blank firing guns

Since replica airsoft guns have dominated the market, several types of guns have become popular. One of those replica guns are the blank guns. 

Blank guns, or blank firing guns have become significantly popular in recent times. Today, we are specifically focusing on these guns. 

We have come up with a detailed guide on blank guns. Let’s figure out whether they shoot anything. Most importantly, let’s disclose their types and uses. 

What are Blank Guns?

Blank guns are almost real guns with one exception. These guns don’t shoot bullets. Yes, they do fire, but no bullets come out. However, these guns produce real sound. In addition, they shoot like real firearms. 

blank guns

In fact, the entire firing mechanism is the same as real guns. These guns come in two types, including the front firing guns and top firing guns. Let’s explore these two types of blank firing guns! 

Types of Blank Guns

Front Firing Blank Guns

Front firing blank guns are the ones that discharge fumes from the barrel from the front when the guns are fired. In these types of guns, the barrel is usually open and it allows the fumes to discharge through the barrel of the gun which is at front. 

Top Firing Blank Guns

Top firing blank guns are the ones in which the barrel is blocked. The fumes or gases in these guns are discharged from the vent at the top of the gun. A red or orange plug is found inside the barrel of these guns. You can see them by looking inside the barrel. 

Uses of Blank Guns

Training & Gun Handling

Since blank guns are like real guns, they can be used for training. You can learn gun handling, and getting familiar with the guns. The soldiers and police personnel are often trained with these guns because they are safe and provide a realistic shooting experience. 


Blank guns can be a great collectible or enthusiasts. Since it is not possible to maintain a collection of real firearms, the enthusiast can collect these replica guns because they are exactly similar to real firearms. Also, you are allowed to have them in your collection. 

Dog Training

Blank firing guns are often used for dog training. The armed forces and military often train their dogs with these guns. It is crucial to make dogs familiar with the sound of guns so that they don’t feat such sounds. Also, they can prevent panic if guns are fired. You can also train your pets or dogs with these guns. 

Signalling Device

Blank guns can be used as signalling devices and self defense devices. You can use them to get rid of the attackers. When you sense an attack, just pull them out and do some shooting. This will create fear among the attackers and they would better run away from there. 

You can also use these guns as signalling devices. Fire them to let your friends know you are here. If you are lost, you can fire them to determine your location. You can also signal danger to people nearby by firing it. 

Movies & TV Shows

Blank firing guns are commonly being used in movies and TV shows. These are safe to use and feel quite real. Therefore, several TV shows and movies include the use of these guns. 


You can celebrate a victory over your opponents by shooting with blank guns. What a unique celebration it will be! 

Key Point - Do Blank Guns Shoot Anything?

So, let’s get to our major focus here. Do blank guns shoot anything? Well, they don’t. These are called blank guns because they are bullet-less. 

There are no bullets loaded into these guns, and hence, they don’t fire anything. With all these things considered, how do these guns produce real sound, and why is the shooting mechanism so real?

Well, these guns discharge fumes or gases and these result in a realistic sound. You can also see the fumes being discharged. This enables a realistic shooting. 

So, we come to the conclusion that blank guns don’t shoot anything. And that is it with the detailed guide on blank firing guns!