Brass Knuckles VS Knives

With the attackers victimizing people every now and then, carrying a self defense weapon has become more than a necessity. Nowadays, you can’t even think of leaving your house without being equipped with a weapon.

So, what’s your self defense weapon? Perhaps, you prefer brass knuckles or maybe you carry self defense knives to deal with the attackers. These two are the most popular used weapons for self defense. However, what would you prefer from these two? I mean, brass knuckles vs knife? Which is your weapon to battle the attackers?

Let’s spin the question! Which of these two weapons serves your self defense needs? Today, we will answer this question. We will compare the benefits of these two weapons before we conclude. However, let's begin with the introduction of brass knuckles and self defense knives!

What are Brass Knuckles?

Brass knuckles are tools, weapons or accessories you can use for self defense. They are used for a variety of purposes, but we are focusing mainly on self defense as of now.

brass knuckles

These are basically brass or metal knuckles you can wear around your knuckles. They are made of brass, metal or aluminium, However, the real ones are the brass knuckles. These are the strongest of them as well. These are powerful weapons that increase the punching power of the wearer. You have to punch the attacker in his face to inflict injuries.

What are Self Defense Knives?

Self defense knives refer to the knives that are designed for self defense. However, they can also be used for other purposes. These knives have specific features that come handy in self defense.

self defense knives

There are many types of cool knives used for self defense. The most commonly used self defense knives include stiletto knife, karambit knife, push dagger and military knife etc.

Since knives feature blades, these are mainly stabbing weapons. They are thrusting and stabbing weapons that can cause serious injuries and deep wounds.

So, brass knuckles vs knives? Which of these two serves your needs? It is not possible to make this decision unless we compare the self defense benefits of these weapons. Let’s compare their benefits!

Self Defense Advantages of Brass Knuckles


Brass knuckles are a lethal weapon for you to battle the attackers. Since it is made of brass, expect it to be very powerful and cause serious injuries. Though they are available in metal knuckles and aluminium knuckles as well, in any case, they are extremely lethal. This makes it a useful weapon because in the end you need to cause injuries to the attacker to stop him from following you.


A great advantage of brass knuckles as self defense weapons is that they are wearable. You can wear them around your knuckles and hence they become very easy to carry. You don’t have to additionally carry them. Rather, you can just wear them and always stay equipped and ready to battle the attackers.

No Training Needed

With brass knuckles, you have the advantage of ease of use. Knives require you to do some training of stabbing actions. However, in case of knuckles, all you need to do is deliver some punches in the face of the attackers. That’s enough to deal with the attackers and survive against them.

No Accidental Injury

While you are carrying and using knuckles, you don’t have any chance of accidental injuries. Knives are bladed weapons and can leave you vulnerable to accidental injuries. On the other hand, knuckles save you from this problem. You can’t injure yourself accidentally whether you are carrying or using brass knuckles.

Self Defense Advantages of Knives


Knives are bladed weapons, the sharp blades make them extremely lethal. The blades are in fact the most dangerous things and frighten the attackers. With a blade, you can stab the attacker and cause severe injuries. Such a lethal weapon is ideal in dealing with the attackers and teaching them a lesson since they have come to victimize you.

Easy to Carry with a Sheath

Generally, knives are difficult to carry. You are never comfortable while carrying blades in your pocket. There is always a fear of accidental injuries. However, if you cover the blades with leather sheaths, you almost make it impossible to suffer an accidental injury.


Knives are concealable compared to brass knuckles that are always visible when worn around the knuckles. Self defense knives are often pocket knives with folding blades. You can fold and conceal their blades. This is a great advantage of these knives because it then becomes pretty easy to carry them in your pockets.

Serious Blade Power

The blade power of the self defense knives make them ideal self defense weapons. Blades are real weapons to inflict serious damage. The only thing an attacker would fear more than a bullet is a blade, research tells us. So, if you prefer brutalizing an attacker, get a knife than a knuckle duster!

How About a Brass Knuckle Knife?

One of the things that you can consider carrying for self defense is a brass knuckle knife. Forget knuckles and knives, here is a combination of the two. It is a piece of brass knuckles with knife. Also called a trench knife. a brass knuckle knife has great history behind it. It was first used during World War I when the US soldiers used it to battle their opponents in the trenches. 

brass knuckles with knife

It was also used by other militaries later on as a secondary fighting weapon. If you want to carry an effective weapon for self defense, this knife is ideal. You are in fact carrying both the knuckle duster and the knife. 

A brass knuckle knife can let you use two weapons at the same time. You can punch your opponent with the knuckles to knock him down. Then, you can use the blade to cause some severe injuries! 

Brass Knuckles VS Knife - Which is Ideal for Self Defense?

So, what have you concluded from this comparison of brass knuckle vs knives? Since both these weapons share almost similar benefits, it is difficult to identify the best out of the two, However, we have come up with a suggestion. Why not use both these weapons at the same time? How? We have a combination of knife and brass knuckle called a brass knuckle knife.

A brass knuckle knife is a perfect self defense weapon that meets your needs. It is in fact a solution to your self defense problems. It is basically a piece of knuckles with a knife attached to it. So, this brass knuckle knife is our final best self defense weapon to battle the attackers. Want a real, solid weapon to battle the attackers? Forget knives and brass knuckles, get a brass knuckle knife!