Foam Replica Fantasy Sword Of Thorin Cosplay Prop

This sword of Thorin replicated from the movie, with fine attention to detail. The sword is made from polyurethane foam so it can withstand play fighting and keep its shape. This foam sword is excellent for purposes such as cosplay, costume, live action roleplay (LARP), and many more!
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Part Number: 1J3-SI1145
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This is a replica sword of Thorin, a popular fantasy sword. It is one of the best collectible swords for every collector. Since it is popular, it is highly in-demand. The sword is stylish, unique and gives a realistic appearance. Though it is made of foam, it is ideal for LARP, costume and display purposes. 

This Foam Replica Fantasy Sword Of Thorin Cosplay Prop is a movie sword and has great detailing. The sword keeps its shape and maintenance is easy. It is made of excellent quality polyurethane foam and hence it provides the durability you are looking for. A perfect collectible sword and display sword. 

This Foam Replica Fantasy Sword Of Thorin Cosplay Prop has the appearance of a real sword. There is a blade of 28 inches and a handle of 7 inches. Also, there is a guard of 5 inches. The materials used in construction include foam and fiberglass rod inner! 


  • Overall Length: 38 Inches
  • Blade Length: 28 Inches
  • Materials: Foam, Fiberglass Rod Inner
  • Blade Width: 2 Inches (@ widest)
  • Guard: 5 Inches
  • Handle: 7 Inches,
  • Sword Weight: 0.45 LBS

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