It is usually said that balisong knife is a multipurpose weapon. Really, is it?

Normally, the users of this incredible knife believe that it serves as a knife for survival, self defense, everyday carry, utility and entertainment i-e performing tricks. And we agree!

However, there are still plenty of people who disagree. To some extent, we can say that they disbelieve because they haven’t used it at all.

Balisong knife is one of the advanced and modernized knives that are designed as multipurpose weapons. That means, they are designed for the users who want to accomplish different tasks with a single knife.

Well, it seems as if it is worth having this knife instead of any other knife in the market, considering the fact that it can accomplish diverse purposes, like the ones mentioned above.

But, how great is this knife for all these purposes? This is still a question!

In this article, we are analyzing this knife from a different perspective. We will try to figure out whether it does have the ability to be a great knife for all these purposes.

So, it is a useful self defense weapon? Is it a great utility and EDC knife? It is a handy knife for performing tricks? Let’s find out. But, let us begin with a general description of a balisong knife!

What is a Balisong Knife?

Balisong knife is quite often referred to as a butterfly knife, but both these names are common. This is a special knife which looks completely different from every other knife available in the market today.

What makes a butterfly knife unique? Simply, the number of parts it has.

This knife has two handles and one blade. Strange? Yes, it is. But, we mentioned previously that it was designed as a knife to fulfill the user needs.

The users wanted a modernized knife that is easy to carry, easy to use and capable of performing plenty of tasks. So, this knife does promise to fulfill all the needs of the users.

A balisong knife looks like a small stick when the handles are closed. The blade is concealed between those handles. When carrying this stick, you don’t need a sheath to cover the blade.

Like a pocket knife, it has a folding and locking mechanism installed, but with improved technology.

One can say that it is an advanced version of folding knife with stronger and more powerful locking system and folding mechanism. The handles can’t open themselves. You need to open them yourself when required.

Similarly, this knife is designed for easily carrying it in the pocket without worrying about accidental injuries and need of covering it with a sheath. Keep these benefits in mind as we move on to analyzing how good it is for multiple uses.

Balisong as a Survival Knife

Balisong knife works perfectly as a survival knife. We often talk about the features of a knife intended for survival. In other words, we look for things that make a survival knife.

This unique knife has everything or every feature you want in a knife intended for survival. First of all, this knife is easy to carry and allows you to stay equipped with the knife all the time. So, whether you are at home or in the wilderness, this knife remains with you to ensure your survival.

There are different survival situations that we often refer to. For instance, you need to survive while camping by building shelter and preparing food. Does a butterfly knife allow you to do so? Indeed!

This knife has a powerful blade that lets you cut branches and wood to construct a shelter. Similarly, you can use its blade to cut veggies, peel fruits and prepare food.

This is the knife you would love to have when camping because you can easily carry it with your gear and use it for accomplishing different tasks.

In a wilderness, you often need to fight wild animals and such a deadly blade is excellent for battling them and getting rid of them. So, yes, it is a great survival knife!

Balisong as a Utility Knife

Now we come to utility uses of a balisong knife. How many utility tasks can you accomplish with a knife? That’s a simple question you need to ask yourself. You may think that every knife is a utility knife. But, no, that’s a wrong belief.

Not every knife is great for utility work, but this butterfly knife certainly is.

This knife allows you to work in the kitchen for preparing food. We mentioned how it can easily peel fruits and cut vegetables.

This knife is quite handy when it comes to utility cutting. You can easily cut wires and ropes when needed. For instance, you need to cut cables and wires very often, and without a powerful blade, this is impossible. You may need a cutter, but this knife is a replacement of that cutter.

It has the strength to cut the thickest of the ropes and cables. So. yes, we have come to a conclusion that it is a powerful utility knife that can assist in utility work.

Balisong as an Everyday Carry Knife

EDC tools, also known as everyday carry tools are pretty frequently used these days. These tools come handy in getting routine tasks done. In other words, these tools make these tasks easier and quicker to be accomplished.

But, is balisong knife is a great EDC tool? Yes, it is!

Butterfly knife comes with a concealable blade. It becomes extremely small once it is folded. Therefore, you can place it in the pocket and carry it without a sheath covering it.

So, an EDC tool has to be the one that is easy to carry and this knife is pretty easy to carry. Also, it is able to do all the routine tasks. It does not just assists in getting these tasks done, it makes them accomplished quicker.

For example, you can use this knife for garden work. You can cut branches and grass that is not required to make your backyard look organized and beautiful.

There are several other tasks that you often need to do on a routine basis, and this knife makes them easier.

With this small sized knife, you can alter clothes, open bottles, open packages, open cans, open letters, cut seat belts, cut the ropes, and clear brush etc. So, no doubt, it is an everyday carry knife as well.

Balisong as a Self Defense Weapon

Though there are hundreds of different devices and weapons being used for self defense, knives have emerged as the most effective self defense weapons.

It is not a new idea to use knives for defense. A long time ago, warriors used knives for battling their enemies and even women used bladed weapons for self defense.

This suggests that knives do serve as powerful weapons for defending against the attackers. Studies have determined that people fear bladed weapons more than firearms. So, knife is actually a handier weapon than guns to scare the attackers away.

As far as balisong knife is concerned, it is the best knife to fight the attackers. It has a sturdy blade that can tear the attackers into pieces with ease. Also, the blade is sharper and larger.

What you want in a self defense weapon is that it is easy to carry and quick. And this knife does offer pace and is easy to carry in the pocket. Just pull out the knife from your pocket, deploy the blade and injure the attacker.

Also, you want your weapon to be secret. This knife is just a normal stick unless you deploy the blade. An attacker can’t identify the weapon which allows you to surprise him by counter attacking.

In short, balisong is the best self defense weapon among the knives. Whether it is better than other weapons available in the market is a different debate. But, still, a very effective weapon to deal with the attackers!

Balisong as a Knife for Tricksters

Many martial artists use knives for performing butterfly knife tricks, and yes, several tricksters. In fact, they prefer using weapons to display their skills to the audience. You must have seen tricksters using knives and other weapons for performing tricks in an attempt to impress the audience.

Balisong knife is also a useful and pretty easy knife for performing tricks.

For entertaining your audience, nothing is better than showcasing your talent with performing tricks on a knife.

With a butterfly knife, performing tricks is not just easier, it is safer. However, you do need to practice those tricks in order to become efficient.

People use to perform tricks with a karambit knife, but karambit is rather dangerous and require immense skills to do so. Also, there are some hard tricks that you need to learn with a karambit.

On the other hand, this double handle knife allows you to perform simplest tricks and that too with ease. There are tricks like flick opening, flick closing, and pinwheel that even beginners can perform with ease.

So, once you learn and practice these tricks, you can become a great trickster and impress your mates with those tricks.


So, yes, butterfly knife is a multipurpose knife that can be used for different tasks. Yes, it is a great utility knife, and yes, it is a handy weapon for defense. Also, we conclude that it can be used for performing easy tricks and surviving in the wilderness.

There is no match of a balisong knife because it is easy to carry and can be used for getting everyday tasks done with ease. So, a comprehensive knife with splendid features and multiple uses. This is what defines this knife!