stun gun flashlight

Stun gun is agreed as the most effective self defense weapon in 2020. We agree too. However, remember, it comes in a variety of forms. There are several different types, and which one do you prefer? 

As far as we are concerned, we have faith in a stun gun flashlight. This is a type of stun gun that comes with a flashlight option. Today, we are focused particularly on this. 

This is the finest self defense weapon you can ever use to protect yourself from the attackers. Have you used it before? If not, we have come up with a detailed guide on how to use a stun gun flashlight. 

What is a Stun Gun Flashlight?

A stun gun flashlight is the best type of stun gun. It is shaped like a torch or a flashlight. The main feature of this device is the flashlight. It allows you to enlighten your path by providing you light in the dark. 

stun gun flashlight

It looks like any other stun gun. There are two prongs on the device while there is an additional option of flashlight. You can turn it on or turn it off when required. The prongs can be touched with the body of the attacker to deliver an electrical shock. 

Why Use Stun Gun Flashlight for Self Defense?

- The Additional Advantage of Flashlight

Stun gun flashlight is by far the best weapon for defense; thanks to the additional advantage of the flashlight it presents. There is a flashlight that allows you to see the attackers coming towards you from a distance. 

Since most attacks happen at midnight when it's dark; this is such a great facility. Now, you can guarantee your survival against attackers even when you leave your home at night. 

- The Ease of Carrying It

This is a small electroshock device like any other stun gun. You can easily carry it in your pocket. With its incredibly small size, it fits well into your pocket. If you don’t like carrying weapons in your pocket, you are welcome to carry it in your dashboard, purse or handbag. 

- The Quick Damage It Can Cause

With a stun gun flashlight, you can cause a quick damage. Since it is an electroshock weapon, all it does is deliver an electrical shock. However, that damage is done very quickly. As you touch the prongs on the device with the body of the attacker, the electrical shock is delivered. 

- The Damage is Enough to Serve Your Survival

Stun gun flashlight is generally a non lethal weapon. It does not cause long term injuries. It only delivers an electrical shock, but that shock is enough to serve your survival. 

The shock will immobilize the attacker for quite some time, in fact, a reasonable period of time. As he is immobilized, he can’t get back on his feet for a long time. You can run and save your life. 

- A Combination of Smart Technologies

Stun gun flashlight is an ideal self defense weapon. It is a combination of smart technologies, including a flashlight or torch and an electroshock device!

How to Use Stun Gun Flashlight for Self Defense?

Using a stun gun flashlight is extremely simple. There is nothing complex attached to the device that will create problems. There are two prongs on the device and one push button for disabling the flashlight. When you leave your house or office at night, turn the flashlight on using that button. Then, find the safety switch and enable the stun gun. Now, it is ready to be used. 

As the attacker comes to you, touch the two prongs on the device with the body of the attacker. This will deliver a powerful electrical shock to him. 

As a result, he will be immobilized. Meanwhile, you can escape and save your life. So, that's how you use a stun gun flashlight. Everything’s very simple! Once you get your hands on it, you will already know how to use it. Nothing complex about it! 

The Final Word!

Concluding our review of stun gun flashlight, we can say that it is the best self defense weapon to deal with the attackers. The additional advantage of flashlight comes up as a perfect facility. 

It guarantees your survival even when you are heading towards your home at midnight, and there is dark outside. 

Since you have learned how to use it; would you prefer a stun gun flashlight for self defense? There’s every reason you should. So, get one in your arsenal now and guarantee your survival against the attackers!