Ninja weapons were designed and made by one of the smartest people to ever reside on this planet known as the shadow warriors and most commonly known as the Ninjas. 

They were fierce warriors and the Ninja weapons were so smartly designed that they can’t still be outmatched. The Ninjas used to design and manufacture their weapons themselves. 

Being poor than the majority of the other clans of that age, the Ninja weapons were not that good when it comes to the quality of the construction material of weapons, but the weapons were awesome and quite remarkable in their functionality and use. 

Ninjas were quite clever and they had hidden tactics. This is why they were employed mostly as spies.

They used to spy on enemies and gather their secret information and sometimes they even performed assassinations, for money or for personal gain. This is why the Ninjas weapons were designed in a way to help out and assist a Ninja warrior in the most suitable way and this is also the reason that Ninja weapons mostly served more than one purpose. 

These weapons were unique and their presence with a warrior would instantly tell that the person is a Shinobi (A Ninja). This is why the Ninjas made their sure that their face, as well as their weapons, were properly concealed and hidden from everyone else around them. 

There are so many types of Ninja weapons, so let us have a look at the most popular ones among them, one by one.

Ninja Weapons

1- The Ninja Sword (The Ninjato)

The Ninja sword, also known as Shinobigatana or the Ninjato was one of the most prized Ninja weapons. The Ninja sword has some distinguishing features which differentiate it from all other swords especially Japanese swords. 

These sword has that unique essence of the Japanese swords but it features a straight blade and a square guard. Mostly, the length of this blade is around 540 mm as they slightly shorter than other popular Japanese long swords such as the Katana which normally has a 700 mm long blade. 

The Ninja sword, due to its specific design was used for lots of other purposes as well apart from its primary use of killing. The Ninjas used these swords for climbing on high walls by placing the sword against the wall in a vertical manner and then set foot on the crossguard and climb the wall. 

They also used to use these Ninja weapons for catching and sometimes killing their enemy in a dark room. Ninja swords are available in stores nowadays as well at very reasonable rates and in very remarkable quality giving you the feel of an actual Ninja sword.

2- Ninja Stars (Shuriken)

The Ninja stars which are called Shuriken in Japan and most commonly are known as throwing stars. They are the Ninja weapons which the shadow warriors used to do quite often. 

Ninja stars are actually star-shaped objects made up of metal which are thrown towards the enemy. These weapons mostly create diversion and distraction among the enemy and disperse them. 

The Ninjas used these weapons so their enemies could be separated from each other and can be killed easily. However, if poison was applied to these small objects then they would become poisonous and deadly as well. 

If you still have not understood, then recall those Japanese movies in which the warrior throws small objects like frisbees in the air towards his enemy. 

Those small objects resembling frisbees are known as Shurikens. Mostly the shape of shuriken is flat having four arms but many other variations are also found nowadays. There are at least forty to fifty different types of shurikens. 

The two most common types of throwing stars are the plate type and the stick type. It is quite easy to paint throwing stars and carry them around as well because mostly they are small. 

Nowadays, however, bigger versions are also available which are designed exceptionally for you to grab at very low rates.

3- Kunai

Kunai are the knives which Ninjas used but they are not ordinary knives, they are throwing knives. Sounds cool, right? 

The throwing knives competitions which you see being held nowadays make use of these Ninja weapons as well. 

For Ninjas, their weapons were their tools or their tools were their weapons. They did not design special objects to be used as tools or weapons. 

Knives were used both as a utility tool and as a weapon as well and in case of Kunai, these throwing knives were used to throw in the direction of the enemy for instant and long ranged killing. 

The Ninjas were also known as the best utilizer of their resources and this is why the Ninja weapons were used to perform so many functions. 

The Kunai knives, just like throwing stars were also made up steel and their tip was toned to perfect sharpness so that when it hits the target, it does it work right on spot and instantly. 

These Ninja weapons are usually smaller than other knives and have a wedge at the top or I should say that they have a spear-like front structure. It is gripped from its one end which has a circle designed at the end of it. 

This circular structure has its own story as well but we will discuss it later.

The approximate length of a Kunai knife was from a hundred to four hundred and eighty millimeters. And the weight is normally from a hundred grams to five hundred grams. 

The Kunai knives are solely Ninja weapons and are only associated with the Ninja warriors. 

It is a genuine Ninja weapon and the Ninjas used it for utility purposes as well apart from its use as an efficient weapon. The Ninjas would use Kunai to break a wall of a castle or a fence as well. 

The Kunai having sharp spear shaped heads were also used to drill holes in a wall and then used to put their feet in the holes and climb the wall. 

The Kunai knives were also used to climb to a high place and this is where the circular end of these Ninja weapons used to come in handy. 

The rope was tied to this circular end quite tightly and then throw the Kunai on the high area where they wanted to reach so that it gets hooked there and then the Ninjas used to climb to that place along the rope. 

This use of Kunai knives was quite smart and they were used extensively for this purpose. Moreover, these sharp knives were also used to dig some holes in the ground and also served as simple utility knives for cutting and slicing as well. 

However, today they are only used in throwing sports or for decoration purposes.

   4- Kakute

Kakute was to Ninjas what a simple self-defense ring is to us nowadays. Have you ever heard of a cat self-defense keychain? 

It has two ears of the cat protruding from it which are made up of hard plastic and are jabbed into the enemy’s skin when you punch them. 

The Kakute of the Ninjas worked in a similar way and was a simple ring having spikes protruding from one side of it so that it hurt the enemy and not the wearer of the ring. 

The Ninjas would sometimes shake hands with the enemy or their opponent and then secretly jab the spikes of the Kakute during that time. Normally, they sting and inflict a little pain when pressure is applied. 

But imagine what they would do if you apply poison on the spikes and then jab it on someone’s skin. It would result in the death of that person. Kakute had sharp corners and those few spikes sometimes used to be quite useful. 

These Ninja weapons proved to be quite useful in close quarter combats and would easily slay the opponent if poison was used smartly. 

If not for the poison merely grabbing someone’s neck or wrist with a hand having Kakute on it, used to inflict a great deal of pain and injury to that person making it very difficult for them to keep on fighting.

Are Ninja Weapons Available Today?

There are many Ninja weapons and we discussed only a few popular ones above. These are also the ones which are available until now in one way or the other. 

These weapons are either available in stores as the real weapons made up of steel or they are available as fake ones which are made up of plastic, rubber or foam. 

Now, are you wondering where would such weapons be used? Such replica Ninja weapons are used either for training purposes by martial artists or other people or they are given by parents to children to have some fun. 

And their most popular use is in LARP (Live Action Role Play) where people carry these weapons to depict the Ninja warriors they just dreamed to be. However, the real Ninja weapons are used for decoration purposes nowadays and people also buy them for collection as well.