How to wear brass knuckles

A brass knuckle or a "knuckle duster" is a self-defense weapon made from an enclosure for the finger made usually by metal plates on one hand of a pair of gloves with the other hand free to use it while holding off an attacker. 

The serrated ridge or teeth on both sides of the finger are used to inflict pain when hitting someone's skin with it before they have the time to defend themselves against any type of physical attack on them - this is not legal.

Earliest Uses of Brass Knuckles

The knuckle was a weapon used in the early 16th century by the Dutch in their fight against Spanish invaders. The Dutch found that metal plates on their fingers made it easier to punch and kill soldiers, since soldiers were not yet wearing armor at that time. 

Because of the metal plates on their fingers, the soldiers were nicknamed "knokkers", which can be translated to "knuckles". The name was later changed to brass knuckles. The term has changed over time, but knuckle dusters have always been illegal and very deadly weapons even though they are only made of metal.

Made From a Variety Of Materials

Brass knuckles are completely different from plastic weapons and are made from metal. It is also commonly made of iron and is usually two inches long and has a rectangular shape to it. 

Both of these types of weapons contain sharp serrated edges on the inside of the weapon that can be used to hurt an attacker, but knuckles have the sharp edges on both sides of the finger where plastic knuckles have one sharp edge on only one side.

Brass knuckles

Brass Knuckles - Popular as Combat Weapons

The weapons were popular during the Great Depression due to their low cost when compared with other self defense weapons like guns or knives. 

In New York City they could be easily bought in stores that sold fireworks, tobacco, or even mortuary supplies. Sometimes, the stores even included brass knuckles as a free gift with the purchase of certain items.

These knuckles have been used in many gang-related activities as well. For example, in 1993, a man was shot and killed by a drug dealer who used knuckle dusters to break his arm before shooting him.

The Right Way to Use Brass Knuckles

It is not hard to use cool knuckles, which are ancient weapons. There's nothing complicated about them, so you can use them easily. Gangsters generally use knuckle weapons, but they can also be worn as fashion accessories or status symbols.

Proper techniques must be used when using these weapons. Use these knuckles in the following ways:

  • Understand How it Works

In order to prevent injuries and mishaps, you must begin by understanding the mechanism. In order to punch with the knuckles, you must remember that it takes more than just the power of your fist. 

You must also maintain body coordination. To deliver a powerful punch, the body must be coordinated. Your wrist should be straightened before punching.

  • Identify the Punches Styles

You can find out which punch uses bare hands and which one uses real brass knuckles. There is no comparison between the two. Punches should be delivered with the arm when delivered with bare hands. You should bend the arm, but keep the wrist straight when punching with a knuckle weapon.

  • Put them on Properly

Wearing the gloves properly is essential before you can deliver a solid punch. Failure to do so can leave you vulnerable to injury.

Inserting your finger through the holes is the correct way to wear the knuckles. Place your thumb on your forefinger after wrapping your fingers around your palm. You'll be able to strike more effectively that way.

Brass knuckles

  • Focus on the Target

Determine which of your brass knuckles is the most powerful. It is hardest to break the two knuckles closest to the thumb. In other words, you should use these two knuckles to apply pressure and aim at the target. Your elbow should be bent slightly and your wrist should be straightened before you punch.

  • Don't Let Your Posture Get Out of Hand

You can throw a powerful punch with a balanced posture. Maintain a firm posture, using all your body's power. Legs should be open in accordance with the shoulders. Bend your body a little and proceed. A punch with a knuckle might be in order.

Brass Knuckles' Diverse Applications

Traditionally, brass knuckles have been used for fighting and defense, but they have many other applications that we don't know about. Users of knuckles are familiar with the fact that they can be used for a variety of tasks.

  • Self Defense Purposes

Self defense is the primary use of knuckles. It has a powerful and brutal effect, and can cause serious injuries. The reason for its use is that it is a powerful and brutal weapon. 

In addition, it is easier to carry due to the fact that it does not need to be stowed away in a bag. You can also carry it without a bag. It is even possible. Wearing one or a pair around the knuckles is an option. In summary, your fists hold the weapon and you do not need to carry a separate load.

You can also use a brass knuckle knife for self defense which is a variation of knuckle duster. It is a combination of a knife and a piece of knuckles. It is also known as a trench knife and was used during the First World War. The US soldiers used it in the trenches to battle their enemies. 

Brass knuckle knife

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  • Fighting In The Streets

In a street fight, these Knuckles are usually associated with gaining the upper hand. Guns and knives are usually not considered weapons in street fights.  As an alternative, we're talking about kicking, punching, and slapping. 

A knuckle duster is very often used during street fights to win the fight. Some neighbors get on our nerves and we love to punch them hard. When you knock down your opponent with a few punches, you can win a street fight pretty easily. By improving punching strength and inflicting serious injuries, it is a useful weapon in small street fights.

  • For Glass Breaking

Survival weapons made of brass knuckles are highly effective. In harsh conditions as well as against attackers. In an emergency, quite a few people use them. Many times, you must break a glass in order to escape a situation.

Those who are familiar with metal's capabilities can easily break the glass with a knuckle duster. You can break the glass of a window so you and your mates can escape if your building catches on fire.

  • As Cosplay Weapon

The use of these knuckles as cosplay weapons probably won't surprise many of you. I will simplify and make this easier for you if you think it's strange. In cosplay you should wear a duster around your fists if you are representing a badass character. 

The costume of a gangster is incomplete without gangster gear. You can see the main character Tommy wearing them in the GTA Vice City game while he's trying to be a gangster. 

John Cena, William Regal, Chris Jericho, and Ric Flair are some of the famous wrestlers who wear brass knuckles. The knuckle dusters you wear around your knuckles should be worn if you are portraying such a character. Obviously, if you're playing some badass characters, you'll need one of these.

Brass knuckle

  • Fashion Accessory 

As a fashion accessory, brass knuckles are one of the most common uses. For centuries, the wearable item has been regarded as a fashion accessory. Stylish accessories can help you improve your style thanks to their variety of designs. 

Wearers enjoy a luxurious feel when wearing them. Nearly any outfit can look appealing and appropriate when wearing them. Gangsters, players and hustlers are known to wear this accessory all the time. Belt buckles can also be made by screwing them into them. 

Stylish boots may also feature belt brass buckles. Many people wear boots like that. Knuckle boots have been a favorite of celebrities like Beyoncé. In addition, some people wear them as a ring on their fingers and on their necklaces. They are certainly a fashion accessory that you must have.

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Practice More to Become a Master!

By using the correct technique to use brass knuckles, you can boost the power of your punches when you fight or are defending yourself. Knuckle dusters use requires a lot of practice, so you need to practice intensely. By practicing intensively, you will become capable of dealing with any situation. If you are looking for brass knuckles for sale, we stock a magnificent selection for beginners. Get a few in your arsenal. Wear our knuckles and learn how to use them in a perfect manner!