how to use nunchucks

Martial art is one of the cultural practices around the world. Most people have a very keen interest in learning tricks of martial arts with nunchucks. Are you enthusiastic about this practice? If yes, most probably you are thinking of how to use nunchucks.

Well, there are no hard and fast rules for learning the techniques. You can easily learn with a little bit of your focus and effort.

It seems very simple to use nunchucks for martial arts, but it is not that easy. You are supposed to consider some tips if you want to use them in the best way. Therefore, to enhance your skills of using nunchucks, you need to consider some of the facts so that you can’t miss any trick. If you opt for some of the tips, you can be a professional martial artist.

Whenever you decide to do something new, you need to have a guide so that you can excel more. The same is the case with learning and practicing martial arts with nunchucks. If you have decided to use this martial art weapon, you are suggested to look for some essential tips. 

Therefore, below in this article, we are going to guide you on how to use nunchucks in the best possible way for your convenience.

How To Begin?

· To know how to use nunchucks, you need to start with practice-nunchucks.
· You are suggested to buy foam nunchucks in the beginning so that you can be safe.
· Wooden or metallic nunchucks can give you a tough time at the initial stage.
· The best way is to start with practicing basic tricks and make yourself proficient on those tricks.
· At the start of using karate sticks, do not directly jump over the professional tricks.
· Moreover, do not stress your muscles by moving fast. It can make your muscles stiff.
· You are suggested to move your body slowly and gradually.
· Make your body familiar with this practice of martial arts. 

Essential Tips To Use Nunchucks

There are many useful tips for how to use nunchucks in an easy and effective way. You are required to look over these if you want to be a professional martial artist. These tips can enhance your focus while using chain sticks. 


We are going to proceed with some of the major tips that you need to consider before using a nunchaku. The following are some of the key points that you are suggested to keep in mind on how to use nunchucks properly.

· Hold It With A Strong Grip

It is an essential factor when it comes to how to use nunchucks. You are supposed to hold your weapon with a strong and powerful grip so that it cannot slip through your hands.
The full attention and focus are required so that you can handle it properly. 

You are required to hold it firmly in your hands and do not let go while using it. If it slips through your hand, you may get severely injured.

· Swing It Properly

The perfect hit on the target depends upon how you efficiently swing this weapon. To know about how to use nunchucks, first of all, you need to learn the basic swing. It is one of the basic techniques of using karate sticks. 

You should consider the fact that you should not hit on your head while swinging with this weapon.

· Continue With Complex Tricks

The best way of how to use nunchucks is that you begin with basics and move forward to complex tricks gradually. You should not only rely on basic tricks. Some people think that if they can only learn and practice basic tricks then they can use karate sticks properly. 

This is not true because if you need to be proficient, you are required to practice complex tricks too.

· Learn Striking Tricks

In the guide of how to use nunchucks, you always find the practice of strikes very important. This is very harmful if you strike forcefully in an abrupt manner. You need to strike properly and practice your strikes with a mannequin or any other protective gear.

One way of the strike is to take the weapon and put it under your arm area. Then, pull it outwards by holding its end and flip it towards the target.

· Move Onto Wooden Or Metallic Nunchaku

After basic practice with foam nunchuck, if you feel that now you can handle wooden or metallic nunchaku, own that one. According to how to use nunchucks effectively, it is not appropriate to begin with wooden or metallic chukka sticks.

You are supposed to practice and learn with foam nunchucks and then wooden ones. In this way, you can be able to use chain sticks in the best way.

· Make Unique Moves

When it comes to how to use nunchucks properly, it is essential to be creative. You are suggested to not just rely on those techniques that are already there. It can make you more creative and competent if you make unique moves on your own. It is best if you can create your unique moves and tricks. 

Take Some Precautionary Measures

The foremost thing to know about how to use nunchucks in the best way is that you consider all precautionary measures while using it. You can’t avoid some safety measures because it can cause you harm.

If someone is near to you, he or she can also get injured severely. Therefore, it is your responsibility while using this weapon so that you do not face any mishap.

To use karate sticks in the best possible way, practice it in an empty room. If you want to enhance your skills, make sure nobody gets hurt because of you. You are suggested to make sure that no kid is near to you.

Moreover, you need to be very careful while playing tricks so that you can’t hit your head while swinging.

Best Techniques To Use

There are different techniques on how to use nunchucks properly. These tricks and techniques are very basic and essential to learn for martial arts. Everyone is required to learn these tricks if he or she wants to be proficient.

One of the basic techniques is figure 8 that is also done by Bruce Lee in his movies. You are supposed to move your karate sticks in the shape of 8. Besides this, another technique is striking a chukka stick on your left and right. You are supposed to move this weapon as fast as possible. 

Furthermore, there is another trick in which you are supposed to move the nunchuck around your waist. All of these mentioned tricks are very simple and easy to learn. You can learn these and use nunchuck in the best ways.

Start With Comfortable Clothes

Why do we find it necessary to wear comfortable clothes in the guide of how to use nunchucks properly? The answer to this query is that your efficient performance depends upon your relaxed body.

You are supposed to make your body relax so that you can practice like a pro. It is very essential for the best use of nunchucks. Martial arts are one of those games in which your whole body is a part of your practice. You need to be in a comfortable state so that you can move karate sticks with focus. 

The focus is very essential in this game and you can focus only if you feel comfortable. Otherwise, uncomfortable clothes tend to be a big obstacle to practicing nunchucks efficiently.

The Final Thoughts:

If you are a huge fan of practicing nunchucks, you are suggested to adopt different tips on how to use nunchucks. It is very essential to know about the proper way of using karate sticks.
If you tend to know the best ways, you can be a proficient martial artist of nunchucks. 

These tips make you efficient and help you to enhance your inbuilt skills of martial arts. Nevertheless, we have enlisted some major tips in this article that you need to consider for performing well. You are suggested to wear comfortable clothes and practice basic techniques in the best way. 

Moreover, do not avoid essential safety measures before practicing the tricks of chukka sticks. Now, just get your hands on one of the best nunchucks and start practicing tricks in the best way. However, if you are willing to buy nunchucks in bulk for your business purpose, buy them from us at a discounted price!