Fantasy Metal Key Sword Replica Dark Kingdom Blade

35.5 Inches Fantasy Metal Key Sword Replica Dark Kingdom Blade
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This fantasy metal key sword is the best replica key sword ever. It is one of the finest fantasy swords inspired from Dark Kingdom Blade. The collectors must eye this key sword and make their collection worthy by adding this lovely sword. It looks like a key and is made of metal. 

There is a metal and steel construction that ensures the durability of this key sword. The grip of the sword is covered with foam. The handle is a gorgeous one and features a chain tassel. This is a perfect sword for cosplay and costume purposes. Leave the heavy costumes and get this sword to serve as your cosplay weapon. 

Since it is made of metal, it is very safe for cosplay purposes. The overall length of the sword is more than 35 inches, making it a huge sword. The length of the blade is around 26 and a half inches. An ideal collectible sword for enthusiasts! 

  • Overall Length: 35.5"
  • Blade Length: 26.5"
  • Handle Length: 9"
  • Material: Stainless Steel/ Metal Alloy

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