Nunchucks are fascinating weapons but they require great skill from the user in order to properly use them. These weapons have their origins from ancient Japan yet they are still quite popular among them. 

The reason for their popularity in the twenty-first century is the incredible movies of our very favorite, Bruce Lee. The stunts and smart moves he pulls off with these weapons are quite appreciative and worth mentioning. 

This is why the name of Bruce Lee comes up whenever Nunchucks are being discussed.

He practiced the Nunchaku techniques of tricks in a way which are both admirable and fascinating. If you have ever had the lucky chance of watching anyone of Bruce Lee’s movies, then you would know how he spins those Chuka sticks in his hands as if playing with them is a second nature to him. 

Those lightning fast moves literally spin the head and one has to maintain a sheer level of concentration in order to keep track of them. 

Nunchakus were designed and manufactured to be used in combat, however, nowadays they provide many other benefits than merely those of a weapon. Let us have a detailed look.

1- Good Coordination

Training yourself on the art of Nunchucks provides us many benefits and coordination is one of them. Training with Nunchucks improves an individual’s coordination up to a great extent. 

Coordination helps us control our body properly and carry out activities in a proper manner. It also helps us to deliver the right responses on time. 

This especially helps those who are new to martial arts and sets them on the right track in terms of body coordination. They develop good control over their bodies and their reflexes get better and fast as well. 

Moreover, training with Nunchucks will help you immensely if you are an athlete as well. 

It helps you in improving your eye coordination. Being a sportsman requires you to have good control over your hands and legs and eyes. Practicing with Nunchaku provides you all of that and so much more. 

You will be more effective in the field and will master your coordination skills.

2- Good Concentration

Improving concentration skills helps in the development and improvement of mental skills and performance. Greater concentration level leads to greater problem-solving skills and helps your decision making power more effective. 

It doesn’t matter if you are a sportsman, a worker, an athlete or just any other professional, good concentration skills are equally important for everyone and help you have better control over your ideas and thoughts. 

It is a known fact that if your concentration level is not good, then it can raise barriers against your work. 

Training with Nunchucks helps you improve your concentration level as you have to practice fast and smart moves which require good concentration for safe play. 

You have to swing these Chuka sticks and then catch which requires a good amount of concentration, fast reflexes and the sharp eyes of a hawk.

3- Strength

Practicing with Nunchucks not only strengthens your mind, but it helps strengthen your body as well. If you do not want to exercise and do the heavy workout in the gym, then you can alternatively train yourself on the art of Nunchakus and practice with them daily. 

It will result in a sound mind in a sound body and will make you a pro on performing Nunchaku tricks as well. 

Those lightning fast moves which the Nunchaku tricks require make your heart beat faster resulting in a great cardio workout. It will also help you lose some fat and will make your muscles strong, especially of the upper body. 

So, Nunchakus provide you a good alternative to those extensive and long gym workouts. Isn't that perfect and convenient?

4- Makes Mind Creative

Nunchucks helps in the development of the mind and improves creativity as well. It is not just a set of techniques you would be practicing. It will actually be art. 

When you learn and ace the principal strikes, you can proceed onward to become familiar with some more advanced techniques. 

You can likewise make your very own moves and techniques by being creative and imaginative. You can utilize your brain to set up some new and innovative moves with the Nunchakus. 

It is considered to be good to keep your brain cells occupied with steady reasoning and thinking of certain new thoughts. 

These thoughts will help you devise new nunchaku tricks and techniques may be more entertaining and effective than the ones which already exists. Keeping your mind on one track and being creative about it will keep you complacent and peaceful as well.

5- Helps in a Self-defense Situation

Nunchaku is considered to be a very effective self-defense weapon and is also considered as a standout amongst the best weapons for this purpose. This weapon comes extremely helpful when you are shielding against different assailants. 

Also, different military craftsmanship strategies show you various methods for making perfect use of a nunchaku. 

You can also browse for online shops selling Nunchucks and stores which offer instruction manuals on the proper use of Nunchaku which prove to be very useful especially for beginners so they can read from there and then practice side by side.

People are using them on a large scale. It may be because they are inspired with the way Bruce Lee utilized it as it an ultimate fighting weapon in his movies. 

Especially when it comes to Japan, there are properly set schools and institutions which train individuals on the art of using Nunchucks properly. 

They also teach how to utilize these weapons for self-defense in the most effective manner. You can also watch numerous videos on YouTube which will teach you how you can utilize these weapons to dispose of your assailants if you ever face such a situation. 

Only learning the basic techniques of nunchaku can help you dispose off your assailant quickly and efficiently. With Nunchaku, it is usually said to master less but master properly.

6- The Techniques and Tricks of Using Nunchucks

When it comes to Nunchucks, there are many different techniques and tricks which one can master. Some of them are only meant for beginners while the others cater to mid-level experts and then more expert players. 

It is a good thing to train oneself on such weapons as they provide many benefits other than self-defense. 

You can learn these techniques and then do it in front of your friends to get those applause of appreciation and awe. 

Wouldn’t that be amazing? I must say that Nunchaku is not the easiest weapon to adapt, yet an expert of Nunchakus would get those cheers of awe and hails from the general population. 

Above all, if you gain proficiency on it and master its tricks, it can prove to be a very effective self-defense weapon for you.

Training Oneself on the Art of Using Nunchaku

Nunchucks look quite fascinating but one must not forget that they can be dangerous as well. Yes, without proper training you will just be beating the bush with them and will even hurt yourself along with those who are around you. 

I myself did this mistake once and faced the consequences at once. Even though my brother warned me, I still grabbed his newly bought Nunchakus when he was not in the room and swing them. 

I could not control the swing properly and one of the sticks hit me hard in the back of my head. The result was a big bump and intense pain for the next few days but thankfully I was saved from any internal damage. 

However, I decided to train myself on using them properly so I got myself a pair of wooden Nunchucks and started practicing the basic moves first. The basic techniques of blocking and striking were easy but yes they required a great deal of concentration.

So yes, with good practice and determination, you can also become a pro with Nunchaku and can even devise your own new techniques by being creative. 

I used to watch the movies of Bruce Lee and his clips on youtube featuring his fights with Nunchucks. They helped greatly so I will recommend them to you as well. 

Furthermore, I also used to watch a lot of other instructional exercises on YouTube and read blogs and articles on this subject as well. I will also recommend to never start training with metal Nunchucks as they are dangerous, therefore, start with plastic and wooden Nunchaku first and then move onto the metal ones. 

So, now that you are well aware of the numerous benefits of nunchaku and how to get started with them, will you train yourself on these fantastic weapons or not?