better for heavy usage.

pocket knife

  • Lock System: 

When a knife is opened, the blade is held in place by this mechanism. Many pocket knives do not feature locking mechanisms. The Swiss Army Knife, for example, enjoys a spring tension which allows it to stay open, but it can be closed simply by pushing down on the knife's back. 

There are many different types of locks, but liner locks, frame locks, and lockbacks are some of the most common. And a few knife makers have proprietary locking systems which are exclusive to the products.

  • Deploying System: 

Opens the blade when it is detached from the handle. As a general rule, knives can open manually (deploying full effort from the user), assisted (a spring mechanism assists in part), or automatically (operating like a switchblade, requiring virtually no effort on the user's part). A number of additional metrics are available, including single or double ball bearing systems, which enhance deployment ease.

Pocket Knives Can Save your Life!

No matter how much we value a good first aid kit, medical supplies will not always be available to you when you need them. With this folding knife, you can treat minor aches and pains, like a hangnail or splinter, or you can address more critical situations, such as cutting someone free of his seat belt. These are ideal self defense knives as well that can help get rid of the attackers and wild animals in the wilderness. 

If you intend to use the blade on an open wound, be sure to sterilize it first with rubbing alcohol or flame. Using this method will get rid of all of the germs present on your knife and prevent them from spreading to your wound. If you are familiar with carrying and using any blade, you may then use it for your purposes.

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