In the world of weapons, now we have an unlimited range. It is difficult to count how many types of weapons we have. At a time, we had swords and knives as our primary fighting weapons. 

Later on, firearms and nuclear weapons replaced them. In the 21st century, we have smart weapons that we use for self defense and other purposes. 

Among the smart weapons today, brass knuckles tops the list. It is easily the most popular weapon used for self defense, cosplay, street fighting, fashion, paperweight and much more. 

We know many of you are unfamiliar with that many uses of brass knuckles. A few of you use it as your ultimate self defense weapon. But, if you own one, get ready to utilize it in several ways. 

Brass knuckles is sometimes called knucks and sometimes it is called knuckle duster. It is made of brass, metal and sometimes aluminium. 

It can be worn around knuckles and it is one and only wearable weapon you would get from the market today. 

This is basically a weapon that increases the strength in your fist. You need to deliver a punch with more brutality and power. 

However, it is not necessarily a fighting weapon. It has utility uses as well, and we shall discuss all those uses in this article. 

This is a guide to using brass knuckles for diverse purposes. We will tell you how you can correctly make use of this incredible weapon. So, here we go! 

How to Use Brass Knuckles in a Street Fight?

All the street fighters out there, here is how you should be using brass knuckles for fighting your annoying neighbors. A mistake that every street fighter does is that they become too aggressive and end up losing the fight. 

Losing a fight from your annoying neighbors is clearly an embarrassment that you never want to face. 

To avoid that embarrassment, make sure you are not that quick to deliver punches. When you have worn brass knuckles, it is likely that you would come out of fight kicking ass of your opponent. 

First of all, make sure to get real brass knuckles. I mean, they must be made of brass, not metal or aluminium. Your aim should be enhanced strength in your fist so that you can brutalize and victimize your opponent. 

When you get started with a fight, let him do the first strike. If he punches you in your face, block it with your knuckle duster. It will hurt his finger and terrorize him as well. 

Now, it is your turn to deliver a strike. Make sure to punch in his face because the idea is to inflict a maximum injury. 

If one punch knocks him down, it is enough to teach him a lesson. He won’t dare to engage in a fight with you again. So, don’t deliver a follow through punch unless it is needed. Take care of your brass knuckles as well. 

How to Use Brass Knuckles for Self Defense?

Even though brass knuckles is one of the most commonly used self defense weapons in America. It is interesting to know that most of the users don’t use it correctly against the attackers. 

In a self defense situation, specifically when you have to deal with an attacker, you need to be smart and aware of the fact that you have to survive regardless of what you do. Of course “Everything is fair in love and war”, and this is a war with an attacker. 

Whatever your strategy is to deal with the attacker, make sure you use the weapon in the right way. Lack of expertise may land you in trouble. 

Again, pick real brass knuckles for self defense. Strength of your weapon would determine your chances of survival against the attackers. 

So, when you encounter an attacker, be quick and don’t wait for his strike. Deliver a punch in his face and injure his nose.

We won’t say that just deliver a single punch to the attacker if they are knocked out. 

Attacker is a person whose aim is to victimize you, so you should deliver a couple of follow through punches as well so that he stays in bed for a long time and does not dare to attack anyone again. In other words, he gets a taste of his own medicine. 

How to Use Brass Knuckles as a Paperweight?

Well, to use brass knuckles as a paperweight is simple. There is really no rocket science. If you have used paperweight before, you are already an expert. However, if you don’t know what is a paperweight. 

Paperweight refers to anything that is supposed to be placed on papers and documents to prevent them from flying away. 

In the workplaces and offices, papers are often placed on the desk. If it’s summer and the fan is turned on, the papers fly away and hence, you will find it tough to handle them. 

To handle these papers and make sure they remain where they are supposed to be, you place a weighty item on them, and this weighty item is paperweight. 

Many people consider paperweight a decor item, and that is why they choose adorable pieces that look fantastic when placed on the desks. 

Knuckle duster is a lovely and gorgeous thing. There is a massive collection of this weapon available in the market. You can choose a lovely design that attracts you. 

You can choose any material, but make sure it has enough weight that it can easily control the papers. 

How to Wear Brass Knuckles as a Fashion Wearable?

It is a fact that most of the users are not fans of weapons. In fact, they don’t appreciate lethal weapons that can cause severe injuries. Well, for those people, brass knuckles is still a great option. 

We know what you’re thinking right now. Yes, it is a lethal weapon, but you can also use it as a fashion accessory. Don’t worry we tell you how. 

You must have seen some celebrities wearing knucks. Take Beyonce, for example. She is a popular who is known for her great fashion sense. She is often seen wearing knucks on the big screen and otherwise. 

Many other singers with a hardcore fan base also wear knuckle duster, specifically of rock genre. 

Wearing such weapons gives a gangster appeal. It displays the badass side of your character. 

So, if you want to be a gangster or look like a gangster, you can simply wear it around your knuckles. 

However, keep a few things in mind before you wear brass knuckles as a fashion wearable. Don’t wear it on a suit. Wear it when you have put on jeans. 

In any case, make sure it looks appropriate. If you are wearing it as a costume on Halloween, it’s alright! 

How to Use Brass Knuckles as a Vehicle Ornament?

That’s interesting! We know that you will find this use of brass knuckles as strange and unique. But yes, you can use them as ornaments for your vehicles. 

Several vehicle owners tend to decorate their vehicles by using different ornaments. This weapon can also be used for beautifying your vehicles, and we guide you how. 

It does not matter whether you own a bike or a car, you can use this ornament for both. 

In case you have a bike, you can install brass knuckles on its handles. It would make it more attractive and flashy. Also, if you are a biker, simply wearing it would make you and your bike look cool. 

In case you have a car, there are plenty of ways to beautify it with the knucks. You can replace the door handles of your cars with them. 

Moreover, you can install them in your steering wheel like people install a knob for easier handling. Also, you can hang them around the rear view mirror. If you are a creative person, you can think of several other ways of beautifying your car with the help of knuckle duster. 

How to Use Brass Knuckles for Utility Tasks?

Generally, brass knuckles is a fighting weapon that is not supposed to be a utility tool. But surprisingly, it is a very useful utility tool. 

There are many utility tasks you need to get accomplished on a routine basis. Sometimes, you need to break glass and smash ice. This powerful weapon can be used for breaking glass with a punch. Also, a punch can smash ice for you. 

Sometimes, you need to open packages and letters and honestly, it is a great struggle if you don’t have anything strong to open them. With your knucks, you can easily do so. 

At times, you need to open bottles and canned objects, and you can’t do that easily. You can’t use your teeth and end up losing them. 

But if you have brass knuckles, things are easier. Many pieces feature an additional bottle opener which allows you to open cans and bottles quite easily. And if a bottle opener it is not there, you can still use knucks for opening cans and bottles. 

How to Wear Brass Knuckles as a Costume?

Brass knuckles is one a few weapons that are very popular among cosplayers. They wear such weapons as a part of their costume. 

You know cosplay is a role playing activity which involves people wearing costumes of certain characters and then play their roles on stage. 

When cosplayers play roles, they have to wear right costumes. For example, if a cosplayer has to play a ninja on stage, he would be wearing a ninja costume and hold a straight bladed katana sword or shuriken (the iconic ninja weapons). 

Generally, when cosplayers need to play roles of bad characters, bad guys of town or gangsters, they can wear such brutal weapons to showcase their bad characters. 

Wearing brass knuckles makes you look like a real gangster. So, whenever you have to play a gangster on stage, this has to be your costume. It would look simple, but appropriate and elegant. 

Your Opinion on the Guide?

Well, what are your thoughts on this brass knuckles user guide? We have tried to cover everything you have in your mind. However, if you think we missed anything, you are welcome to ask questions in the comment section below. 

Moreover, we would like to hear from you if you have other ways of using brass knuckles. We know people are creative these days. So, tell us if you have other creative ways of using this weapon. Our comment section awaits your queries!