Have you ever been victimized by an attacker? You’re extremely lucky to not have such experience, but you know damn well that there are stories revealed on routine basis regarding people being randomly attacked and then brutalized by the criminals.

It’s a bitter truth that we have failed to counter these attackers. 

Also, it is sad to say that we are facing such circumstances in America. But, there’s something we can do to stop being victimized by these criminals. 

We are already stepping into some sort of comfort level against the attackers by carrying some self defense weapons. However, not all these weapons prove to be effective in such situations. But, hidden blade knives have come to our rescue in this regard.

Hidden blade knives have emerged as the most popular knives all-around. People desire to use and carry these small sized blades, and why not? These blades have proved to be highly advantageous in survival situations. 

They are small and lightweight and are kept in a hidden position. The manufacturers of weapons have done a wonderful job by giving people what they desire, more importantly, what they need. So, these knives have been serving us by fulfilling our needs.

Hidden blades have come up as the most desirable weapons for self defense against the attackers. There’s a lot to talk about when considering their features and benefits. 

However, we reveal some of their fundamental characteristics along with some top designs that make them most desirable knives among the users.

Key Characteristics of Hidden Blade Knives

    • Small Size

A hidden blade knife has an essential feature, and that is the small size. It will always be a small knife, whether in any shape. The blade would be extremely small, but pretty sturdy and durable. 

The manufacturer has designed it with an intention to be kept hidden. 

This is why the size is kept small so that it becomes easy to carry it secretly. Though there are other small sized knives, but comparing the sizes, hidden blades come up as the smallest among them. 

The little size of the blade is a defining characteristic of these knives.

    • Interesting Designs

Hidden blade knives don’t have a specific shape or design. Rather, they are available in hundreds of different shapes. They are not identical to the normal knives in any way. 

Often, there is no handle attached to the blade. At times, there is just a blade attached to a small device. 

Their designs are often interesting and unorthodox. You would find hidden blades in the form of a lipstick, pen, belt and sometimes a necklace. 

These lovely designs have made them popular among the people, specifically the women who love to carry a lipstick knife as their secret self defense weapon.

    • Secretly Held

As the name suggests, these knives are kept hidden. So, they are held secretly and used when required. The purpose of these small blades is self defense, but they are designed as unidentifiable blades. 

Carrying huge firearms and knives is not possible these days. This is why these small sized, smart weapons are being constructed in order to fulfill the needs of the people. 

One of the foremost needs of the users is a weapon that can be held secret. A lipstick knife, for example, makes it difficult to figure out the blade attached to it. 

So, it can be used as a secret weapon against the attackers, and also to surprise the attacker by this counter attack!

    • Quick

As the fundamental purpose of the hidden blade knives is self defense, the quickness of the weapon is a necessity. You would want your weapon to be quick. 

When the attacker launches an attack, he gives you no time at all to adjust or react. 

So, a weapon that is available at a moment’s notice is the one that works in this situation. A hidden blade is the ideal weapon to deal with the attackers in such scenarios. 

As it is placed in your pocket, you can quickly pull out the blade and counter-attack the attacker.

    • Easy to Carry

A fantastic benefit of a hidden blade knife is that it is easiest to carry. When you compare it with other knives available in the market, you find it the one that can be carried with immense ease. 

A fixed blade knife is hard to carry due to its enormous size, a folding knife is still identifiable. So, the only option that appears as the most suitable is a hidden blade. 

It is often a knife that is already worn around the neck, in the shape of a necklace. Similarly, in the case of a penknife, you carry it in the pocket like a pen. 

At times, the blade is attached to the belt that is already around your waist. So, carrying it is absolutely of no concern at all.

    • Easy to Use

Another defining characteristic of a hidden blade is the ease of using it. You don’t have to waste your time in learning about the knife. There’s nothing very special about the method of using it. 

All you have is a blade, and your job is just to aim and hit. 

Also, you can aim any part of the attacker’s body; the impact would be the same. There is nothing like folding or unlocking mechanism. Similarly, there is no push button or spring assistance methods to learn about. 

Hence, no training is required. As you get your hands on the blade, you are ready to fight!

    • Impactful

Though hidden blade knives feature very small blades, they are very sturdy and powerful. The blades are made of real quality steel and have excellent sharpness. 

They can inflict severe injuries, and sometimes long term injuries if you target the sensitive areas of the body. 

A good strike with the blade would leave the attacker wounded, allowing you to escape and survive his attack. Hence, don’t underestimate these knives due to their small size, they are very much capable of inflicting long term injuries.

Top 5 Hidden Blade Knives Today!

If you explore the market, you will find hundreds of different types of hidden blades. However, there are a few that are considered the most spectacular. Following are the 5 top hidden blade knives available today. 

Not only that these are the most popular worldwide, but also they are the best knives for self defense!

1. Lipstick Knife

Lipstick knife is the most frequently used hidden blade. It is especially popular among women who find it as a routine carry. In fact, it looks identical to a real lipstick. A blade is attached to the lipstick tube on one end, but remains hidden. 

To reveal the blade, you need to twist the tube of the lipstick. The blade would appear from the other end. To again hide the blade, twist the tube in the opposite direction. So, this is actually a lipstick with a blade included additionally. 

This knife was specifically designed for the women as a weapon for self defense. There are plenty of reasons for women to use this hidden blade. First of all, it is just another cosmetic that they can carry in their purse or bag. 

The ladies use to carry such things in their bags, but they can place this knife in the pockets of their pants as well. 

Once just can’t figure out that this lipstick is, in fact, a powerful weapon. When an attacker approaches to you, you can simply uncover the blade and do the damage. This would leave the attacker amazed on how a lipstick injured him badly.

2. Neck Knife

Neck knife is another hidden blade designed particularly for women, but men are also keen to carry this for their defense against the attackers. This is an interestingly designed knife that can be worn around the neck, just like a necklace. 

Actually, this is a necklace, but a blade is incorporated in it. Designed like a real necklace, it gives no impression that it’s a weapon. A very small blade is attached to the necklace which can be used when required to deal with an attacker. 

As it is not needed to be carried additionally, it has become a popular choice for the people as a weapon for defense.

Many people raise questions about the safety of the user who wears this bladed necklace. However, if you have used it ever, you must know how safe it is to wear it. Yes, there is a blade surrounding your neck which creates some fear in your mind. 

However, the blade is covered with a protective sheath made of quality leather. So, you are well-protected from any accidental injury. When you need the blade to kick the ass of an attacker, remove the sheath and do so, there’s no stopping you!

3. Boot Knife

What do you think about this hidden blade? Most probably, as the name suggests, you’ll be thinking that this boot knife has to do something with the boots. Yes, you are right. 

This small, hidden blade is kept in the boots. The manufacturer of this knife deserves a lot of credit for establishing this out of the box weapon for self defense. You can keep a blade in your pocket, necklace, and lipstick, then why not in your boots? 

This knife is placed in the boots and pulled out when required to beat the attacker.

Here again, you must be thinking about the safety of the user who has put a blade around his feet. You are right to raise this concern, but an appropriate safety measures can be adopted to prevent any injury to your feet. 

You can put a leather sheath on the blade to make sure the blade does not cause any accidental injury to your feet. 

So, leave the safety issue, focus on how advantageous it can be during a self defense situation. You have a weapon that is ready to be used at a moment’s notice. 

Simply pull out the blade from the boots and beat the hell out of the attacker. Also, give the attacker a taste of his own medicine by launching a surprise counter attack on him with a weapon extracted from your boot.

4. Belt Knife

Belt knife is another fabulous hidden blade knife that is worn around the waist. There is a belt, and a blade is hidden in that belt. Often, the blade is next to the buckle or hidden inside the buckle.


So, this is one of the wearable weapons. Belt knife has become quite popular among the people who are often victimized by the attackers. But not again, now they have a quick access to a deadly, badass weapon that can tear the attackers apart.

The safety of your body must not be a concern with this hidden blade knife. The blade is inside the buckle, and your body has no contact with the blade. Hence, you don’t require a leather sheath to cover the blade. The biggest benefit of this knife is carrying it. 

You don;t need to place it in your bag or pocket. Rather, it is already present in your belt. Hence, you save yourself from a headache of carrying a self defense weapon additionally. 

Just wear the belt, and carry your weapon around your waist. No one would ever identify that there is a blade in your belt unless you reveal it yourself while attempting to injure the attacker and save your life.

5. Pen Knife

The list of top hidden blade knives could never be completed without a pen knife. This is not a new concept as the enthusiasts are familiar with it way before. It is one of the ancient knives. 

Several years ago, penknives were constructed as useful tools. Even today, a large quantity of these small sized, hidden knives is available in the market. This is just a pen which features a small blade. The blade is covered, but can be revealed upon removing the cover.

Pen knife is actually a 2 in 1 weapon. It is pen as well as a knife. You can use the pen for doing your writing tasks and blade would work as your knife. This is one of the hidden blade knives that are used both as utility and self defense blades. 

It is capable of doing all the routine cutting tasks. Most importantly, it lets you survive the attacks. You can carry it in your pocket, like a pen, and uncover the blade when needed to fight the attacker. As it is a combination weapon, the popularity of this blade is on a continuous rise.

Winding-Up the Perspective on Hidden Blades!

Hidden Blade Knives are the smartest weapons ever designed. These small sized knives are perhaps masterpieces created by the manufacturers. They deserve credit for their creativity. 

The foremost thing to mention is the fulfilment of needs of the people. We’re talking about the self defense needs here. 

They are just the right choice for the people. Their characteristics are ideal for every user, specifically when he is looking to defend himself with these blades against the attackers. They are small, lightweight and most importantly, hidden. 

You can comfortably carry them in your pockets, boots, and belts etc. Also, the designs of these hidden knives are impressive. So, these are the reasons that have made them most desirable knives for self defense!