Nothing has gained more attention of people than airsoft in recent times. It has emerged as one of the most exciting outdoor activities. Like other sports and games, it is also played on a field, but that field is a special one, known as airsoft field. 

Airsoft games are scenario based games. In every game, the players are given a scenario and a few rules to follow. The players have to play on the given scenario and within the specified rules. There are different rules for each game. 

Unlike other games, airsoft includes the use of guns called airsoft guns. These are not real guns, but replica firearms that give a realistic shooting experience. They fire plastic BBs that are pretty safe. So, playing these games is a very safe experience.

The most interesting thing about these games is their rules. The rules of the games actually make them exciting. Having said that there are different scenarios and regulations, a few games and their rules would blow your mind. Following are 7 of those interesting airsoft games:

1. Ambush

This is one of the most thrilling airsoft games involving two teams. One is the infantry team and the other is the team of snipers. The infantry team is equipped with airsoft guns while the snipers must have airsoft sniper rifles. The two teams are not equally numbered. 

The snipers must be around 1/4th of the infantry team. If there are ten members of the infantry team, then the snipers should not be more than three. Hence, the snipers are less in numbers, but they are still on advantage. 

Snipers have more accurate and powerful rifles, and they are hidden. They don’t have to get anywhere, they can remain hidden. Infantry have less powerful rifles and they can’t remain hidden. But, they are more in numbers. 

The scenario is that infantry team has to reach a safe spot before they are all eliminated. Yes, they can hide from snipers to survive, but they need to get to the safe spot in order to win the game. On the other hand, snipers need to eliminate the entire infantry team for picking up a victory. 

The team that manages to eliminate the other team completely, wins the game. But, if any member of the infantry team reaches the safe spot, they win. So, to stop them, best airsoft snipers need to implement a sound strategy which makes this game pretty interesting. 

2. Defend the VIP

This is another fun airsoft game played pretty frequently. In this game, there are two teams, but the number of players are similar on each side. However, there is one additional member of one team who is a VIP person. This person has to play a significant role in this game, but he is not equipped with any rifle or gun. 

Among the two teams, one is the team of Defenders and the other is the Assailants. Now, the whole game revolves around the VIP. Assailants need to kill the VIP to win the game while the Defenders need to defend him to win the game. 

There is a place called safe spot where the VIP has to get before he is killed by the assailants. The defenders would do their best to get him to that safe spot while assailants need to kill him at any cost before he reaches there. 

The interesting thing is that if all the defenders are eliminated but the VIP reaches the safe spot, the defenders win. Assailants can’t win unless they kill President. Defenders can sacrifice their own lives for securing the president and letting him reach his destination safely. 

3. Hostage Rescuers

There are two teams in this game. The number of players don’t really matter. But, you can have an equal number of players on each side. One team is the guards and the other is rescuers and hostages. The hostages have been captured and the guards are there to stop them from being released. 

The rescuers need to rescue the hostages who are placed on different locations on the battlefield. The guards are close by and they would make sure that hostages are not released. Yes, they can try to eliminate each other while doing so. 

In the majority of airsoft games, the players need to carry one airsoft gun, but in this particular game, every rescuer needs to carry an airsoft rifle and an airsoft pistol. The pistol is for the hostages. When they manage to rescue them, they give pistols to the hostages so that they can defend themselves on their way back to their team’s place. 

To win the game, the rules are simple. The guards need to make sure that they don’t let rescuers rescue the hostages. If they manage to do so, they win. For this purpose, eliminating all the rescuers will do. On the other hand, rescuers can only win if they manage to take hostages safely to their place.  

4. Close Quarters Combat

Close quarters combat is the simplest of the game, but it is more exciting than many other airsoft games. The rules are quite simple but fun is unlimited. There are two teams, but you can have as many as you want. However, the number of players must be equal in all the teams. 

The players would battle each other in a close quarter. They can only have airsoft pistols to eliminate each other. They would start shooting at each other right from the word go. Since they are in a close quarter, survival for a longer time is pretty difficult. This is one of the airsoft games that finish very quickly. 

There is a “last man standing” rule in this game. The last person left on the battlefield wins and also hands a victory to his respective team. However, don’t ever think that blind shooting will do. You need to be careful while shooting. To make this game more interesting, you can limit the number of BBs for each player. 

5. Prey

Here comes another wonderfully exciting game, the Prey. Again, there are two teams, one being the hunters and other, the prey. Then, there is a specified home base for the prey. The prey are not supposed to be equipped with airsoft guns. Rather, they are unarmed. 

However, prey can hide from the hunters and survive. The aim for them is to get to their home base before getting eliminated. If they manage to get there safely, they win the game. On the other hand, hunters need to make sure they don’t get there. 

Hunters are the ones who are equipped with guns. They try to shoot the prey and eliminate all of them before they reach their home base. If even a single member of prey reaches there, they in the game. For hunters to win the game, they need to eliminate all the members of prey. 

6. Shot and Reverse

There are two airsoft games that are pretty close to each other as far as rules are concerned, however, there is a slight variation. Shot and Reverse and Zombie are pretty much identical games. But, we focus on Shot and Reverse here. 

In Shot and Reverse, there are two teams equally numbered. You can have five players each side. This is one of the games that last too long. This is why keeping the number of players under five is better. 

There is an interesting rule in this game. When a player is shot, he is not eliminated. Instead, he joins the opponents and start shooting his former teammates. The process continues unless one of these teams is completely eliminated.

The players are not eliminated from the field in this game. They just join the other team, reducing the number of players on one side. Once all the players go on one side, the game continues. 

7. Prison

Prison is one of the most stimulating and interesting airsoft games. However, it is somewhat similar to Rescue the Hostage. In this game, there are prisoners and guards. However, prisoners have to break the prison and escape before getting killed. 

Guards can use airsoft sniper rifles while the prisoners can only use airsoft pistols. However, the number of players are similar on each side. There is a safe spot in this game as well. After breaking the prison, the prisoners need to get to that spot safely to win the game. If they are all killed before reaching there, guards win the game. 

Let’s Play!

So now you have understood all the rules and scenarios of different airsoft games, it is time to head to the field and play. Get your airsoft guns and get on the field to experience the most thrilling outdoor activity. Try playing all these games and don’t be afraid to be creative. Try different variations with the rules to make the games tougher and more exciting for you!