How to use a kubaton for self defense?

A kubaton is a lightweight type of baton, used by police and military personnel. It is designed to be easy to carry and use in close quarters, and with or without gloves. It can help in self-defense, but also has many other uses like building a makeshift ladder or serving as a makeshift weapon. 

It may be used as an improvised hammer in creating an improvised weapon or jamming the barrel of an automatic firearm. It is also sometimes called a nightstick, but that term refers instead to wider batons that are typically used by law enforcement officers. 

While common police batons are made from wood, these weapons are commonly made of an alloy of aluminum or zinc; although, steel and plastic versions also exist.

An Overview of Early History

These were developed in the 1960s by Masaki Kubota as an alternative to the truncheon. They are used by police officers and military personnel in non-lethal self-defense situations. 

These weapons have several advantages over standard batons including being lightweight and easy to carry, a slightly longer reach, versatility of use such as providing a platform for improvised climbing devices (e.g., foothold) or improvised weapons (e.g. makeshift clubs or improvised spiked mace), and ease of use with gloves.

What is a Kubaton Used For?

The kubaton is most often used to deliver non-lethal force against a person who is in the process of committing a crime or resisting arrest. The basic idea behind the use of this is that it provides an individual with a narrow, concentrated area from which to deliver strikes. 

By striking with the baton, it will not cause serious harm as well as lasting injuries. Also, these are only meant for defense. If someone feels they are being attacked, they should pull back or flee to safety. This weapon is meant to be used as a last resort when the individual is being attacked.

In general, it can be used to strike targets that are vital in the human body. These locations include the eyes, throat, groin, and solar plexus. They can also be used to break down barriers (e.g., doors). 

They can also break glass (e.g., windows) or other hard objects by using the rounded handle of the baton as a hammer or by using the pointed end of the baton as a chisel when striking surfaces. They are commonly made from either aluminum or zinc alloys and typically have a handle length of.

Kubaton as a Self Defense Weapon

Some people might tell you that you cannot live without that kubaton they handed you at your last conference. But we know better. In fact, these handy little keychain-sized devices are affordable, compact and effective self defense weapons with a large amount of visibility on the market today.

Being a new type of self-defense weapon, this weapon is not listed or regulated by law enforcement or military in any way. Nonetheless, we know that most people don't even give it a second thought when they're out shopping for groceries or taking the kids to school.

If you are looking for a kubaton, what should you consider? This Tactical Self-Defense Keychain is a 3-inch rounded end design made from an impact-resistant aircraft grade aluminum alloy with a high-visibility orange color.

  • Prepare Yourself to Use It

Kubaton is a self defense technique that has become popular in recent years, it uses an impact-resistant rubber rod and allows you to execute powerful strikes with its pointed end. This type of weapon is commonly used by law enforcement officers as a less-lethal alternative to firearms. 

If you happen to be ever confronted with one of these weapons, you must make sure that the assailant doesn't escape and try to use it themselves against you. 

There are different scenarios of how police use this weapon in order to defend themselves from attackers. More importantly, individuals should do so if they find themselves facing one of these weapons for the first time or even just during self-defense classes or demonstrations.

  • Effectively Utilize for Defense

An effective Kubaton is a self-defense tool that can be carried almost anywhere, emits a loud noise when you hit someone with it, and immediately detains the attacker to get help from law enforcement. Since there are no large restrictions on law enforcement using these weapons or their own stun guns to subdue an assailant, they are an excellent tool for personal defense and security.

There are two parts to a keychain baton, the butt portion and the shock tube that connects to the butt end. You can view this as two independent items which allow you to use them together or separately if needed. Most of these weapons have a simple switch on the shock tube that is used to turn it on and off. 

When you are using your Kubaton and need to clear people from your property, simply activate it by flipping the switch on. This weapon will emit a loud noise and alarm all people within earshot so they will know something dangerous is present at their location. The shock tube has a series of wires leading from it that connect directly into your car speakers or other audio system.

  • Ready to Use it Quickly

They are made of hard plastic, aluminum or steel that are designed to be carried and concealed in a pocket. They provide defensive capabilities at close ranges and they're easy to use, light-weight and inexpensive.

The kubaton is a small, handheld tactical self defense weapon that was first used for personal protection by the Philippine National Police during the reign of the Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos. This first surfaced as a non-lethal alternative to guns for law enforcement.

These small tools are made from plastic or aluminum and have a forceful striking end that helps to pressure points and make your attacker become weak until they surrender. 

They are useful in close range situations where an attacker is trying to hurt you with weapons or their hands. They can also be used to force an attacker away when they try to grab you, thus giving you enough time to run away from them.

Keychain Kubaton: Applications

Some people may think that a kubaton is just a keychain, but it is much more than that! It can be used for self-defense, since it has the potential to inflict serious damage on an attacker. They are also quite handy for medical emergencies and contact list storage. To help you get started with your own keychain baton, we’ve provided some tips that you should know when purchasing one of your own:

  • Get an inexpensive one if you just want something for emergencies or contact list storage - cheap ones won't break easily and will still do the same thing as expensive ones!
  • A keychain baton is a great self-defense tool! - You can use it for whacking someone with a baseball bat, in your car/home, or even just as a hammer to break glass shards from smashed windows. If you have multiple keys on your keychain, you can get creative and combine them into something new and deadly - like a knife!
  • When picking the color of your weapon, pick something that blends in with the color of your clothes. For example, if you want to use it as your first line of defense when walking home from work at night and don't want to be noticed by an attacker, choose black or brown(ish) colors.
  • It is a great way to store multiple keys on your keychain, and can be useful if you are short on room on the key chain.
  • It's always good to practice with your weapon until you feel comfortable with it in your hands, so don't go out and buy the first one you find; pick up some cheap ones and practice! Once you feel comfortable, pick up some more decorative ones that are a better deal than the plain-old metal ones.

A Few Safety Measures!

Warning: Be very careful at all times when carrying this weapon as it can cause serious injury (broken bones and severe bruising) if used as a bludgeoning weapon. Its use as an improvised weapon may lead to serious damage to internal organs if your eyes are struck by the device itself or by other objects.

You may want to consider other types of self-defense weapons as well. We recommend the Kubatana Self-Defense Weapon System as another option.

If you are looking for a kubaton and have a serious case of nomophobia (no, not the cough syrup), then you might want to try the Kubaton Keychain Handcuff Keychain Self-Defense Weapon System.

Warning: be very careful at all times when carrying these devices and never strike someone in the face, neck or any other vital areas of the body.