throwing axe

Axe is no more a tool used by the woodcutters only. Many people use axes these days for different purposes. One of the popular axes is the Tomahawk axe. It is used for playing throwing games. Axe throwing is a popular throwing game played all over the world. 

In this game, the axe needs to stick into a wooden target. For this purpose, the axe needs to be extremely sharp. 

In addition, for using an axe to cut wood or other materials, you need a very sharp blade. However, a good question is how to sharpen an axe?

Since we know how to sharpen it, we would like to educate you about that. Before this article ends, you will know how to sharpen your axes. So, let's start a guide to sharpening an axe. 

Following are the instructions to keep in mind:

Avoid a Blunt Axe

A blunt blade of an axe can be extremely dangerous. There can be some serious consequences. 

With a blunt blade, you need to apply more force and end up making a mess. A sharp blade is needed to cut wood or other materials easily and efficiently. 

So, try to prevent a blunt axe. It would slip and can cause accidental injuries. Don’t lose your energy, and sharpen your axe.

What to Sharpen?

Another important question is what to sharpen. Should you just be sharpening the edge of the blade? 

If you do just sharpen the edge of the blade, it would enhance the sharpening angle because you won’t remove any material behind the blade’s edge. 

The edge would become even more vulnerable as it would handle too much while splitting or chopping different things. 

Also, don’t use a sharp angle while sharpening the blade. This may lead to pieces breaking off the edge in case it is used in a rough manner. The edge must gently run via the curve on the axe’s blade. A 30 degree sharpening handle is common. 

Sharpening an Axe Using Stones

Sharpening stones are most commonly used for sharpening axes. So, if you are sharpening using these stones, start with restoring the fold. 

Try to begin with a coarse sharpening stone. However, prefer a stone that is diamond-coated. Or in another case select a file which is also great for the coarse sharpening tasks. 

As compared to sharpening a knife, when you sharpen an axe, the sharpening stone would be the one moving. In the case of knife, the knife is moving. 

throwing tomahawk axe

Make sure to secure the axe in a sort of clamp or a vice. You can cover the blade with a tape to prevent any scratches. Or, you can put a piece of cloth or leather on it. 

You must use both hands while sharpening since the blade is covered. Therefore, you can get a good control on the axe and maintain the right sharpening angle. 

Make sure to wear gloves while doing the sharpening work so that you prevent cutting yourself or suffering injuries. 

Identifying the Sharpening Angle

A sharpening angle of 30 degrees is the most appropriate. You must determine the 30 degree angle by placing the file square or sharpening stone on the blade’s edge. 

Now, take half of that and two-third of the angle left. Then, make shorter pushing movements with the file or sharpening stone. 

Try to sharpen against the blade’s edge so that you can make shorter movements. Also, it will allow you to maintain the best angle. 

Use the hand which is free to hold the front of the file or stone so that you can produce more stability. In the vase of diamond-coated stone, this isn’t an issue if you use smaller part of stone. 

Such a sharpening stone would never wear out. In the case of other stones, you need to alter the surface of the sharpening stone you are using. 

Using Smaller Sharpening Stones

For more accurate sharpening, use a smaller stone. You can continue with a finger sharpening stone. Usual stones are useful, but precision is not guaranteed. 

With a smaller stone, rotation movements are easier. Also, smaller stones are often round, and therefore, sharpening work is a lot easier. It is excellent for making rotation movements when polishing the edge of the axe’s blade. 

Stropping Belts & Electric Machines for Sharpening

You can also use stropping belts and electric machines for sharpening the axe. However, these are least recommended. In the case of leather stropping belt, you need to move the edge towards the belt to cut through it quickly. 

Electric machines are also quite useful for sharpening an axe. They make the work easier and effortless. So, these are the ways to sharpen an axe!