Norman Faceplate Crusader Spangenhelm Steel Helmet

This is the Norman Faceplate Spangenhelm Steel Viking Helmet. This style of helmet cover the top of the head and has a visor that covers the front of the face but lacks protection for the back of the head. This helmet comes with a leather liner and straps.
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Part Number: 4L1-HM55
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Our fully battle-ready Spangenhelm with Face Plate helmet is in the style of a high medieval Spangenhelm with Face Plate as worn by Normans or Crusaders. The Spangenhelm face plate as well as the calotte are hammered from 2mm strong steel. Both helmet halves are welded together. Additionally there are three overlapping steel strips across the spangen, A solid face plate is riveted to the helmet. 

  • Internal circumference approx. 26.8 Inches

  • Made up from high quality Mild steel
  • Helmet Include leather liner inside  
  • Rustic Proof Paint Inside 
  • High quality Dull Finished

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