belt buckle knives

Hidden blades have become extremely popular self defense weapons. People tend to prefer them for many reasons. 

Hidden knives are secretly carried because they are incredibly small. Secondly, these are lethal blades that can injure someone pretty easily. 

Hidden blades come in a variety of shapes. One of the best and most appreciated among them is the belt buckle knife.  

Today, we are focusing on this special hidden blade. Let’s explore the features of a belt buckle knife and its benefits of self defense. 

What is a Belt Buckle Knife?

Belt buckle knife is basically a hidden blade designed mainly for self defense. As the name suggests, it is a blade concealed in your belt.

belt buckle knife 

The small blade is concealed inside your buckle. When you remove the buckle, you can reveal the blade. Using the buckle pin, this buckle is attached to the belt. Upon removing it, the blade is opened. 

This special buckle can be attached to any of your belts. By far, it is the best weapon for self defense. Let’s look at the reasons why it is your ultimate self defense weapon. 

Why is the Belt Buckle Knife Your Ultimate Self Defense Weapon?

Quickly Accessible

The greatest advantage of a belt buckle knife is that it is pretty quickly accessible. Your key requirement from a weapon is that it remains at your closest access. 

Since this knife is hidden in your buckle, you can quickly get your hands on it. When an attacker comes, you ideally want to get ready as soon as possible. This is key to prevent damage. 

If you have this knife in your buckle, you can instantly remove the buckle, and pull the blade out. Now, you are ready to face the attacker and survive. 


An important thing about these hidden blades is that these are quite lethal. Though these blades are small, there is no question mark on their lethality. 

Belt buckle knife is a powerful blade that can cause severe injuries. You ideally want a lethal weapon to protect you from the attackers, and this is a perfect choice. 

If you are battling an attacker, you can pull the blade out and do some stabbing and thrusting actions. The attacker is guaranteed to suffer from serious injuries. 

When the attacker is injured, your survival is guaranteed. So, this lethal nature of this blade makes it an ideal weapon to deal with the attackers. 

Easy to Carry

In 2020, people prefer easy to carry weapons for self defense. Every now and then, you will find small weapons in the market that promise ease of carry. 

Hidden blades are usually too small and allow you to carry them easily in your pocket, purse or dashboard. 

When it comes to the belt buckle knife, there is an immense ease to carry it. You don’t need to carry it in your pocket, or bag. 

You can just attach this buckle to your belt, and then you have your knife around your waist. Hence, there is no need to place it in your pocket, you already have a secure way to carry it. 

Other than ease or carry, this knife is also very safe to carry. It remains covered with your leather belt, and hence, there is no chance of accidental injuries. 

Advantage of Two Weapons

With a belt buckle knife, you have the advantage of using two weapons at the same time. This is basically a 2 in 1 weapon. 

You would love to use a weapon against the attackers that offers two weapons to deal with them. In the case of this hidden blade, you have a belt and a blade. 

First of all, you can use the belt as your weapon. Just swing the leather belt and as it strikes, it can cause slight injuries. 

If not, you have the blade to deal with him. You can use either of them. However, in an ideal scenario, use both these weapons to ensure your survival. 

EDC, Emergency & Survival Knife

Belt buckle knife can be carried on a daily basis and is an ideal emergency and survival knife. You can quickly open it to cut seat belts in an emergency situation. 

You can fight wild animals in a landscape. Moreover, you can do all the cutting tasks you need to do on a daily basis. 


So, we can conclude that a belt buckle knife is an ideal self defense weapon. In 2020, it is the right weapon that serves your needs. 

This is also the most effective hidden blade knife. So, get one now and make sure to survive, every time you face an attacker!