I happen to like airsoft guns a lot. In an era when there were no video games, no smartphones and very less of modern technology, we had little to do in our free time and used to spend most of their free time in gardening, playing indoors with toys or outdoors in our backyards. 

A special backyard game, that is still my favorite was Airsoft which I used to play with my friends. Every evening at 5, we used to gather at any one of our houses and play Airsoft guns

Anyone of you who knows about this game would know that Airsoft requires the use of airsoft gun. This outdoor game is one of the best and was my favorite when I was a kid.

Well, it still is! It is a mock game where you play in a simulated controlled environment and indulge yourself into different games which are full of thrill and adventure and of course require the use of guns. Replica guns to be more precise. 

Airsoft guns are used in this game because they are safe and not deadly like the real guns. Are you wondering what sets both of these guns apart? 

The fact that airsoft gun use BBs which are made up of plastic and the real guns use , of? ?course, real bullets, sets them apart.

When I was a kid, I had a huge variety of airsoft rifles and they are the reason that I know so much about guns and their mechanism. They are also the reason that I am such a good shooter. 

My father was a great outdoor enthusiast and he never stood in my love for Airsoft and always encouraged me to check out new models and polish my shooting skills. 

I did the same to my children and let them play with airsoft gun. 

Although there are some safety measures which I ask them to practice but I do not forbid them from playing with guns especially the boys as according to me the childhood needs playing with these replica guns and outdoor adventures and I would not let my kids miss all this fun.

However, I have seen parents scared of these guns and forbidding their kids to play with them. They get very uneasy when they watch their children play with them and keep on supervising them like a hawk until they are done with it. 

The fears that keeping on running through the minds of these people do not let them trust airsoft gun due to which they keep their children away from them. 

Although these guns are quite famous nowadays yet many of our population is not comfortable in letting their children play with them. But when it comes to kids, well almost all of them are airsoft fans. I have seen most kids obsessed with one airsoft game specifically: Cops and Robbers.

Kids do not even listen to the warning of their children when it comes to this game so what should parents do? Should they just give in to their children or should they not listen to them and continue on forbidding them from using these guns. 

Parents are mostly scared that airsoft guns would harm eyes or other sensitive areas of their child’s body. 

Also, they are worried that playing with guns will give birth to violence. It is okay for parents to worry about these things but their worries are totally baseless as airsoft guns are safe to use and children must enjoy the excitement and thrill of this game. 

Also, these outdoor games are good for children as they result in a sound mind and a sound body as well. Also, they keep children away from obsessing too much in video games and sitting in front of playstation, television or mobile phones. 

They also learn shooting skills which will help them in self-defense lately. So, if you want to buy your kid an airsoft gun, here are a few things which you should know first.

1- Airsoft Guns are Designed Like Real Guns

There is no doubt in the fact that airsoft guns are the replicas of the real guns and they resemble them a lot. The fact that these guns are designed like them makes it hard sometimes to differentiate between the two of them. 

Of course, if you look closely you come to know that both of them are different and you will be able to tell the difference between the real one and the fake one. But if you are seeing them from a distance, then it is very hard to differentiate between the two and tell the difference. 

The one exception that sets them apart is the use of plastic projectiles in airsoft pistols and real bullets in real guns.

Many people just get so scared with the word “gun” that they forget about the word “airsoft” written with them. Which is why they forbid their children to use these guns. 

Not all guns are the exact replicas of real guns, some are exactly designed, no doubt but there are some which have slight variations and some are designed out of imagination and it may not have a real counterpart. 

Most of the time, to create a buzz among people, replicas are produced of guns which are quite famous or latest designed. Of course, these replicas are expensive as well and are of much better quality and provide a much better shooting experience than the cheap ones.

Most of the times these guns are made up of plastic but airsoft guns having metal construction also exist. By no doubt, they look far more realistic than the plastic ones but they are heavier as well and rust easily. 

The parts of an airsoft gun may resemble the parts of a real gun but they are not the same of course.

2- Airsoft Guns are Not Harmful

As we discussed above that airsoft gun shoot plastic projectiles. Then why would they not be safe? Right? But people say that they cause injury and they are harmful but let me tell you the truth here. 

Those plastic BBs are not very harmful but of course, there is a slight chance of harm in almost everything. 

They just hurt a little if you get shot with them. But if they hit a sensitive area of body i.e. eye, then they can be harmful, no doubt. Other than that, airsoft guns shooting plastic BBs are quite safe to use and play with.

People also worry that if their children play without an airsoft gear then they might get hurt severely but that is not the case. 

Of course, this gear is very important and must be worn but even without it, the chances of getting injured are very low and there is a minimal chance that you will get hurt severely. 

Children usually play with guns of low FPS and that does not cause much harm so there is no need to worry about that and at this point, only a safety goggle would be enough for a child’s safety to protect his/her eyes.

3- Playing with Airsoft Guns is Healthy

We all want our children away from smartphones and continuous sitting in front of computer playing games or surfing on the internet. Right? We feel it will affect their eyesight and is not good for them. 

Almost all parents prefer outdoor games than indoor ones because they are much more healthy and they have numerous benefits as well. Airsoft games are outdoor games and this is why they have numerous health benefits as well.

Airsoft games are tactical games which require the player to think strategically, have enough stamina and run around the airsoft field. It , therefore, increases the physical fitness of the player and proves to be a good enough exercise itself. 

Physical fitness in result leads to the mental fitness of the person which is a bonus, of course. Thinking strategically in airsoft gun will sharpen the minds of your kids and will polish their mental skills and abilities.

4- Indicate the Importance of Rules

If people are still in doubt, explain to them the importance of teamwork which the players get to know while playing this game. Explain to them how military simulations are administered and how the team members collaborate with each other to transform the game into a success. 

Moreover, let them know the honesty policy which controls the combat play. It wouldn't be a surprise that the narration of woodland skirmishes might instigate others to try out the excitement and thrilling airsoft games.

5- Educating Others

People who are not familiar with airsoft games and airsoft combat display has a number of controversial questions with regard to the use of Guns. 

Particularly, after the infamous shooting incidents, it is a norm for such people to assume the worst when they see people buying airsoft guns. It is important to educate them so that conflicting thoughts can be solved and the awareness of this non-lethal be spread.

6- Explain the Difference Between an Airsoft Gun and Real Gun

The teaching of the difference between a real gun and an airsoft gun is equally important. Many people, who are not into the games, do not know the basic differences and believe that airsoft weapons might administer serious harm. 

Explain to them the difference between real bullets and the plastic pellets; also known as BBs used in airsoft game. 

Also, explain the importance of protective gear, such as protective goggles, face mask, head cover, and protective gloves which are essentially worn despite the low firing velocity of airsoft gun.

7- Respecting the Gun

You might be a gun owner of an airsoft gun and not a real gun; however, it is still important to respect and honor the gun as it was your real gun. Developing such an attitude is vital, not only for your safety but also the safety and protection of others. 

You have to make sure that you carry your airsoft sniper rifles/guns while secured inside a bag, so as to avoid panic and alarm among those onlookers who know nothing about airsoft guns. Make sure to use airsoft gun for recreational use only.

Some General Instructions

Now if you are you one of those parents which we discussed above whose kids are enthusiastic to start their airsoft skirmishes but they themselves are scared of their kids using airsoft guns? 

Then here are some general instructions for you to sum up everything we discussed above. 

Are you also worried about the safety of your kids in general as you must have heard about some serious airsoft injuries? Well, being an airsoft expert, I can assure you one thing: the airsoft game is not a dangerous one. No real bullets are used in this game. 

There are plastic pellets, also known as BBs that are fired from the plastic or metal airsoft guns/rifles. Feel confident to let your kids into the airsoft game; however, there are a couple of tips which are crucial to let them enjoy their airsoft game to the fullest.

There are some general things which you may want to know about the airsoft game with regard to how it works along with some basics of the about safety and protection. 

Speaking of safety first, let me tell you one thing clearly that the airsoft game can cause serious injury if certain parts of the body are not protected. 

Also, in the case where airsoft guns are directly fired at the wrong places, such as the face and eyes, injuries might happen. The good news is that injuries in the airsoft games are rare and mostly happen to beginners or inexperienced airsoft players. 

To avoid such unpleasant incidents, it is crucial to not only ensure that your kids are wearing protective gear but, to also supervise their airsoft games. The good news is that there are numerous protective gears for the protection of eyes, face, teeth, head, hands, and even the full body.

For those kids, who are below 16, it is highly recommended that they wear protective goggles, face mask, and protective gloves. In order to protect the skin, it is recommended to wear full sleeves, proper running shoes, and full-length pants. 

Safety gears are not only used by beginners, but also by the experts to avoid injury and pain. Another way to protect your children from injuries is to participate in the airsoft game yourself. 

As a parent, you will not only enjoy this amazing hobby but, you will also ensure that the set rules are followed and no one is using an overly powerful airsoft weapon. 

This will keep you in the loop and you will be able to supervise your kid properly without having to worry about him/her too much.

Referring to getting airsoft guns for sale, there are three types of airsoft guns to choose from which are mainly spring-assisted airsoft guns, Co2 airsoft guns, and electric airsoft guns

If we talk about kids, then spring-powered airsoft rifles are the best options for them as they do not require much maintenance and are easy to use as well as compared to the other two types of guns. 

The other two types are good for teenagers and adults but for kids, a decent spring powered airsoft gun will do perfectly well. Happy gaming!