how to close a pocket knife

Pocket knife has suddenly become a basic necessity for the people. Now, every other person has this folding knife in his pocket. It serves as a useful utility knife, an everyday carry knife, and a self defense weapon. 

What makes it perfect EDC knives, is its fold ability which allows you to fold the blade inside its handle. 

But opening and closing the blade is an easy practice. Yes, you can learn it, but you must do it faster, specifically in a self defense situation. 

So, today, we are guiding you on how to close a pocket knife. But before we begin the guide, you need to be aware of a pocket knife, its types and its parts. 

What is a Pocket Knife?

Pocket knife is also known as a folding knife or a folder. This is an amazingly outstanding knife. We term it as an advanced or modernized knife. 

pocket knives

There is a folding technology installed in this knife, which is why it is a modernized knife. The blade of this knife can be folded or closed inside the handle. 

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In addition, you can open the knife when needed. Also, there is a powerful locking mechanism which allows you to lock the blade when it is opened or folded. 

But, how to close a pocket knife depends on what type of knife it is. There are two types of pocket knives, and they are described below:

Types of Pocket Knife

1.  Spring Assisted Knives

Spring assisted knives, also known as assisted opening knives, are those pocket knives that feature a spring mechanism. This is a mechanism which makes the blade open gradually. 

To open its blade, you need to pull the blade yourself to some extent before the spring mechanism automatically opens it to full position. 

Also, an important thing to note is that you need to open the balde to a partially opened position. Then, it suddenly becomes automatic, and the blade opens at once. 

These types of pocket knives are more durable, and are mainly used for utility purposes and everyday cutting work.

2.  Automatic Knives

Automatic knives are also known as switchblades. These cool knives are the ones that feature push buttons or automatic blade deployment systems. 

The blade of a switchblade knife is opened when you push a button. And as the button is pushed, the blade opens at once. 

You don’t have to put any effort in opening the blade. You just need to push the button, and the blade is opened. 

How to Close Pocket Knives?

Before you know how to close a pocket knife, you must know that the process of closing and opening the blade differs from different knives. 

Since there are two types of pocket knives, you must know how to close both of them. So, here is a guide:

- How to Close a Spring Assisted Pocket Knife?

Closing a spring assisted knife is rather simple. There is an easy process to follow, but you need to be slightly careful to prevent an accidental injury on your hand. 

Before you close the blade, you first need to unlock it. In the case of assisted opening knives, You need to release it from the liner lock where the blade is stuck. 

As you set it free, you can pull the blade towards the handle. Make sure to hold the blade from its safe side to avoid injuries. Also, use your dominant hand to close the pocket knife. 

- How to Close an Automatic Pocket Knife?

To close an automatic knife or a switchblade, know what type of lock it has. There is a safety lock which locks the blade when it is opened and when it is folded. 

First of all, push the button which opens the blade again, and see if it has unlocked or released the blade. 

There  must be something that has held or locked the blade. It can be anything close to the spine of the handle. 

Also, check the liner lock and see if there is a piece of metal which can be pulled aside to allow the blade to close or fold back. This is the case most of the times. 

Once you determine the type of lock, you can figure out how you can close the blade. 

Considering the most obvious case, you can push aside the flexible piece of metal on the handle and then gradually pull the blade towards the handle to close it.

Once it is folded inside the handle, the blade would be locked automatically. So, this is how you close an automatic pocket knife.