Ninja Six Point Lightning Throwing Star Shuriken Knife Blade

The ninja six point lightning ninja throwing star is the perfect addition to your collection. This throwing star is a perfectly balanced piece. It is constructed of heavy duty stainless steel with nylon sheath with a belt loop. Razor sharp and rock solid. 4 inches in diameter.
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Part Number: 5J2-TS-16LI
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You may have seen many ninja stars, but this is different. This unique lighting throwing star is constructed differently and looks absolutely brilliant. This shuriken has six points and is one of the best we can offer. Blue in color, it shines and gives an illuminous appearance. It has sharp edges and can cause some severe damage. Therefore, you can expect to use it for self defense against the attackers. In addition, this beautiful star can be used as a piece of decor. Similarly, if you are looking for a cosplay weapon or something to complete your ninja costume on Halloween, this is for you. Grab this masterpiece now!

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