Fatal Crest Dragon Keyblade Metal Sword

This is a great collectible for anyone interested in the Keyblade collection. It is a very unique dragon styled keyblade made with a steel tube and aluminum fittings. The handle guard and dragon design is all solid aluminum and has a refined finish.
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Part Number: 5C2-PK1023
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This Fatal Crest Dragon Keyblade Metal Sword is a masterpiece sword for collectors, cosplayers and for display purposes. It is very safe for cosplay and costume purposes as well. In addition, it is the perfect sword to display at home or office for decor purposes. 

This Fatal Crest Dragon Keyblade Metal Sword is a unique sword to collect for the collectors and enthusiasts. It comes with several splendid features beginning with a unique fantasy design. The dragon style keyblade sword has a handle grip of faux leather. There is a chain tassel that enhances the beauty of the sword. 

This Fatal Crest Dragon Keyblade Metal Sword has an overall length of 37.25 inches, making it a massive sword. There is a pole of 25.5 mm and a handle guard of 10 inches. The quality paint and antiqued finish makes this sword a gorgeous one and ideal for collectors! 

  • Overall Length: 37.25 Inches
  • Blade (Pole) Length: 27 Inches
  • Pole Diameter: 25.5mm (1 Inches)
  • Handle Guard Length: 10.1 Inches
  • Handle Guard Width: 8.4 Inches
  • Handle Grip: Black, Faux Leather Wrap
  • Chain Tassel: Steel Chain, Aluminum Decoration
  • Construction: Steel Tube, Aluminum Guard & Tip
  • Finish: Automotive Quality Paint, Antiqued Finish

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