Civil War U.S 1860 Naval Cutlass Sword Reproduction

Civil War U.S 1860 Naval Cutlass Sword Reproduction
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The Cutlass was adopted by the Navy in 1860 it was designed after the French M1833.  This reproduction is constructed of carbon steel with a brass basket style hand guard. The first Naval 1860 Cutlass was reproduced by the Ames Company. This cutlass has a sweeping upturned blade (called a falchion), a single fuller (a fuller is the long groove found on some sword blades, it is there for balance and not as some think for exiting blood). Included is a wooden scabbard wrapped in leather with brass accents.  This style of sword was very popular during the Civil War.  

  • Overall Length: 35.5 Inches
  • Carbon Steel Blade
  • Blade Length: 25.75 Inches
  • Brass Fittings
  • Free Scabbard

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