kirito sword

Kirito sword is the sword of a popular anime character known as Kazuto Kirigaya. He belongs to a fictional world or an imaginary world. 

Kirito is one of the main characters from a fictional novel called Sword Art Online written by Reki Kawahara. This fictional novel has secured a lot of appreciation from all over the world. 

Later on, an anime series on this novel was also made. This anime series actually made it popular across the globe. 

Kiritos SAO Carbon Sword

Specifically, the kirito sword has become very popular worldwide. It has a massive fan base. The admirers of this novel particularly collect this sword. 

The sword enthusiasts love to gather such collectibles. And the collectible we have come up with is the Dark Repulser SAO Kirito Sword. 

We are performing a review of this sword. We start with a short description of the sword, before we review its features and uses. 

Features of this Kirito Sword

The Blade

This kirito sword looks like real swords with an overall length of 41 ½ inches. However, the length of the blade is slightly more than 25 inches, rest is the length of the handle. 

The blade is around 4.3 mm thick and is made of carbon steel. The blade is edged, but is blunt. In other words, it is not razor sharp. 

The Handle

Let’s talk about the handle now. This kirito sword has a handle length of 8 inches. The handle is made of ABS and Zinc Aluminum. 

This is a beautiful and comfortable handle. ABS makes it a durable handle. There is a nice color scheme. A combination of black and blue makes it a gorgeous sword. 

The Guard

Guard is an important part of a sword. It is found at the bottom of the handle and top of the blade. It makes it comfortable to hold sword. 

This kirito sword has a guard which is 9 ½ inches wide. Also, note that guard is made of Zinc Aluminum with simulated Aquamarine Gem. 

The Scabbard

Scabbard is another important thing, or an essential thing. It covers the blade when not in use. Also, it keeps the blade protected. 

This sword comes with a scabbard as well. It is incorporated in the package, and is not an additional thing, rather a part of the sword. 

There is a beautiful black scabbard made of Faux Leather Sheath. Hence, it is a durable scabbard that would last longer than expected. 

Also, there are Nylon straps that can be used for adjusting it. You can cover the blade with scabbard and then wear the sword around you shoulder. Thanks to the adjustable nylon straps, you can adjust it around your shoulder and carry it comfortably. 

Uses of this Kirito Sword


This kirito sword is an excellent collectible. It can be used for decor. You can display it on a wall using a wall plaque or place it in your display cabinet at home or office. 

Cosplay Weapon & Halloween Costume

If you are a cosplayer, you can replicate kirito on stage by using this sword as your cosplay weapons. Also, on Halloween, you  can use this sword as your costume. 


Since this kirito sword has a blunt blade or a blade that is not razor sharp, you can use it for practicing the use of sword. You can learn swordsmanship and do some training in a safe manner.

The Final Word!

Overall, this kirito sword is an impeccable sword. It is the nicest collectible you would ever have in your collection. It has a lovely color scheme and can be a perfect display at your home or office. 

Moreover, this is a safe sword, thanks to its blunt blade. You can use it for learning swordsmanship or practicing different techniques. 

For cosplayers, this is a real masterpiece. You can use it as your cosplay weapon if you have to replicate kirito on stage. You are guaranteed a round of applause from your spectators. 

So, get this sword in your collection if you are a real enthusiast or an admirer of kirito and Sword Art Online!