8 Tier Sword Wall Display Stand Rack only

8 Tier Sword Wall Display Stand Rack only
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Cutlery Wholesale is a wholesale supplier of swords. And not only swords, we offer sword stands as well. We provide an endless range of swords and knives. However, here is a masterpiece sword wall stand. A sword stand is a display stand where you would put your swords. This is an 8 tier sword stand where you can actually put eight swords. If you have a large collection of swords and are unsure where to place them, this is an ideal sword rack for you. You can place these swords in a perfect and elegant fashion. The swords are placed horizontally and can be adjusted well within the racks. 

This sword wall stand has an ideal size. It is 39 inches high and 16 inches wide and has just the right size for swords. Even if you have a great sword, it can be placed well in these racks. Buy this sword stand in bulk now at the cheapest wholesale price that is 90% less than retail price. Shop more to get up to 20% discount. We offer discounts of 5%, 10%, 15% and 20%. The maximum discount of 20% is given on an order of $1000 or more. The minimum discount of 5% is given on an order of $100 or more. 

8 Tier Wall Mount Sword Display Rack

Swords not Included

8 Sword Display
Wall Mount
16" Wide X 39" Tall

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