Sword of Chaos belongs to a popular video game called God of War. This is actually a pair of two short swords connected with a chain. There are two thick blades and look different from a usual sword. 

The two blades are chained together as you see in the video game. So, this is an exact replica of God of War blades of chaos. 

sword chaos

This is the first pair of blades that Kratos used in the game. There is a great story behind these blades, but we don’t want to plunge into the story at the moment. 

This is just a review of the Blades of Chaos. We look into its features, specifications and how it is a great pair of blades for enthusiasts. So, let’s begin the review:


This sword of chaos is made of Polyurethane Foam of high density. It looks pretty realistic, and contains two quality blades of chaos. 

The lacquer finish makes the blades look absolutely gorgeous. There is no match of the beauty and magnificence of these blades. You would love to have them displayed at your home. 

Since there is a chain for connecting the two blades, you can easily display them. The chain is made of plastic by the way. 

All in all, it is a must-have sword for every enthusiast. It is ideal for live action role play and decor purposes. 


Since there are two blades, the length of each blade is around 17.5 inches. So, these are like short swords. The length includes the handle as well. 

The blade is 11 inches in length and the rest is the handle. The length of the handle is hardly 7.5 inches. 

The outer structure of the blades of chaos are made of Polyurethane Foam while the inner core is made of PVC. 

Dream Collectibles for Enthusiasts

Blades of Chaos are great collectibles for modern enthusiasts. Modern enthusiasts are no longer interested in collecting historical items. They are rather interested in collecting such popular fantasy swords. 

People follow fantasy novels and play video games very often. Hence, they have their favorite characters from these fantasy series and video games. 

When they become fans of these characters, they love to have their respective character’s sword in their collection. This is a way to express their love for those specific characters. 

Kratos is the best and most favorite character from God of War. Therefore, his fans search for this sword. These blades give them an opportunity to pay tribute to their favorite character. Hence, it is a dream collectible for such enthusiasts.  

Excellent Cosplay Weapon

Sword of Chaos is also a great cosplay weapon. Cosplayer's love to keep such swords in their arsenal because they help them in adopting characters on stage. 

The most significant thing for a cosplayer is a costume. Costume refers to special wearable and weapon that the character they are representing owns. 

To replicate a character on stage, cosplayer's need to wear its costume and hold his respective weapon. So, if you have to play the role of Kratos on stage, you need his costume. 

To get the right costume, you need blades of chaos because they are the real recognition of Kratos. 

Great Display & Decor Item

Sword of chaos can be a gorgeous item to display at your home or office. It is a decor item that you must have at your home to beautify it. 

Remember blades of chaos are a pair of blades connected with a chain. The chain can help in hanging it along a wall on a nail. You don’t really need a wall plaque to display it. 

Display it in your office or home to make these places your favorites. Nothing is more satisfying than having your favorite swords for sale displayed in your room or office! 

Concluding my review, I suggest every sword enthusiast to have the sword of chaos in their collections. Being a fan of God of War and Krato's, you must not miss enriching your arsenal with blades of chaos!