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Medieval Roman Greek Muscle Body Armor Black
Medieval Roman Greek Muscle Body Armor Black, Made of 16-gauge steel
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Body Armor for Sale - Full Size Armor

Cutlery Wholesale comes up with a significant selection of body armor for sale. We have an enormous variety added to our stock. Explore our entire stock to find some of the finest armors of full size. Moreover, we provide the highest quality armor. We are a leading wholesale brand with the lowest wholesale prices guaranteed. 

Uses of Body Armor

A body armor is a full size armor that covers the whole body. It is considered a warrior’s essential. Ancient warriors used to wear it for the protection of their bodies against swords. These armors are made of steel and they ensure complete protection of a warrior battling in close quarters. Today, it is also made of metal, and is used for cosplay and Halloween costumes. It is one of the most popular items that crazy enthusiasts look for. 

Why You Must Buy Wholesale Body Armor?

Since body armor is a trendy thing, retail businesses must seek the opportunity to generate profits by purchasing it in bulk at wholesale rates. This will make people rush to your store as you have their desired item. Then, you can earn a great amount of money through buying from Cutlery Wholesale at the lowest prices. At the moment, our rates are 90% lower compared to retail prices. So, you have such a massive profit margin to work with. So, what are you waiting for then? Our collection of armor above awaits you! 

Discounted Prices Guaranteed at Cutlery Wholesale

Cutlery Wholesale promises to assist small businesses. We allow you to buy body armor at the discounted prices. Apart from the lowest prices, our discounts further reduces the prices. Our discounts range from 5% to 20%. But, the discounts depend on your order. For an order of $100 to $249.99, your discount is 5%. For an order of $250.00  to  $499.99, your discount is 10%. Similarly, for an order of $500.00  to  $999.99, your discount is 15% while for an order of $1000.00 and more, your discount is the maximum i-e 20%. So, buy maximum body armor to avail the maximum discount. 

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