A comparison of electric, gas and spring airsoft guns

A popular sport similar to paintball that originated in Japan in the early 1970s, airsoft entails competing teams launching round plastic projectiles from replica air weapons called airsoft guns to eliminate opponent players.

These non-metallic projectiles usually made of plastic are called pellets or BBs. Their diameter is about 6 mm (0.24 in) and weigh around 0.12–0.40 g.  Several airsoft players call these projectiles "BBs," which might be confusing to beginners since the same term applies to 4.5 mm metal bullets fired from BB guns. Metallic projectiles cannot be fired with airsoft guns.

It falls into the category of "war simulation", depending on the type of game. The participants use realistic replicas of real weapons to play different military or police scenarios. This sport is a lot of fun but is also very physically challenging. If you’re eager to get some cheap airsoft guns in your arsenal to play the fantastic game of airsoft, you should know everything about these guns and their types first. Here is a detailed guide! 

Getting To Know Airsoft's History

In the early 1970s, Ichiro Nagata wanted to make some type of guns which shoot projectiles like real ones but these would not be able to kill. Finally the guns were discovered called “airsoft guns” which were propelled by compressed Freon-silicon oil mixtures. Carbon dioxide is used in proper air guns, such as BB guns. After Freon and silicone oils were replaced by Green Gas.

Due to the fact that airsoft guns do not cause harm to humans or kill them, they became very popular in casual wargames, also known as survival games in Japan. After that they also became well known in other countries.    

Airsoft began spreading to the UK in the late 1980s and early 1990s, though guns were sold in pieces and needed to be reassembled before they could shoot pellets. Besides Europe, North America, and the entire world, it became very popular over the last 15 years, though its popularity was well below paintball at first.

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What Is the Mechanism of an Airsoft Gun?

The round projectiles are fired by airsoft guns that are powered by compressed air. In most cases, these guns shoot BB pellets at a high speed, but not fast enough to kill. As a result, they are used for military simulations, recreational games, etc.

Airsoft guns can be divided into three categories; spring, electric, and gas. It's not an easy decision to choose between the different firing mechanisms, since each has its own pros and cons. You might want an electric or gas if you're a close-combat player; but if you're a sniper, a spring-based mechanism is your best bet.

1. Gas Powered Airsoft Guns

By name you can guess that these use compressed gas to propel the BB out of the gun. Usually the gases are green gas, propane or CO2. A BB is forced through the barrel when you pull the trigger, which causes gas to be released.

Generally there are two types of gas blowback guns: GBB and NBB. BB guns do not have recoil. Gas blowback guns, however, feel more realistic. The gas build-up in GBBs causes airsoft guns to kick back. The difference between electric and gas airsofts is that gas airsofts provide a similar feel to real guns. 

Airsoft guns with gas can also be fired without electricity. It is more expensive to operate a gas system since the chambers need to be replaced frequently. Furthermore, gas systems are less reliable when temperatures drop. Guns that use gas-powered mechanisms are usually pistols, rifles, and some high-end shotguns.

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2. Spring Powered Airsoft Guns

A spring-powered airsoft gun must be manually cocked before each shot, and these guns are usually called "springers." Once the spring is retracted, the BB is forced into the chamber by air, and the air forces the BB out once the trigger is pulled.

Airsoft guns that work with springs are generally marketed towards novices and are considered entry-level. Except for weapons such as airsoft sniper rifles for sale or shotguns, which have high frame rates. Spring-powered airsoft weapons are probably easier to handle since they do not require manufactured power. They have a shorter range, a slower rate of fire, and a manual operation before each shot.

3. Electric Airsoft Guns

Their mechanism is very similar to that of spring-powered airsoft guns. With an electric motor and rechargeable battery, the only difference is that you don't have to manually pull back the spring. A BB is fired out of the barrel by forcing air out of the cylinder when the trigger is pulled.

Airsoft guns with electric motors are the most popular (assault rifles, SAWs, or SMGs) and most common type. However, they are much cheaper to operate than gas-powered guns, and don't give you a realistic feeling. Additionally, they can be fired faster.

Among their many benefits are their affordability, their ease of maintenance, not having to be cocked manually like spring guns, and reliable performance for close combat and distance battles. You still must carry some spare batteries for each case, as they don't have recoil like GBBs. The sounds they make when shooting are more realistic as well.

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How Do I Protect Myself While Playing Airsoft?

ANSI-rated goggles must be unbroken and fully sealed, so there should be no gaps between them and your face. Also, full face masks can be worn as they are in paintball because you don't want to get shot in the teeth or face, but they are not required. 

When you are underage, most Airsoft fields require you to wear a full face mask. The lower part of your face can be protected using scarves, mesh neoprene, and gum shields if you don't want to wear a full face mask before using airsoft guns.

Also, please go out and purchase proper airsoft goggles so you don't wind up with a pair of cool sunglasses or your normal prescription eyeglasses because they aren't designed specifically for airsoft guns. Being hit may cause them to break, resulting in serious eye injuries. Besides, wearing a helmet is not a bad idea if you are not wearing a full face mask.

Depending on the terrain on which you will be playing, I recommend that you also invest in a decent pair of gloves, proper footwear, and elbow and knee pads. Furthermore, if you don't plan on buying a proper uniform while using airsoft guns, be sure to wear clothes that cover as much of your body as possible.

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Is Airsoft a Safe Sport?

Airsoft players are often asked this question about airsoft guns. Airsoft is as safe or dangerous just like many other outdoor activities, from paintball, riding a bike, rafting, rock climbing or snowboarding. Providing you follow safety precautions and wear protective gear, yes, it is relatively safe. It is a risky activity, just like any other, if you do not follow safety procedures.

Airsoft guns must be treated as real guns at all times. You will hear this from most manufacturers. In order to aid in identifying them as guns, most guns have an orange tip on their barrels. Therefore, don't point them at anyone unless you're playing a game, turn the safety on and take out a magazine instead. You could also place a barricade or barrel blocker over the muzzle of the gun to prevent the muzzle from being damaged.

If you wear proper clothing airsoft guns won’t hurt much if you get hit, but it will hurt if you get hit on the exposed skin and will probably leave a mark (red contusions or “welts”). The most important thing is to wear eye protection. That’s the minimum recommended protective gear you should wear.

Airsoft Guns Are Fun If You Take Safety Measures!

Outdoor activities like airsoft are thrilling, enjoyable, and engaging. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with all of the rules, safety tips, and terms before you play. Be sure to make sure your airsoft guns are equipped with all the necessary safety equipment.

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