Explore the oldest tools or weapons available to mankind, and you will find the knives. Undoubtedly, knives were the earliest weapons to serve the humanity. 

Though the uses of these bladed weapons changed, but the parts are very much similar. However, the technology has led to certain significant changes in the design of the knives. 

As of today, we have hundreds of different types of knives available in the market. Spring assisted knives, stiletto knives, switchblades, bowie knives, just to name a few. That means, you have a vast choice if you head to the market in search of knives.

Among all these knives, the coolest and the most popular are the spring assisted knives. I hope many of you are using these knives, if not, you must be familiar with them. These are a sort of pocket knives that use spring for opening and closing the blade. 

These knives are quite common as self defense weapons due to their small size and low weight. There are plenty of features of these knives that deserve to be disclosed. This is what I would certainly do in this article.

Spring assisted knives are also called assisted opening knives at times. These knives feature a foldable blade that can be folded and concealed inside the handle. The main feature is the assisted opening mechanism. 

Under this mechanism, the user needs to put slight assistance for partially opening the blade before it is fully deployed at an enormous pace. 

There is a lot to talk about when it comes to benefits or pros of spring assisted knives. However, I am presenting a disclosure of key reasons that encourage you to prefer these knives over others. So, here are the eight top reasons:

1. Folding Ability

Spring Assisted Knives are a type of folding knives that work on a folding mechanism. In fact, there are two types of folder knives, including the assisted opening knives and switchblades. 

We often differentiates these two types of knives with respect to their features. But, let’s keep our focus on the spring assisted knives. 

These knives have a wonderful blade opening mechanism. The blade is folded inside the handle. To open the blade, all you need to do is just pull the blade to a certain extent. 

There is no push button to open the blade at once. However, there is a better opening mechanism compared to a switchblade’s push button.

You can pull the blade to partially open. Once the blade is partially opened, the blade would open at once without any delay. This makes it almost an automatic knife. 

Also, when looking to close the blade, you can just pull the blade back to the handle where it would be locked. 

You know how useful is a foldable blade. The knife becomes so small that it fits into the pocket and can be carried easily. While counting the advantages of a spring assisted knife, the folding ability of its blade is the foremost.

2. Powerful Locking Mechanism

Assisted opening knives have an extremely powerful locking mechanism. A durable and long lasting lock is essentially installed in every model of the knife. 

This makes sure that the blade remains in the locked position whether it is open or concealed. When the blade is opened to its full position, the locking mechanism would make sure that the blade does not move or fold itself. 

It would remain in that position unless you manually move the blade to its folding position. Similarly, when the blade is concealed, it would be locked inside the handle. It won’t move unless you move it yourself. 

You will need to apply some pressure to partially open the blade. There is no other knife that features such a strong locking mechanism.

3. No Hassle of Push Button

Agree it or not, push button is a huge hassle. I often become frustrated if I need to push the button again and again to open or close the blade. This has made the switchblades less popular. 

Thankfully, there is no push button installed in an assisted opening knife. Instead, there is just a thumb stud. 

The thumb stud works to open or close the blade. There is no need to push button for deploying or closing the blade. It saves you from this distress. 

As mentioned earlier, you can just put some assistance and open the blade by pulling it out of the handle.


The process won’t be a slower one. While opening, it will get to a point where the blade will quickly go to its complete opened position. So, if you want to prevent the distress caused by a pish button, get an assisted opening knife.

4. Safety

A great advantage of spring assisted knives is their safety. They are safer than any other knife ever constructed. This is perhaps the reason why many people have adopted this knife as their primary self defense weapon. 

As the knife is supposed to be placed in the pocket, the safety becomes a concern for the users. 

Think of any knife, such as a fixed blade knife, you are always vulnerable to injuries when knife is placed in the pocket. The blade can case an injury any time. Similarly, switchblade is also not a preferable choice due to safety issues. 

The blade is concealed, but not well-locked. A push button can be accidentally pushed which would open the blade, leaving you in likeliness of getting an injury.

Spring assisted knives are absolutely safe and secure. There is a safety lock installed in the knife which ensures your safety. It keeps the blade locked in its position and eliminates any vulnerability to the injuries. 

When the knife is placed in the pocket, the safety lock would prevent any accidental opening of the blade. There is no chance of an accidental push of a button as there is no button at all. Hence, you should not worry about the self-harm while carrying this knife.

5. Quick Deployment

Another reason to prefer assisted opening knives is their quick deployment. This is a reason why many people are eager to use this knife as self defense knives. The blade can be deployed at immense speed. 

You may be wondering that the resistance would slow down the process of opening or closing the speed. 

However, it happens so quickly that it seems a complete automatic procedure. There is no real difference in the deployment speed of assisted opening or switchblade knives. 

The blade opens in a matter of seconds! So, a person defending himself against an attacker would prefer to have such a fast knife in this situation.

Spring assisted knives are the favorites of the enthusiasts. In a self defense situation, it allows them to quickly open the blade and lead an attack to the attacker. 

The blade can be deployed even when it is in the pocket. So, when you pull out the knife, it is battle ready. 

You can launch the attack now and inflict injuries to the attacker. The attacker would be left surprised on the quickness of your weapon. He would have no time to adjust. Therefore, you have every chance to survive his attack.

6. Easy To Carry

Ease of carry is certainly a huge factor that emphasizes the people to prefer spring assisted knives. As they are foldable knives, the blade can be concealed inside the handle to lessen the overall size of the knife. 

So, it becomes such a small thing that fits into your pant’s pockets. 

In fact, this knife is designed to be carried in the pocket. The weight of the knife is also too low. So, you can comfortably carry it in the pocket. 

Such a luxury is not offered by many of the knives available in the market. Also, the safety of this knife makes it comfortable to carry. 

There is no vulnerability to injuries, so user can feel free to carry it in his pocket. However, you can also carry it in your bag, especially, women can carry it in their small purse. So, won’t you prefer a knife that you can carry with such ease?

7. No Training Required

How easy is it to use the knife? Seems pretty easy, but it isn’t. Are you too good with precise cuts with your utility knife in the kitchen? Are you a good close quarters combatant? Indeed, no! 

Because you are not skilled enough to use knives, you require some training. The cooks are fast with their hands on the knives because they have spent months in training.


Similarly, the fighters who use knives in close quarter combats practice a lot in order to become skillful fighters. However, with spring assisted knives, you don’t require much training to become a skillful user.

Assisted opening knives are perhaps the easiest to use knives. There are not many parts attached to these knives, therefore, you have nothing really to learn about. There is a simple bade deployment mechanism, and no rocket science at all. 

As you get your hands on the knife, you are ready to use it. Just aim and go for the strike. You don’t require training for even a few hours, let alone the days and months.

8. Countless Uses

The most likable thing about spring assisted knives is their countless uses. Think of any use of a knife, and these knives will let you do that. There is no other knife on earth that can serve many purposes. 

Actually, these knives are designed as multipurpose knives. They can be your everyday carry tools because they serve all the routine task. 

For instance, spring assisted knives can be carried for everyday tasks like trimming clothes, altering dresses, opening cans and bottles, opening letters, gardening and other cutting tasks. 

All the utility tasks can be accomplished with these knives. For instance, they can be used in the kitchen for preparing food. They are also useful while travelling because you can peel fruits and cut veggies.

Spring assisted knives are handy camping tools as well. You can cut branches and ropes to prepare shelter for you. Similarly, they come handy in emergency situations. In addition, these are common self defense weapons. 

You would see maximum of people carrying these knives as their primary weapons to deal with the attackers. Based on these never-ending uses, assisted opening knives should be your preferred choice.

Have You Filtered Your Choice?

We have made our choice, now it’s up to you. We know that you have an enormous choice in the market, but compare all other knives with the spring assisted knives. 

You won’t dare to make a comparison as these are the best knives you would ever have in your arsenal. 

Most importantly, they are better than all other knives you have in your collection. Keep in mind all the features and advantages that these knives offer, your choice would be filtered. 

The ease of carry, numerous uses, safety, quick deployment, fold ability and locking mechanism are enough to emphasize you to prefer spring assisted knives over other knives!