Grenade Style Cane Gentleman's Walking Cane Sword

37 Inches Grenade Style Walking Cane with Metal Shaft and Rubber Tip
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Part Number: 2Q3-SI15424
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Every gentleman needs a good cane, and a prestigious one at that! This Grenade cane features an intricately detailed Grenade head aluminum handle with silver & gold coloring. The sturdy sheath is constructed of metal with a rubber foot at the end for gripping purposes when using as a cane. This is the 37" Grenade Style Handle Black Steel Gentlemen's Walking Cane. This is a great cane with a sturdy black steel shaft with rubber base pad and silver finished metal alloy Grenade cane head. 

  • Cane Length: 37"
  • Cane Shaft Material: Steel
  • Cane Head Material: Metal alloy
  • Zinc color aluminum handle

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