Brass knuckles, also known as knuckle duster at times, has emerged as the most popular weapon in America, specifically among the youngsters. 

It is generally a small sized weapon made for self defense, but it promises to be a multipurpose weapon.

Brass knuckles is not just a weapon for street fighters, it is also a handy weapon to deal with the attackers. It is a great fashion accessory and a vehicle ornament. 

In addition, it serves as a lovely paperweight. There are a great number of utility uses that can be accomplished with this weapon as well. 

Hence, one can say that it isn’t just a weapon, it is a utility tool and a fashion wearable as well. 

In this article, we will talk about numerous uses of this weapon and will also suggest you some best pieces for that particular use. 

But, first, let us explain this weapon to you so that you get a clear idea why it is highly popular and advantageous. 

Brass knuckles has other names as well, including knuckle duster and knucks. It is basically a small weapon that can be worn around the knuckles. It is designed for improving the punching power of the wearer. 

It is often made of brass but also made of metal at times. Therefore, you can consider it something extremely powerful. A punch with this weapon can be brutal and may lead to long term injuries. 

At first, Americans adopted it as a self defense weapons to deal with the attackers. But, later on, they realized other significant ways to use it. 

So, we highlight those uses of this weapon and also recommend you some masterpieces. 

1. Brass Knuckles for Defense

The most obvious use of knuckle duster is self defense. This is what it is made for. Known as a street fighting tool, it has the strength to inflict a severe injury. 

A punch on the face can lead to a long term damage. 

There are reasons why people prefer it for self defense over other weapons. There is a problem of carrying the weapon which this small weapon does not cause. 

It is small, lightweight and worn around the knuckles. That means, you don’t have to carry it additionally, it stays on your hand all the time. 

Secondly, it is pretty easy to use compared to other defense weapons available in the market. 

You don’t have to load ammo, don’t have to push a button, or don’t have to deploy a blade. Rather, you can just deliver a forceful punch to the attacker to knock him down. 

Since it is made of metal or brass, you can expect strength and brutality. A single punch is enough to make the attacker busted wide open. 

Also, it is something that can’t be lost during a battle with the attacker. You can’t be disarmed because you have worn it. 

So, these are the reasons people use it for self defense, but not every knuckle duster is excellent for defense. 

You can’t just head to the market to get one that you would use for self defense. There are factors that are needed to be considered when searching for the most effective knuckle duster for defense. 

Considering all those factors, we have come up with a fine suggestion. Below is the best brass knuckles for self defense. 

This ammunition cartridge rifleman knuckle duster is excellent to deal with the attackers. 

This isn’t just a piece of knucks, it also features a small blade. It can be worn around knuckles as well as around your belt. There is a pin to attach it to your belt so that it remains in access to you in case of danger. 

Since it has a blade, you can use both weapons i-e the knucks and the blade to your advantage and knock the attackers down with ease. 

First, deliver him a powerful punch and then pull the blade to finish him off. If you are really looking for the finest knuckle duster for self defense, this has to be your choice!

2. Brass Knuckles for Cosplay

Brass knuckles is quite frequently used for cosplay as well. Cosplay is an entertaining activity in which cosplayers wear costumes to replicate some famous characters on stage. 

Knuckle duster, in recent times, has become a part of costume, if not a complete costume. 

Specifically, when the cosplayers try to become gangsters or bad boys, they wear them to get that perfect appearance. 

And yes, the knucks do provide a bad boy appearance. So, they can be worn to easily adopt that look and get in character. 

If you are a cosplayer and you want the best piece for cosplay purposes, we have a suggestion for you as well. Check the picture below. This is the most desired pair of knucks among the cosplayers. 

This Zombie Green and Black Skull Head Knuckle is a lovely piece. You can get a pair of this and become a bad boy with the zombie knucks on. It does not just provide you a gangster look, but also gives you a sort of zombie appearance. 

Hence, using of brass knuckles, you can actually replicate a couple of characters, either a gangster or a zombie. So, get this pair and we wish you best of luck for your next LARP event! 

3. Brass Knuckles for Utility Use

Brass knuckles, surprisingly, also serves as a utility use. Yes, it can help you accomplish plenty of utility tasks. There are tasks that cause you a lot of distress. 

For example, you often need to open cans and bottles that cause a real problem if you have weaker teeth. Also, you don’t want to risk your teeth for the sake of opening bottles and cans. 

Also at times, you need to break glass, smash ice and open packages. Such tasks are never easy to accomplish unless you have a solid tool to do so. Knuckle duster has been a single solution to all these problems. 

It helps in accomplishing all these tasks with ease. It has the strength to smash the ice, break the glass, open the packages and bottles. 

If you want a piece for utility uses, check our fantastic knuckle duster below. 

This Real Brass Knuckle Bottle Opener is excellent for accomplishing these utility tasks. It is actually made for multiple uses, but for tasks like opening bottles, smashing ice and breaking glass etc., it is the best. 

It has the strength to break the glass with ease. Also, it can open packages by tearing them into pieces. Since it features a bottle opener, it can easily open bottles and canned objects. See the picture below.

You can clearly see that it is a different piece than other brass knuckles. It has a bottle opener installed in it which is clearly visible. 

It allows you to open bottles, cans or anything you want. Such a perfect utility tool for the users! 

4. Brass Knuckles for Paperweight

After self defense, brass knuckles is mostly used as a paperweight. Paperweight refers to anything that has some weight and can be placed over papers and documents. 

It prevents the papers from flying away and makes sure that they stay where you want them to. 

Knuckle duster makes a great paperweight. Since it is made of metal or brass, it has the required weight to hold or control the papers where you want. It isn’t just weighty and solid, it is also quite gorgeous. 

The reason why people prefer them over other paperweights is because they look quite lovely. 

There is a massive range of knucks available in the market from which you can choose your desired ones. 

The beauty of such a great collection is that you can choose any color, any design and any style. But with such a vast choice, sometimes, it is pretty difficult to find the one you are ideally looking for. 

However, we have come up with the best brass knuckles paperweight for you. Check this fantastic piece below. It looks like something antique, gorgeous and attractive. There is a beautiful skull design on the knucks

For a paperweight, it is ideal. It is made of zinc aluminium and it has on overall size of 4.75"X2.8". It has the weight required to control the papers on the table in your office. You can get the papers in your reach even when the fan is turned on. 

5. Brass Knuckles for Fashion

Many users wear brass knuckles just as a fashion accessory. And why not? It is a lovely thing to wear jeans. 

Those who like to get a gangster appeal often wear it. You must have seen singers wearing them, specifically those who have the hardcore listeners. 

Several celebrities use to wear them as a fashion accessory. Even movies, video games and TV shows display them as fashion items. 

Take Angelina Jolie for example. She wore a lovely pair of knucks in her movie Wanted. 

Beyonce was seen wearing them. The primary character of the popular video game “GTA Vice City” named Tommy wears them. This shows the hardcore nature of the weapon. 

Several wrestlers are often seen wearing them. But, they don’t just wear them as a fashion accessory. They also use them to punch their opponents and knock them down in the ring. 

If you are a fan of knuckle duster just due to  its appeal, we have a perfect pair for you that you can wear as a fashion thing. See the image below. 

This Out of the Flames Retribution Stare Knuckle Gold is the most beautiful knuckle duster you will ever see. It has a lovely golden color which would glorify your appearance. It is something even the women would appreciate. 

It can also be used as an ornament for your vehicle. You can install it to your steering wheel. Also, you can replace your car’s door handles with these knucks. It would beautify your vehicles!